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  1. 1. Persona: Lemiece ZarkaBio Musts & Needs Must know and plan outFreshmen at Stanford, who lives in an her life for the next 10all-freshmen dorm is a SymSys major weeks to survive.and traditional overachiever taking 20 Therefore, needs to beunits, holding a leadership position and efficient in structuring herpart-time coding job. life - swears by iCal.Wants & StressesOften times wishes to have the ability toimmediately engage in spontaneous socialactivity. Having free time but being unableto utilize it efficiently because her friendsare unavailable, stresses her.
  2. 2. Target audience: Stanford freshmen who feels over structured in desperate need ofa spontaneous social activity to vent-out.Stressor: Thriving at Stanford means being efficient, e.g. having events planned out 3weeks in advance. Students are stressed by feeling unable to vent out immediately andspontaneously.Calmer:, increases a students ability to engage in spontaneous socialactivity by triggering the same behavior in others. I want to... volleyball in Arrillaga. ... grab Chipotle in Menlo Park. ... get input on my IHUM essay in Bing. ... scream in Meyer.