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Beyond Social Listening


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Insights that power decision making.

Our presentation from our Lunch and Learn on 12/15 in San Francisco about how deep social listening can impact a brand's decision on products, services, audience segmentation, and creative marketing approaches.

Published in: Social Media
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Beyond Social Listening

  1. 1. Beyond Social Listening: Insights That Power Decision-Making
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Deep Listening for Decision-Making • Panel Discussion • Q&A #LunchNListen
  3. 3. Meet Alpha. She’s queen of the social jungle. #LunchNListen
  4. 4. All-in-one social media platform helps brands listen, analyze, engage & publish. #LunchNListen
  5. 5. Deep Listening for Decision-Making #LunchNListen
  6. 6. More than of U.S. consumers say social media influences their shopping behavior. #LunchNListen
  7. 7. Social is no longer just a marketing channel. New product ideas Risk management Audience insights Competitive analysis #LunchNListen It’s also a source of…
  8. 8. When you engage in deep listening, good ideas come to you. #LunchNListen
  9. 9. What is deep listening? Hint: It’s much more than just mentions! #LunchNListen
  10. 10. Deep listening means pulling from all relevant data sources. #LunchNListen
  11. 11. Negative Sentiment Positive Sentiment Deep listening also means monitoring the full conversation. Great flight on United last night. Landed 30 minutes early. Was able to have dinner with the family. #HoneyImHome #LunchNListen
  12. 12. Deep listening means real-time monitoring & real-time responses #LunchNListen
  14. 14. How can you use deep listening to make important product and consumer decisions? #LunchNListen
  15. 15. Here’s how our panelists do it: #LunchNListen
  16. 16. Meet Our Panelists Our Panelists Patrick Mulford theAudience Naubil Oropeza Casual Fridays Tom Doerr INK Agency #LunchNListen
  17. 17. Our Panelists Senior Social Media Strategist Turning fans into raving fans • Utilize guest feedback to improve room product & menu items • Gauge perception & key themes to drive content strategy • Monitor conversations for opportunities to surprise & delight • Moderate user-generated content to identify ambassadors #LunchNListen Naubil Oropeza
  18. 18. Our Panelists Social media isn’t a marketing platform - it’s a living ecosystem. • Social has become a surrogate for the traditional networks that have fragmented over time. • Social allows consumers to evaluate what’s important in their world. • A brand is only ever as important as the values it represents. Values that lend meaning & identity to our existence. #LunchNListen Patrick Mulford Chief Creative Officer
  19. 19. Our Panelists Tom Doerr Director, Digital Marketing Start with assumptions, finish with data. • Sony tries to tip the balance by engaging on- the-fence consumers • The Guardian News (UK) increases millennial mobile traffic during general elections by 18% • Which? helps change the way rail users get refunds with a social led petition #LunchNListen
  20. 20. Meet Our Panelists Our Panelists Patrick Mulford theAudience Naubil Oropeza Casual Fridays Tom Doerr INK Agency #LunchNListen
  21. 21. Q&A #LunchNListen
  22. 22. Thank you! Additional Resources Request a Demo Sears Case Study How to Uncover New Opportunities Using Social Data Ebook #LunchNListen
  23. 23. Curious About Tracx Social Media Software? #LunchNListen