UFV Angel Tree (2011)


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A collaboration of thank you notes and letters

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UFV Angel Tree (2011)

  1. 1. 2011Angel TreeA collaboration of thank you letters and notes.
  2. 2. "Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving.Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself." — Og Mandino
  3. 3. With the help of the UFV community and localbusinesses, we were able to provide gifts, food hampers and gift cards to a total of 50 families, which included 116 children.
  4. 4. A generous donation from Save-On Foods made it possible to provide each family with mandarinoranges, apples, potatoes, carrots, peanuts, apple chips and croutons!
  5. 5. Abbotsford Heat, Cottonwood 4 Cinemas & Hofstede’s Country Barn graciously donated tickets and gift cards to each of the families.
  6. 6. President Mark Evered thought to be a Principal, Santa and even the Mayorby some of the children. When told he was the President, the children did not believe. “You don’t look like Obama!” exclaimed one child.
  7. 7. A few notes of thanks from our Angel Tree families…
  8. 8. The holiday season was, for us, a very stressful one, as I was preparing to go toTanzania for a three-month internship. The gifts that you gave made the children so happy, and gave us some much-needed time to connect before I had to leave on the 30th of December.Our daughter was thrilled with all the knitting and arts and crafts things that shereceived. Our son was ecstatic that he could go shopping for his jeans somewhere other than the Salvation Army. He was so happy, he even managed to get TWO pairs of jeans with the gift you gave him. Of course, hes been strutting around town with them ever since! The food that you gave us was also super. I really appreciate that you provided such healthy choices for our family. We thoroughly enjoyed the fresh fruits and vegetables as well as being able to go shopping at Fraser Valley Meats and Hofstedes. These are places that we normally cant afford to go shopping at, so we splurged and got a few special things so we could have fun meals together before I left. Your gifts at the holiday season helped make our holiday together brighter. Thank you for your gifts to our family this holiday season.
  9. 9. I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for the wonderful present for mydaughter, food hamper and gift cards. With the help of UFV I was able to make Christmas a little more special for my little girl and I wouldnt have been able to do it without you, so thanks again for all you do to make a student and family feel special!! :)
  10. 10. I would like to say Thank you for the lovely gifts, we got from you. Iwish I could show you the joy of my kids. They were so happy to have the gifts that they did nothing on that day except playing with them, even took them to their bed and slept with them.They had been waiting for a long time to have a train, fire truck and a police car. I must admit that it would have been very hard for me to get any of those toys.It was indeed very generous of you to give all of these gifts and make their Christmas a nice, fun and a memorable one.Once again I would like to say thank you and pray to God to keep you and your family always happy and safe. May God reward you for all this.
  11. 11. It was such an over whelming blessing to have you be a part of our holiday season. I can`tbegin to explain what it meant to me this year. My son loved all his gifts he received and thanks to you we made an amazing Christmas dinner.. Thank you so much for touching ourlives this past holiday. Without the Angel Tree this past holiday would have been very different. Thank you
  12. 12. My boys were beyond excited. It was great tosee the smiles on their faces. My oldest son gota revolution dance pad which he hasnt stopped playing with. I appreciate the generosity and the support. It definitely help make my Christmas a little less stressful and a little extra special. Thank you again & happy new year
  13. 13. Amazing, my boys were so excited when theyopened their gifts it was magical. Thank you for all your time and efforts to make the season special.
  14. 14. My grandson wears his hoodie he got from you. And the movie tickets, he is waiting on the right moment to use them, like a date;) andthe food for the holidays was an immense helpthank you soooo much. We were able to have a gooood Christmas dinner.
  15. 15. My family has been going through some hard times financially and emotionally. One of my children has severe autism. Because of his disorder it is almost impossible to take him anywhere without him having an "episode". He is only comfortable at home, where it isfamiliar to him. So a lot of the time we miss out on visiting with familyduring the holidays, which is unfair to my other children. But, becauseof the support of Angel Tree program (food and gift cards) we were ableto invite some family members and friends over to celebrate Christmas at our house. This made it a very special Christmas for my children. On Christmas morning when the kids opened their gifts they were so happy. My oldest son was especially happy as he had been asking forthat same toy for months and even sent a picture of it to Santa. Thank you to everyone involved in the Angel tree program. My family really appreciated your support.
  16. 16. Our children were very happy with their giftsand would like to give thanks to all that gave so that we could have a great Christmas we all appreciate what you do I hope that this program will be able to keep making familys happy please keep the warmth of love flowing
  17. 17. Elf Institute Convocation
  18. 18. The UFV Angel Tree program made a significant difference for my children this Christmas. They were not only appreciative of the gifts they received, but as a family we were very grateful for the food, as well as the gift certificates forgroceries. December can be a very stressful period for our family, as funds can get quite low and food can be limited. However, these gift certificates carried us through with such basic foods as fresh fruits and vegetables which we may have otherwise not been able to afford. The financial stress of being a single parentwhile attending university can weigh heavily on me during the holiday season, but these gifts really helped by showing support. Its nice to know that there arepeople in the community who support individuals going through a post secondary education who also have family to support. The tickets for the Heat game on January 21 of this year was an added bonuswhich my family could not have experienced without the generous support of the sponsors. My three children enjoyed the game and want to make it a traditional experience to attend, especially when I graduate and have an increase in my recreational funds.Thank you so much for putting the time together and working for such an amazing cause.
  19. 19. Me and my kids want to thank you for all the gifts they have received. They were veryhappy, and they got everything theyd asked for Thank you
  20. 20. If it was not for this donation my daughters and I would have had to go without for Christmas. I went to the Green Apple to buy my fruit and vegetables and it was a little funnybecause they had whole pineapples like actual pineapples. The store owner was there and I said in a low voice, wow I think I think to buy one of these pineapples, as mydaughters have never had a real pineapple before! The look he gave me, was more likehe thought I was a little strange but if he really only knew how much 4.00 could buy inMr. Noodles at .25 a piece and 1 pineapple for 4.00 you way your odds when you live on next to no money. Then I went to Save On Foods and was able to buy food and meat for us to have a Christmas time. 50.00 in todays world may not seem like a lot but when you have literately nothing it is a saving grace. The Heat tickets were the best Christmas presents as my daughter invited a friend to go with her and it was a win win situation because she got a present and was able to share it with a friend :)In that being said, thank you very much for donating the gift cards, game tickets, and jeans. I appreciate it more than you will know. I am a struggling single mom and kids and we went from having nothing to something.
  21. 21. To all the UFV Student Life staff, and the UFV community who have supported us through the angel tree program, I offer a huge, heartfelt thank you!!!Unexpected circumstances left my budget very tight right at Christmastime, and without the angel tree program I dont know that there would have been any toys under the tree, and our Christmas meal would have likely been a very simple carbohydrate basedmeal. Your help got us through to my next student loan installment, and we were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas morning not only with the children and myself, but also another UFV international student, who got to experience his first ever western Christmas with us. The children were thrilled with their gifts, and have been playing with them non-stop. One of my girls received a home-made Cinderella dress, and I have a hard time convincing her to wear anything else! Its my hope that next year we will be on the other end of this tree, and will be able to pass on this blessing to another family who finds themselves struggling. Thank you so much
  22. 22. My son and I were very grateful that the Student Life department and the University of the Fraser Valley were able to accommodate my needs as a student, and a single mother in a time of need. I am sure you can imagine the look on my sons face when he openedhis red fire truck but can you imagine a 3 year old boy at his first live hockey game. I amhappy to report that the best part of the hamper was the Abbotsford Heat hockey tickets. This was my sons first hockey game and the Heat won 5 to 2. This event was so much fun. A family day much deserved. The gift certificates for save on foods, the mad butcher and the produce are coming in handy right about now as funds are low. Special thanks for the gingerbread house.One of the major things that I am thankful for is that the Angel Tree Program was able to accommodated my needs as I live out of the community. It was very helpful when thefinancial aid department mailed me an application, that I was able to pick up the hamper on my own time, and that I was sent e-mail reminders as this is a busy time of year. Again thank you so much.
  23. 23. Thank you to Student Services!The UFV Student Services department supported the Angel Tree program through their Christmas party. Employees that wanted to participate were given a name of another employee to buy for. They then purchased a toy that reminded them of that person and included a note describing why the toy reminded them of this person. All toys were then donated to the Angel Tree program.We would love for other departments to support the Angel Tree program in this creative way.
  24. 24. Vi and Nicole with the gifts from Student Services
  25. 25. Thank you to the Development Office!All financial donations from UFV employees were matched this year by UFV’s Development office.
  26. 26. To everyone who participated in the AngelTree 2011 program, we would like to extenda big thanks for your kindness and generosityin helping us support these grateful families this past Christmas. — Student Life