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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Nov05


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Published in: Spiritual, Sports
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Summerhill Community Ministries Newsletter Nov05

  1. 1. Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. Serving Inner-City Youth and Families Sponsor a Child for Upcoming Events Christmas Nov. 20 - Flag Football Dinner In this day and age, our children Dec. 3 - Christmas Crafts with East Cobb PCA are enticed with the notion that Dec. 10 - Christmas Basketball Tournament for 18-under team Christmas is all about the gifts they receive. Here at the Summerhill Dec. 22 - After School Program Christmas Party Community Ministry’s After School Jan. 7 - Official Basketball Season begins Program, we are continuing to encourage the children to embrace the act of giving. We have asked our students to make a list of 2 gifts they would like to give to someone Mondays at After School Program else, and one gift they would like “Is there something about yourself that hanging around. The kids sensed it. for themselves. you would like to be different? To From the back of the van I heard, “Ms. change? Are your feet too big? Too Anne – roll up the windows – you’ll get In order to “purchase” the gifts, the small? Are you fat? Skinny? “ The kids egged… really Ms. Anne – they will do children eagerly and willingly do are on the floor laughing now. Justina it.” When we arrived at the entrance to extra chores around the house, at continues, “Is there something about the apartment, several young men school and by helping in their yourself or your circumstances that were arguing with the people inside a community, to earn ”Christmas makes you think God can’t use you? car that was blocking the way. A bucks.” An adult will sign a form to Today you will hear about someone woman was yelling at them from the note that he or she has completed a who God chose to be the next king. sidewalk, “You’d better stop – Now!” task. From the outside he did not seem like Dialing her cell phone she yelled, “I’m the best choice. He was even the calling your mother right now – I’m On Thursday, December 22nd, we youngest. His name was David. God dialing her number! Get out of here – will have a “wrapping party” chose David because of what was in his Now!” The gang stormed off. –one of where the children will purchase heart. God can use every one of you the Summerhill kids told me afterward the gifts from their wish list using too. Don’t ever think he can’t because that more “thugs” returned later that their “Christmas bucks” and wrap God can do anything. Let’s listen to see night. how God chose David …” them for loved ones. Driving back to Marietta I reflected That was exactly the word of over the various things I had seen on Here is how you can help! encouragement I needed that day. Let the street. The street is tough. This is me explain. On Mondays the kids where these kids live. With what they Upon deciding to sponsor a child, unload from the van…wash hands… are exposed to, is it possible to affect you will receive an index card several kids pray then snack…. several real change, or is my involvement a written by one of the children with kids pray then devotions…several kids (Continued on page 2) their 3 gift wishes. After purchasing pray then split up into smaller groups the gifts, please return the presents for homework…later, we come to a SCM representative by together for an enrichment activity. Monday Dec. 19th. Please put the We finish up at 5:30 and drive everyone home. unwrapped gifts in a bag with the child’s name on it. If finding time I love to take the “Washington Street” to shop is an issue, feel free to send kids home. Of course, we have the a donation to cover the cost of the usual fuss over the front seat, give out gifts for a child. Remember that all the peppermints, buckle up and off we donations are tax deductible. go.. On Monday October 31st the atmosphere on the streets was different Thank you so much for enabling a than on other evenings; more volatile child to give back to their loved than usual. Lots of people were outside ones. You are blessing the children and us by your generosity.
  2. 2. Newsletter ~ November 2005 Summerhill Community Ministries, Inc. 2005 Summerhill Flag Football My second year of coaching the blessed our team this year, I Summerhill 18- under Flag Football believe He honored their team was even more enjoyable commitment and positive attitudes Note ASP Close Dates than the first. Many of the kids from the football team had also played with a fun and joyful season, as well as with the championship. from Atlanta Public Schools 2005/2006 Calendar on the Summerhill Basketball team Philip Yarberough and were therefore familiar with 11/23-25th Thanksgiving Holidays each other and with myself. Similar 12/23- Jan.6th Winter Holidays to the basketball January 16th ML King Holiday team, I was once th again February 20 Presidents’ Day overwhelmingly March 17 th Teacher Planning Day impressed with rd April 3 - 7 th Spring Break the character displayed by our th May 18 Last Day of ASP young men (and May 26 th Last day of School young woman) over the course of the year. We finished the season undefeated (6- (Continued from page 1) 0), but many of waste of time? Completely the games were overwhelmed and full of doubt, my close and came heart was heavy and burdened to pray. down to the Over the next few days God was wire. Our young gracious and helped me realize my athletes never gave up or dissented eyes were focused on circumstances among one another, and in times of rather than Him; I was looking at the adversity they worked together to The 18-under Flag Football Team storm instead of my Savior. I was not overcome all obstacles. Although I won the championship trophy and trusting God. There is hope because was in awe of the athletic talent that our God is a God of miracles. He can each received a Path To Victory, our players possessed, I was most take that which is meant for evil and impressed this year with the Sports New Testament Bible. use it for good. He promises His Word will not go out void. These kids are sportsmanship displayed by each seeing the love of Christ in practical player on the Summerhill team and and real ways. They are hearing the the opposing team. I am hard truth of the gospel. pressed to remember being part of a football team at any level where Recently, Justina asked the kids during devotion time, “Do you remember last such a feat occurred. God really week we learned about faith? What is faith?” All together, without hesitation they recited loudly, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Happy Birthday Jennifer ! Amazing! God is at work in these kids Jennifer celebrated her 30th Birthday on and sometimes He lets us see. Monday November 14th. The kids still herald Anne Burlas - Volunteer Jennifer’s name in the community. She keeps in touch with my family and the community kids and parents quite often. She is missed, but it’s good to know she is doing well in Manteo, North Carolina. P. O. Box 160294 • Atlanta, Georgia 30316 • 404-964-4604 • •