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10 apps for study on the go

Students today have so much going on, it’s important to be able to make the most of what little study time we have. Whether you only have 5 minutes before class or 30 minutes on your daily commute, all you need for the ultimate study sesh on-the-go is that device in your pocket… and these 10 apps!

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10 apps for study on the go

  1. 1. 10 apps for study on the go
  2. 2. We know you have a lot going on, so it’s important to be able to make the most of the study time you have, no matter where you are. Whether you only have 5 minutes before class or 30 minutes on your daily commute, all you need for the ultimate study sesh on the go is the mobile device in your pocket… and these 10 apps!
  3. 3. 01 Get the most out of your uni experience with USQ’s student app, which is designed to assist you during your learning journey and in balancing study with other life commitments. • Add your class and exam timetable to your personal calendar • Find your way around campus via maps • Access your assessment results • Download your study materials • Receive reminders about important dates, forum updates and class cancellations • Opt-in to student life notifications, discounts and uni social event reminders USQ App iOS Andoid FREE
  4. 4. Let’s be honest. It’s going to be hard to follow that last app, but there are other amazing apps out there that can help you study on the go, so don’t go anywhere!
  5. 5. 02 Create your own virtual flashcards to help you remember all those important definitions, dates and formulas. This app gamifies the process of testing your memory and will help you prepare for exams in a fun, effective way. • Include images and text in flashcards • Download flashcards made by other users • Keep track of flashcards you’ve mastered and track your progress • Share flashcards with friends and collaborate Flashcards+ iOS FREE
  6. 6. 03 Simply speak what you want to say and this handy little app will turn your words into text. Dragon Dictation helps you save time when it comes to typing study notes, taking notes while you’re reading, task reminders, emails and even your assignments! • Send emails up to 5 times faster than when typing Dragon Dictation iOS FREE
  7. 7. 04 Collect, organise and make sense of your thoughts by turning them into mind maps. Laying out your thoughts in a colour- coded, visual pattern will help you with brainstorming activities and, when studying on the go, can even help you retain the information you’re learning. • Easy to use • Easy to share with print, PDF and email options • Link mind maps with hyperlinks • Sync mind maps via Dropbox and across devices Simple Mind iOS Android FREE
  8. 8. With apps like these to help you study on the go, you can study anywhere you like, whenever you have time!
  9. 9. 05 Train your brain to read faster and think faster, reducing the amount of time you have to spend studying! While you’ll have to put some work into your training initially, this app will help you get the most out of your study sessions in the long run, and teach you skills you can use throughout your life. • Increase reading speed up to 500 WPM in as little as two weeks • Improve your reading comprehension • Check your progress via diagnostics Speed Reading trainer FREE Android
  10. 10. 06 GoConqr helps you create your own mind maps, flashcards, notes and quizzes so you can revise and test yourself on what you’ve learned, allowing you to study smarter while on the go. • Share your creations with your study buddies • Private messaging and comments functionality • Helps boost productivity Goconqr iOS FREE FREE Android
  11. 11. 07 This list app has a number of helpful features to give you a good overview of everything you have to do and help make your study sessions more efficient. You can use Todoist to track your assignments, set reminders, bookmark websites and break your projects (e.g. assignments) into subprojects and smaller, individual tasks. • Prioritise tasks • Assign due dates • Share lists with study buddies, friends or family Todoist iOS FREE FREE Android
  12. 12. First task to add to your Todoist to-do list: Download all the apps mentioned in this Slideshare. Just 3 more apps until you can get started!
  13. 13. 08 Take charge of your study schedule by viewing your timetable, tasks and grades in real-time. Being able to see this information at a glance helps you plan out when you should complete a particular task, so you never have to face a last-minute panic or miss a deadline again. • Colour-code schedules and information so they’re easily identifiable • Sort tasks by date, course and priority • Automatic syncing between devices • Create push notifications to remind you of looming deadlines • Track your marks received and GPA progress iStudiez Pro iOS FREE $4.49 (iOS) $2.59 (Android) FREEAndroid
  14. 14. 09 Dropbox is a useful app that allows you to access your pictures, videos and files from any synced desktop or mobile device, wherever you are, so is perfect for the student on the go. • Share and collaborate easily with others • The more devices you download Dropbox on, the more usable space you’ll have! Dropbox iOS FREE
  15. 15. 10 Sick of spending hours editing your references to match the required style for your course? Reference Generator allows you to build and manage academic references on the go and convert them to the style your faculty recommends. • Copy and share references via email, notes, social media and Dropbox • View in-text examples of references Reference Generator iOS & Mac WindowsFREE FREEFREEAndroid
  16. 16. Being able to study on the go is essential for busy students who want to make the most of their time, and these 10 apps make it easy to study anytime, anywhere. For more tips on using technology to support your study, visit USQ’s Social Hub and find out how apps can help spark your memory, boost your productivity and increase your vocabulary. CRICOS: QLD00244B  NSW02225M  TEQSA: PRV12081  5.1.I  11.2016  Graphics © Shutterstock