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Social calm


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social calm

  1. 1. SOCIAL-CALM. WUKI “Cultivating grate-for-ness into the everyday” 8 days 23 users 78 gratefulness notes Purpose: To encourage gratefulness among colleagues in small-scale organizationsTim Pusnik Jausovec | Stanford University | CS377t | June 2011 | | @timpj
  2. 2. Users group I: Youth Understanding PoliticsBio Member interactionYUP is a small-size international The employees are spreadNGO organizing public speaking internationally, thus, most of of theand critical thinking workshops. It is contact is online. In person meetscurrently active in 6 European happen during quarterly strategycountries and has 11 employees. meetings. And at workshops.Users group 2: European Association at StanfordBio Member interactionIs a student-group at Stanford. It The members meet for a weeklyorganizes social events and raises strategy meeting. However, most ofawareness on campus. It has 12 the communication is done viaexecutive members. email.
  3. 3. Implementation. Ver 1 Using a Whiteboard either1.) Write a gratitude note on it; Other people can “like” the note by circling it.2.) Take a post-it; Write a gratitude note on it; Post it somewhere the recipient will see it.
  4. 4. Implementation. Ver 2 Using a website Write a gratitude note on it; Accessible to members of the group Notifies the tagged user immediatelyOpt-out daily digest notification Over SMS and/or Over e-mail
  5. 5. Results 23 users figures 78 grotes (gratefulness notes) over 7 days49 grotes posted on webpage18 whiteboard grotes11 post-it grotes details2 users (~9%) opted out of daily digest ~11.1 grotes/day stats ~3.4 grotes/user # grotes equally distributed across users Tim Pusnik Jausovec, stanford university
  6. 6. Insights gives users a sense of Users reported feeling empowered by belonging WUKI: “I’m a part of this organization”Seeing what members are grateful for,increased awareness of task division and increasesresponsibility within the organization transparency Using the white-board was a great prototype. want to join the Users “hacked-it”, writing encouraging notes conversation underneath. Wanted a way to like or comment on the website. WUKI ver. 1 now being implemented by YUP sister organization, JEF. Got requests from 4 allows for easy other on campus organizations to get access to growth online version. Tim Pusnik Jausovec, stanford university
  7. 7. Contact me Tim Pusnik Jausovec @timpj