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Tim Andren Social Media 102309


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Tim Andren & Sally Mikhail-Bemis presentation for social media at the CAPPS and MAPCS conferences.

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Tim Andren Social Media 102309

  1. 1. Social Media As easy as One – Two – Tweet!
  2. 2. Goals: ·To define social media ·Explain how it evolved (so we know how to use it) ·Help you begin to apply it
  3. 3. 1. What is social media?
  4. 4. Simple Definition: The social internet
  5. 5. Let’s get deeper…
  6. 6. Tools and applications that enable connectivity and sharing.
  7. 7. Social Media traits: ·Social ·Real-Time ·Shared Media ·Shared Ideas ·Computer or Phone
  8. 8. A picture is worth a thousand words
  9. 14. Platform Names
  10. 16. Social Media Platform Types
  11. 17. Social Network:
  12. 18. Social Network: ·Connect w/ friends ·Share thoughts, ideas ·Join groups [Facebook, Myspace]
  13. 20. Blog:
  14. 21. Blog: Social journal [Richard Branson, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton]
  15. 23. There’s a blog for just about every subject know to mankind, including….
  16. 24. Funny cat pictures!
  17. 26. Micro Blog: Text and media (photos, videos) publishing to small or large groups [Twitter]
  18. 28. Media Sharing:
  19. 29. Media Sharing: Share photos, videos, etc. [YouTube, Flickr]
  20. 32. Other Social Media types:
  21. 33. Other Social Media types: ·News ·Bookmarking ·Message Boards / Forums ·Chat / IM ·Text / SMS
  22. 34. 2. How did we get here?
  23. 35. How did we get here? Advent of broadband, wireless internet, laptops
  24. 37. How did we get here? The mobile phone and smart phone adoption
  25. 40. How did we get here? User interface has become simpler, Google has set the standard
  26. 43. How did we get here? Humans are social creatures. They demanded it!
  27. 44. How did we get here? People have been empowered. User generated content is king. […but make it meaningful]
  28. 46. Social Media is the whole reason we flocked to the internet!
  29. 47. 3. Why is social media important to you?
  30. 48. Why is social media important to you? People are using their computers for entertainment. [Hulu, YouTube, Facebook Updates, etc.]
  31. 50. Why is social media important to you? People have been working, networking, publishing, researching and just about everything else on their computers for years…
  32. 51. … the difference now is that they're connected and creating their own media. [Hint: Huge career ed opportunity here]
  33. 52. Therefore, the old advertising model has changed
  34. 53. Why is social media important to you? You can’t just rely on TV/Radio/Print any more.
  35. 54. Facebook is nearing 100 Million users in the U.S. alone!
  36. 56. Linkedin just reached over 50 Million users worldwide
  37. 57. Social Media is where the eyeballs are
  38. 58. Social Media is where the eyeballs are …and it’s still growing.
  39. 59. Let’s get human …from eyeballs to faces
  40. 61. Social Media Marketing Spend to Hit $3.1 Billion by 2014 Source: Forrester Research, Inc.
  41. 63. 4. How are companies using social media?
  42. 64. Pearson Story: How we use Social Media to leverage our Brand
  43. 65. Reinvent our business and recognized that people are shifting the way they discuss, read and share news and information
  44. 66. Begin with connecting at conferences in a way different than Pearson has in the past
  45. 67. One-on-One relationships are more powerful than not sharing. People want to see inside the company and learn more about their people and products.
  46. 68. Pearson used Social Media to “Personalize” who we are (videos) and draw folks to our booth at CCA conference
  47. 70. Pearson at CCA: Pre Event postcard/Tweets during conference/WII Fit/Prize Winners
  48. 72. Stay Connected and Build Community
  49. 74. Work backwards
  50. 75. Work backwards Listen don't push!
  51. 77. Listening allows you to: ·conduct a focus group ·test products ·get participation in building
  52. 78. 5. How can social media be used in education?
  53. 79. Think of social media as a 'communications tool' for your company
  54. 80. Other Social Media uses: -Marketing -Admissions -Financial Aid -Academics -Career Services
  55. 81. Social media ideas in Marketing
  56. 82. Marketing Ideas: Idea #1 Post about relevant career trends in the news: reported that Telecom Network Engineers has 53% job growth over the next 10 years
  57. 83. Marketing Ideas: Idea #2 Uploading graduate testimonials to YouTube, Facebook, etc.. Don’t forget to get your waiver!
  58. 84. Social media ideas in Admissions
  59. 85. Open House Idea: Branford Hall Career Institute tweets: “We’ll be hosting an Open House this Saturday from 9 am – 12pm #branfordhall”
  60. 86. Social media ideas in Financial Aid
  61. 87. Financial Aid idea: Your school can broadcast important info “The new financial aid award year will be starting July 1. Stop by to pick up your new FAFSA. #yourschool”
  62. 88. Social media ideas in Academics/Education
  63. 89. Academics/Education ideas: -Posting relevant videos to YouTube, TeacherTube, etc. -Use of channels -Communicate about campus happenings
  64. 90. Social media ideas in Career Services
  65. 91. Career Services idea #1: “Employer fair this Friday at DCU. Stop by for resume tips and freshen up on your interviewing skills. #careered”
  66. 92. Career Services idea #2: Use LinkedIn to connect with employers.
  67. 93. Social media Humans doing what they do best.
  68. 95. Tim Andren – Vice President 360 Strategic Marketing [email_address] Sally Bemis – President 360 Strategic Marketing [email_address]