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Francois Coatzee - Creating a Compelling Future


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Francois Coatzee - Creating a Compelling Future

  1. 1. Warning – This is aworking session!Actual work andthinking will benecessary!
  2. 2. Creating a Compelling Future
  3. 3. Before we start• Think of something compelling you would liketo achieve (x 2)– It must make a positive change in your life– 3-6 months into the future– Must be in your control– Make it big enough……
  4. 4. Leonardo Da Vinci accomplished amazing things.Of course, back then, there were 24 hours in aday.- Anonymous
  5. 5. What would happen?• What would happen if this financial crisisbecome a reality?
  6. 6. Success• What does it mean to be successful?– What are you really meant to do?– Are you currently doing it?
  7. 7. “There are hundreds of paths up themountain, all leading to the same place, so itdoesn’t matter which path you take. The onlyperson wasting time is the one who runs aroundthe mountain, telling everyone that his or herpath is wrong.”- Hindu proverb
  8. 8. Shaping our reality• Whatever you do, do not think of a blueelephant........
  9. 9. Shaping our reality• Values and beliefs• Thoughts• Language
  10. 10. Thoughts• Chain of despair– Fear -> Distorted thoughts -> Depression ->Negative Talk -> Negative stateF.E.A.RFalse Evidence Appearing Real
  11. 11. The words we use
  12. 12. The words we useStressPressure
  13. 13. The words we use
  14. 14. The words we useTranquillity
  15. 15. The words we use• Negative words = negative chemicals• Words affect– Our life– Our health– Our reality
  16. 16. What motivates us?• Pain?• Pleasure?• Avoidance or Acceleration– Away– Towards
  17. 17. Setting goals/themes• Gives direction• Improves the quality of the present momentreality• A window to opportunity
  18. 18. Gratitude and Appreciation• The practice of gratitude and appreciation:– Getting in touch with your heart– What is good in your life– What is good about you
  19. 19. Getting from here to there!
  20. 20. DiscoveringWhat gives life(The best of what is)AppreciatingDesignWhat should be theidealCo-ConstructingDestinyHow to empowerand learn, adjustand improviseSustainingDreamWhat might be(What is the worldcalling for)Envisioning ResultsTopic________________________
  21. 21. Topic• What area in your life do you want to create anew future forMake a positive statement in terms of whatyou really want to achieve
  22. 22. Discovering• The best of what has been and what is:– Internal resources• What are the things you value most about yourself?• What are the things that give you meaning?• What valuable resources do you have?• What is exiting about you?• When do you feel most alive, most engaged and mostinterested?
  23. 23. Discovering• The best of what has been and what is:– Remember a wonderful experience in your life –something that stands out as a high point• How did you feel?• What are the good things you remember?• How did you get there?• If others saw you at this moment what would be theirobservation about your three most valuable qualities?
  24. 24. Discovering• The best of what has been and what is:– Pick a time in the future• What is it that you would dearly like to become?• What are the three wishes you have to change?• What are the best characteristics you have now, wouldyou would still like to have?
  25. 25. Dream• What might be?– Imagine you could close your eyes, open them and seein front of you, the you in five years time, just like youhoped, dreamed and wished you would be:• What is happening?• How is your world different?• How do you look?• How do you think you feel?• How are you contributing to this new world?• What is it that you are doing that is making this difference?• What is most exciting of what you are doing?• What are the good things people are saying about you?
  26. 26. Design• How can it be?– What is it that you must do to become ...?– Who can help you become ...?• Define your Vision– Positive and affirmative– Is it what you want?– Is it provocative?
  27. 27. Destiny• What will be?– What are the changes you have to make– What skills do you have to acquire now– What are the smallest thing you can do, right now,to start moving to this new future?
  28. 28. The time travel experiment• A metaphor….29
  29. 29. Persistence“Never give in, never give in, never; never;never; never - in nothing, great or small, largeor petty - never give in except to convictionsof honour and good sense”- Winston ChurchillI am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Catslook down on us.Pigs treat us as equals.- Winston Churchill
  30. 30. In summary…
  31. 31. Almost at the end ....• What would happen if this financial crisisbecome a reality?• The sun will shine tomorrow and the bridgeswill carry the traffic...
  32. 32. Thank you!