Smart fabrics technology for next generation (1)


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Smart fabrics technology for next generation (1)

  1. 1. “ Enable digital and electronic components to be embedded in them Smart Fabrics” Gives response in whichever way the user desires
  2. 2.   Can respond to environmental stimulus…… These stimuli could be a)thermal b)chemical c)mechanical d)electric e)magnetic etc GLOVES CONTAINING VITAMINS
  3. 3.  Easily blend into the fabrics without causing much discomfort…  Smart Fabrics have sensors made through nanotechnology elements that can measure important data about a person’s body or surroundings.  As such, they can be used for medical, athletic and a multitude of other purposes This organic electrochemical transisto was made with cotton fibers.
  4. 4. 1. Passive smart fabrics:- Sense environmental conditions or stimulus 2. Active smart fabrics: Actuators and sensors  Central control unit present 3. Ultra smart fabrics: Sense,react and adapt themselves to the environment  Cognition,reasoning and activating capacities electric fibers woven into silk organza material.
  5. 5. 1. Temperature Sensitive Fabrics:-  Fabrics are really going to give a tough competition to human intelligence!  Protect  Mostly human body against heat and cold…. used to make outdoor garments such as hats, jackets etc
  6. 6.  One of ways of making it is treating it with parrafins..  As the body gets hot the paraffins become more liquid to let the heat pass out the body gets cold it solidifies so that it keeps back the heat with the wearer
  7. 7. 2. HEALTH MONITERING FABRICS:   Now regular visits for health related tests can be forgotten! Most used health smart fabrics are the microencapsulated fabrics…. The clothings enriched with substances like vitamins, algae or nutrients along with other substances to delay ageing or for improving blood circulation….
  8. 8.  Medically beneficial electrically conductive smart fabrics like life vests can track heart rate, body temperature etc…. A carbon nanotube-coated "smart yarn" that conducts electricity could be woven into soft fabrics that detect blood and monitor health
  9. 9. 3. Emergency Fabrics: Although health monitoring fabrics are in a way emergency fabrics only, yet certain developments in the field of smart fabrics are in the pipeline that can really be called Disaster wear!... A system is being developed to monitor the wearer and the outside environment which can be helpful for rescue workers like fire fighters.
  10. 10.   Some projects are aiming at stretchable electronics by developing conducting substrates within the very weave of fabric, which will allow sensors to move with the body…. It can find applications in oximetry – a smart noninvasive way to measure the oxygen content of blood. WORN BY FIREMEN PULSE OXIMETER
  11. 11. 4. MILITARY: US special forces could soon be wearing smart fabrics that monitor how they cope during combat situations.   The fabric gathers information on heart beat, skin temperature, posture, activity and breathing rate when against the skin. One such fabric has been developed by a US company called ZEPHR
  12. 12.  Military uniform that integrates information technology is being made by the South Korean Army….
  13. 13. 5. COMMUNICATION:  Clothing that can communicate could help alert others about where a missing person is, or other data communicated through smart fabric… Embedded into one's tshirt or fabric swatch worn somewhere into your body could be a device that communicates your GPS…
  14. 14. 6. ENTERTAINMENT: Jackets are being made with mini music systems…  BMW is going to have touch sensitive smart fabrics…  Coloured fabrics
  15. 15. 1. 2. 3. Nomex is a smart fabric used to provide thermal protection. It is incorporated into firefighter’s gear. The smart fabric Kevlar is about five times stronger than steel. Thermo-chromatic smart fabric changes color as the temperature changes. It is used in sun wear to warn of impending burning of the skin…
  16. 16. Smart Fabric technology has the potential to radically change the mobile computing industry…… Imagine pants that are also batteries to power various mobile devices……. Hats with cellular antenna boosters keypad on cloth
  17. 17.   Hospital bed sheets that monitor patients; medical monitors that are impossible to forget because they are part of your clothing. Shirt sleeves with data storage….