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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility


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A 60 minute decision-based adventure to stimulate classroom discussion

This experience allows teachers to facilitate discussions on business ethics and social responsibility by giving the students first-hand opportunities to take ethical decisions. As the facilitator, you control the pace of this interactive story as it unfolds across student smartphones, tablets or desktops. The whole story is self-contained in the dashboard - a common website that pretends to be a mobile phone.

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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

  1. 1. Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE 1 A team-based experience lead by a facilitator. Suitable for students 12+ A company’s business ethics and social responsibility are called into question when one of their space cargo rockets crashes into a neighboring town Product code: CVE2015 Cosmic Voyage Enterprises A 60 minute decision-based adventure to stimulate classroom discussion Now available in the Conducttr MarketplaceTEACHER’S GUIDE
  2. 2. You are free to share this guide within the classroom and educational, non-commercial context. Copyright is Transmedia Storyteller Ltd 2015 Visit to try or purchase other participatory experiences like this one.
  3. 3. Index About this experience About the storyworld Setting up the experience Understanding the dashboard Running the experience Administration and management Story timeline 3 7 9 13 16 20 24
  4. 4. How to play Cosmic Voyage Enterprises CONCEPT Ethics can be difficult to truly understand without having to make an ethical decision yourself. This experience allows you to facilitate discussions on topics of business ethics and social responsibility by giving the students first-hand opportunities to take ethical decisions. As the facilitator, you control the pace of this interactive story as it unfolds across student smartphones, tablets or desktops. The whole story is self-contained in the dashboard - a common website that pretends to be a mobile phone. The dashboard loads in any browser and can be found at Aboutthisexperience 4 MATERIALS Facilitator: • Laptop, tablet or smarthphone with internet connection (data plan or WiFi) • A valid email address • This Teacher’s Guide Students: • Their own tablet or smartphones with internet connection (data plan or WiFi). DURATION As the facilitator, you are in control of the pacing and duration of the experience. You decide when to move on to the next ‘day’ of a 15 day story. Allow 60 minutes to run the whole experience quickly or up to 120 minutes if you planning to engage in depth at every discussion point. You can stop anytime (by not moving the story forward) and continue the experience the next day or whenever you want to. This is an engaging and innovative way to talk about Business Ethics and Social Responsibility in the classroom. This guide will help you prepare. Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  5. 5. 3. Team decision At the end of some scenes, students are prompted to discuss and make a team decision. One member of each team makes a choice in her dashboard, and it will be accounted as a team decision. When facilitator feels the classroom is ready to move on, she proceeds to next day and releases new content. Aboutthisexperience 5Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE 1. Registration Facilitator purchases seats for the experience. She logins in her dashboard and sets up the teams for her classroom. Students register afterwards and join teams created by facilitator. 2. Kick-off When every student has a team and a role, facilitator kicks off the experience. Every time she clicks on her dashboard for the next day to unfold, new content is sent to her students’ dashboard. There are 15 scenes (story days) and facilitator can control their pacing to allow in-class discussion. Overview
  6. 6. An In-Class Team Experience Working in teams • Students will have to work in teams to reach the end of the story. • Before starting the experience, have them form teams or team them up in groups of 5. • Students will have to choose different roles within the team. They will receive different or conflicting information sometimes depending on their role. • Roles available are CEO, CFO, CMO, COO and CSR. • If there are not enough students to complete a full team, after registration they can select more than one role. Decision-making • There are two types of decisions along the experience: o Individual decisions: Students can make these decisions without impacting others in their team. These decisions are intended to solely provoke discussion. o Team decisions: There are 4 team decisions. At these points, students must arrive at a team conclusion. The first choice selected by anyone in the team will be taken as final for all the members. These decisions have an impact on how the story unfolds for that team. o These types of decisions are marked with the icon shown to the right. • As facilitator, you will not be able to make any team decisions. Only students in your classroom will be able to take the decisions. o ` Aboutthisexperience 6Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  7. 7. Starting Point Storyworld 7Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE Cosmic Voyage Enterprises (CVE) is a space cargo company. Students play-role as its senior executives. The experience starts with an accident: one of CVE’s rockets goes off course and crashes in Millisville, Florida. The story reproduces 3 weeks of this crisis counting from the accident. In this elapsed time, students will have to face different outcomes, such as environmental damage, community anger, institutional response, repairing costs, redundancies, bribes and hard ethical decisions. Students must deal with the crisis by contacting various stakeholders, gathering data and making informed decisions. Their decisions have consequences, which raises interesting discussions.
  8. 8. Characters Storyworld Assistant Facilitator helper, no role in the story Sarah Spindler CVE Board Chairperson Wayne Young CVE Payload Specialist Sam Dykstrom CVE Launch Supervisor Environmentally FDEP Agent and Blackmailer Martha Green Investigative Journalist Cyrus Hornsby Millisville’s Major Roger Millisville’s resident and artist Barbara Millisville’s resident and activist 8Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  9. 9. Setting up the experience 1. Purchase your pass to the experience, selecting the number of participants that are going to play it. Purchase here 2. You will receive an email with login information: • Experience ID / Code • Experience Password (for your students) • Your temporary password (that can be modified later) 3. Load in any browser and complete fields • Experience ID • Username: Your email addres • Your temporary password Click LOG IN Settinguptheexperience 9Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  10. 10. 4. Once on the main dashboard, go to Story Control. 5. The character named “Assistant” will give you instructions in order to: • Change your username • Create teams for your students You can create teams in class so students choose their team names or create them beforehand. 6. After you have created all the teams, have your students register at Settinguptheexperience 10Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE Initial configuration/setup
  11. 11. 7. STUDENTS go to and click “New Registration” 8. Each one should complete their own registration: • Experience ID (you received it on email) • Username (one of their choosing which must be unique) • Experience Password 9. Each one should select: • Their team (the dropdown displays the ones you have created) • Their role in the team (only one is offered, but more can be added or roles modified later) STUDENT STUDENT STUDENT Settinguptheexperience 11 Student registration Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  12. 12. 10. After all students have registered and joined teams, you have to type YES in the Story Control to start the experience. So let’s get going! Settinguptheexperience 12Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  13. 13. Understanding the dashboard • The dashboard is a website designed for use on mobiles that loads in any browser. • This interface simulates different types of communication channels: • There are two versions of the dashboard • Facilitator Version: The one you see and allows you to control the story • Student Version: The one your students see. • There is only one URL ( The correct version of the dashboard loads after checking the login credentials. Chat Service Social Media Long-format communications Articles & Reports Thedashboard 13Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  14. 14. Facilitator Version – What you see Main Screen: Access to facilitator-only options, such as: - Story Control - Management Student Desktop: Allows to view what the students see on their channels. There is a short-cut for Story Control from this view. From any channel or content you can always go back to Story Control by clicking the upper-right icon: a computer-mouse Thedashboard 14Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  15. 15. Student Version – What your students see Main screen: Students only have access to communication channels, NOT to Story Control. Instead of Management, they have a ‘Roles’ option They can always get back to the Main screen by clicking the upper-right left icon: a house. Thedashboard 15Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  16. 16. All the story is managed through Story Control. ‘Assistant’ tells you what happens each day, and offers you the option to move forward to the next day. The story will not move forward for your students unless you click the options given in Story Control. Once you click, all content and messages will be delivered to the other channels. A notification sound and red lights pop up in all the channels with new messages Story Control also shows: DISCUSSION: Suggestions and topics to be debated in class in the light of what happens in the story - provocations to talk about Business Ethics and CSR. PERSONALIZATION: Warns you about role-dependent information. In these cases, only one member of the team receives content (i.e. CFO receives a report). This icon helps you know when this happens. Running the experience Runningtheexperience 16Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  17. 17. Messages Tweeter This channel is used to chat with different characters. There are different threads inside “Messages” to talk to each one. Sometimes, characters expect students to answer questions or chose options. If they don’t make a choice before the facilitator moves on to next day, the options simply disappear. Team Decisions are found at the end of each “week” in a certain character’s feed (see Story Guide) This channel emulates social media. Characters will be “tweeting” here, in private and not on public social media channels. Students and the facilitator can join the feed by tweeting their comments here. All comments are private within the classroom. Runningtheexperience 17Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  18. 18. Email News Long-format communications are on email. They are mainly notifications and reports from institutions. These emails have important information that students should reflect upon. The news section becomes relevant on the last ‘days’ of the experience. It holds: - Newspaper articles - The team report which is a summary of each team’s decision and their consequences. Runningtheexperience 18Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  19. 19. Profile Badges Facilitator and Students should update their details in the Profile area: - Contact Details - Profile Picture (upload by clicking the image) - Change Password (by typing old and new passwords) Completion of milestones and taking decisions along the story become badges. Students have a personalized gallery of these badges, depending on the path they have chosen throughout the experience. Runningtheexperience 19Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  20. 20. Student Password Reset (by student request) STUDENT STUDENT 20 Administration&Management 1. If one of your students has forgotten her password, have her go to and click “Reset your password” 2. She should complete the fields with: • Experience ID (as the facilitator you will have received it in first email) • Student username (the one they chose when registering) 3. You (the facilitator) will receive in your Story Control feed a password message (with an orange padlock icon). Give your student her new temporary password so she can login again and change it. Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  21. 21. Student Password Reset (by facilitator request) 21 Administration&Management 1. You can also request a reset for your student password by tapping “Management” on main screen. 2. Click then “Password Reset” 3. Click the Power icon for those students you want a password reset. You will receive their new password in the Story Control feed, as explained in slide 20. Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  22. 22. Team Management 22 Administration&Management 1. You can review and control teams in your class. First click “Management” on main screen. 2. Then click then “Team Management” 3. View all teams and their members. If you click (X), you remove that member from that team. They will have to register again with a new username and join the correct team. Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  23. 23. Roles Management STUDENT STUDENT 23 Administration&Management 1. STUDENTS can change their roles anytime. Have them go to “Roles” on their main screen. 2. They can change and select as many roles as they want. You should not encourage them to change roles frequently, but you might need to have some students take more than one role to have all 5 roles covered in each team. Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  24. 24. Week 1 Storytimeline Students learn that the capsule payload exceeded the maximum capacity at the time of the accident Include this data in final report and assume possible consequences Conceal this data and blame weather conditions Day 5 Message from Sarah 24 OR Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  25. 25. Week 2 Storytimeline Students are offered the opportunity to reduce the clean-up costs by making a donation to a local charity Pay the bribe and make the donation to reduce the costs Decline to pay the bribe and bare all the cost, assuming the consequences Day 10 Message from Environmentally 25 OR Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  26. 26. Week 3, part 1 Storytimeline If students concealed the payload data on week 1, Wayne -the payload specialist - threatens to “go public” and go to the press Offer him a promotion in exchange for him keeping quiet Be honest and confess. This puts everyone’s job at stake. Day 12 Message from Sarah and Wayne If students included the payload data on week 1, NASA wants to know why guidelines were not followed Make the payload specialist a scapegoat Admit knowledge and risk NASA removing its financial backing (which means redundancies) 26 OR OR Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  27. 27. Week 3, part 2 Storytimeline If students paid the bribe in week 2, the chancer suggests a monthly donation to keep the secret Become a life-long donor and no one ever finds out, but there are consequences in 2085 Refuse the blackmail. News of the first bribe “goes viral” and clients cancel contractsMessage from Environmentally If students refused pay the bribe in week 2, council offers to help with the cost in exchange for CVE company shares. Decline help and make 50% of CVE staff redundant to bare costs Accept help and give 20% of the company away. You get immediately fired. Day 14 Message from Cyrus (Major) 27Cosmic Voyage Enterprises TEACHER’S GUIDE
  28. 28. If there is something you don’t fully understand yet or you just want to tell us something, you can submit a request in Conducttr Support If you want to browse, try or purchase other participatory experiences like this one, visit Conducttr Marketplace Submit a request now THANKS FOR PLAYING COSMIC VOYAGE ENTERPRISES. ENJOY THE RIDE!