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OSA Strategic Positioning


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OSA Strategic Positioning

  1. 1. I: Leverage and Utilize Technology L: Ensure Integrative Planning, Assessment, and Research D: Ensure Sustainable Funding, Resources, and Facilities A: Promote a University Community/Culture Focused on Student Health, Wellness, and Success F: Effectively Communicate the Value and Relevance of OSA’s Programs and Services K: Maximize Opportunities to Enhance Staff Excellence J: Develop a Culture that Advances OSA’s Mission, Vision, and Values G: Cultivate Continuous Improvement and Innovation in Programs and Services H: Increase Inter-Departmental Communication and Collaboration E: Ensure Action-Oriented, Outcomes-Focused Management C: Optimize Strategic Campus and Community Partnerships B: Provide Excellent Programs and Services Relevant to Student Needs Office for Student Affairs Last Updated: 11.19.07