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Does your motivation need a kick start?


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Getting stuck into study and sticking to a plan can be really tricky. If you need some motivation, follow these simple steps and you will find uni life a whole lot simpler.

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Does your motivation need a kick start?

  1. 1. Doesyourmotivation needakickstart? Follow the 3 Rs (relax, recharge and refocus) to help you move forward after a study let down.
  2. 2. We all sometimes lack motivation, so it’s important to take some time out to recharge, and remember the reason why you are chasing your dream. Followthesetipsandyou’llbewellonyourway.
  3. 3. Refocus Recharge Relax
  4. 4. Tipstohelpyourelax
  5. 5. Remember,weallmakemistakes Just because you may not have done as well as you wanted, a small setback won’t stop you from being a success. Some of the most powerful people in the world have stumbled at some point in their journey. Remember: Barack Obama lost his first federal election in 1999 by a big margin, but then succeeded in becoming President of the United States of America in 2008.
  6. 6. Worryonlywhenyouneedto… Aboutthethingsyouhave controltochange Worrying doesn’t help anyone. Most of the things we worry about will never happen. Focus on what has gone right in the past, and what you are doing well now and, chances are, it will work out.
  7. 7. Makeavisionboard Make a collage of some quotes, pictures and anything that reminds you of where you are heading. Having this near your study area might inspire that little bit of motivation you need to keep going.
  8. 8. Lessstress=morework Even when you’re busy, try to fit in those things you know bring your stress down. Everything from doing a little bit of Pilates, having a nap, colouring in or spending some time with your cat can help you to relax and then get back into the swing of things.
  9. 9. ‘Startwhereyouare.Usewhatyouhave.Dowhatyoucan’. – Arthur Ashe
  10. 10. Refocus Recharge Relax
  11. 11. Tipstohelpyourecharge
  12. 12. Practisepositiveself-talk If you find yourself saying you can’t do something, or something is too hard, think about whether you would talk to a friend like that. Positive self-talk has been shown to help people re-frame their challenges and succeed through tough times.* For example, ‘I always leave things to the last minute’ reframed to ‘I work well under pressure’. Source: Stress Management, Mayo Clinic.
  13. 13. Exerciseandlookafteryourself Getting outside and enjoying regular exercise helps to boost the body’s release of endorphins, helping you feel happy and ready to attack study!
  14. 14. Rewardyourself Keep yourself motivated by promising yourself a reward only when you finish something. Finally finished that essay? Time for pizza and a movie!
  15. 15. Findyoursoundtrack Pump up that song you’re really loving at the moment. It will help boost your energy, your mood, and give you time to take a break to sing and dance your heart out. Check out USQ’s Spotify playlists for some inspiration.
  16. 16. ‘Thingsdonothappen,thingsaremadetohappen’. – John F. Kennedy
  17. 17. Refocus Recharge Relax
  18. 18. Tipstohelpyourefocus
  19. 19. Setrealisticgoals We all feel overwhelmed when put in front of a giant challenge. The key to both succeeding and taking some pressure off is breaking your goal down into more manageable bites. Instead of looking at everything you have to do in a semester, try to focus on individual tasks, like going to the Library and finding 10 articles for your essay.
  20. 20. Stopprocrastinating Super clean house but haven’t started that reading yet? Take control of the situation and get started now. You will feel better as soon as you pick up some momentum!
  21. 21. Findarolemodel Who has your dream job or has achieved things you think are great? Read their book or biography or listen to their TED talk when you need a bit of a push to keep on going.
  22. 22. ‘Withthenewdaycomesnewstrengthandnewthoughts’. – Eleanor Roosevelt
  23. 23. Practiseresilience We all take a few steps back now and again, but being able to bounce back and try again is what resilience is all about and is the key to reaching your goal. Refocus and try again. Persist, keep going, and keep learning!
  24. 24. Trytostaypositive When faced with a challenge, psychologists have found those who believed they could achieve their goal, did so 80% of the time. Those who were pessimistic about their prospects only achieved their goal 20% of the time. This shows how important it is to believe in yourself and think positively!
  25. 25. ‘Practiceisn’tthethingyoudo whenyou’regood. It’sthethingyoudothatmakesyougood’. – Malcolm Gladwell
  26. 26. Refocus Recharge Relax
  27. 27. Thetips Tipstohelpyourelax • Remember we all make mistakes • Worry only when you need to about the things you have control to change • Make a vision board • Less stress = more work Tipstohelpyourecharge • Practise positive self-talk • Exercise and look after yourself • Reward yourself • Find your soundtrack Tipstohelpyourefocus • Set realistic goals • Stop procrastinating • Find a role model • Practise resilience • Try to stay positive
  28. 28. Experiencingastudyletdowncanmakeitdifficulttofindthe motivationyouneedtocontinuewithyourstudies,butit’s importanttorememberthere’salwaysawayback. By following these tips to help you relax, recharge and refocus, you will find it easier to regain self-confidence, develop resilience and get back on track when it comes to achieving your study goals.
  29. 29. CRICOS: QLD00244B  NSW02225M  TEQSA: PRV12081  29.4.9  11.2016  icons © Shutterstock Needsomemorehelp? If you’re still not feeling motivated and aren’t sure whether you should continue your studies, read Dave’s advice on sticking it out, Emma’s blog on bouncing back after a study let down, or contact USQ’s Student Services team to discuss your options.