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Immersive Storyworld: Creative Process Inside Out

Alison Norrington gives a detailed examination of the creation and development of The Chatsfield, a persistent interactive living soap opera that integrates numerous characters, digital platforms, interactive games and user-generated content.

She discusses the evolution and operation of this project, explaining how to tell a story across multiple platforms collaborating with different teams and partners.

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Immersive Storyworld: Creative Process Inside Out

  1. 1. The Conducttr Conference 2014 Alison Norrington Immersive Storyworld: Creative Process Inside Out @storycentral #cdttr2014
  2. 2. “when power and money drive passions, can love conquer all?”
  3. 3. Storyworld Development “a website about a hotel… not a hotel website”
  4. 4. Holding page prior to launch
  5. 5. Scrolling vertically through The Chatsfield website you will come across 4 key characters: Jessie Loe, Exec PA to Lucilla Chatsfield
  6. 6. Jessie’s Inbox also opens new stories about her fitful relationship with her ex, Jason, and her struggles as she tries to encourage him to do what she does so well – online dating…
  7. 7. The Chatsfield has been crafted so that you choose your own experience – • short-form video, • conversations on social media, • immersive storytelling with easter eggs and clues through Jessie’s daily emails, • a deeper murder mystery that is delivered direct to your devices, • group chats, • or create your own stories. You choose how you enjoy the sprawling, exciting stories to be found at The Chatsfield.
  8. 8. The Making of The Chatsfield
  9. 9. Content creation & management
  10. 10. Night before launch 5 May 2014
  11. 11. Jessies Inbox emails by week
  12. 12. Content management, social media plan & release spreadsheet Over 800 pieces of content
  13. 13. Brand Development
  14. 14. Website Development “a website about a hotel… not a hotel website”
  15. 15. The Chatsfield Initial web mapping & functionality Mapping conversion to planogram by BTL Brands Final website
  16. 16. Jessie’s Inbox Early planning of 47 email story threads from 11 characters Production of email stories by week Final interactive inbox with over 500 email interactions (powered by Conducttr)
  17. 17. The Loedown The Loedown shooting script The Loedown Sheena Bhattessa as Jessie Loe Story mapping, writing & production of The Loedown
  18. 18. e: t: @storycentral +44.7930.692968 +1.661.755.9591 thank you