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UI & UX Design for Startups
UI & UX Design for Startups
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UX Best Practices

  1. 1. UX BEST PRACTICES Problem Solving, People & Process
  2. 2. Theresa I’m a consultant who focuses on UX strategy and design
  3. 3. User Experience is HOT
  4. 4. And Every Company Wants a Great UX But many are unsure on how to get there:
  5. 5. Common Misconceptions #1 The X stands for SeXy
  6. 6. Visual Design is not UX I have turned down countless clients who think that a UX redesign means a visual facelift. But when we speak with their users, the color palette (font, icons, logo, etc..) is far from their most pressing problem. Form should follow function. Nail the UX design, then enhance the experience with great visuals.
  7. 7. Common Misconceptions #2 UI and UX are the same
  8. 8. UI is not UX The next most common request we get is to “just fix the navigation”. Or, can we provide some page layout patterns and the development team will just “apply those”? UX precedes UI design to determine the flow and ultimately which pages and interactions will exist. UI design can’t start until the UX foundation has been laid. If the foundation is cracked, you have to tackle that first.
  9. 9. Common Misconceptions #3 We know our users
  10. 10. Knowing Users vs Speaking to Users “We think we've got a really nice start, but are looking for additional UX expertise to really advance how users will engage with ______. Basically we believe we need some UX design breakthroughs. “ Q: Have you shown this to any prospective users? A: No Q: I’d like to speak with some people in your target market. Understanding how they might use this app could fuel some breakthrough ideas... A: No
  11. 11. Knowing Users vs Speaking to Users You probably do know your users, so work that relationship during the UX (re)design process. Here’s 3 good times to talk: Research Concept Validation User Testing
  12. 12. Best Practices
  13. 13. Problem Solving Need to start off tackling the problem at the right level: UX not UI. Marc Hedlund, the founder of Wesabe wrote that “while I was focused on trying to make the usability of editing data as easy and functional as it could be; Mint was focused on making it so you never had to do that at all. Their approach completely kicked our approach’s ass.”
  14. 14. People Build the right collaborative teams: product owner, support, sales, marketing, tech and design. Look for the right skills, experience and personality. Complexifiers vs Simplifiers kinds-of-people-complexifiers-and-simplifers/ Complexifiers are averse to reduction. These are the people who write 25 page specifications when a picture will do and send long e-mails to the entire team when one phone call would suffice. Simplifiers thrive on concision. They never let their ego get in the way of the short path. When you give them seemingly complicated tasks they simplify, consolidate and re-interpret on instinct, naturally seeking the simplest way to achieve what needs to be done.
  15. 15. Process Establish a quick, iterative, collaborative UX process in your company. Discovery ---- > Strategy -----> Design (prototype, test, revise...)---> Launch
  16. 16. Started August 2012
  17. 17. Silvercar: Contextual Research
  18. 18. Silvercar: Strategy
  19. 19. Silvercar: Wireframes
  20. 20. Silvercar: Prototype & Test
  21. 21. Silvercar: Visual Design Concepts
  22. 22. iOS
  23. 23. Android
  24. 24. Kiosk
  25. 25. Web
  26. 26. Launched January 2013
  27. 27. Discussion ?
  28. 28. Follow me on Twitter @theresaneil Find me at Look for “Mobile Design Pattern Gallery” 2nd Edition in Q4