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Navigation Patterns for Mobile Optimized Retail Sites


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Quick analysis of the mobile navigation patterns in the retail space.

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  • Thanks Chris. By responsive I mean the technical definition of responsive web development: a single code base with breakpoints and CSS media queries to adapt the layout to the viewing environment.

    It sounds like you are using the term responsive to mean that you create great experience for different form factors- which is a broader, non technical definition of Responsive Web Design.

    I urge mobile retailers to create Device Experiences (mobile phone and tablet optimized sites). Luke Wroblewski explains that 'Device experiences require a unique set of front-end designs and development for each class of device you want to support. '
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  • Thanks for the quick observations, Theresa.
    Interesting that you're proposing retailers not just take responsiveness into account, but rather be mobile-specific. Because we start with mobile-first and move into larger screens, our approach to 'responsive' _does_ take mobile into account, including entire workflows. Maybe it's just semantics, but the very nature of a property being 'responsive' requires our design-thinking to account for the varying use cases.

    Thanks again! Keep on a rockin'!
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Navigation Patterns for Mobile Optimized Retail Sites

  1. 1. NAVIGATIONPATTERNSFor Mobile Optimized Retail Sites
  2. 2. ResearchWe looked at >30 top retail sites to find the patterns and thebest examples for sharing. Amazon Best Buy Walmart Target Abercrombie Ikea Anthropologie Zappos Jared Jewelers Lowe’s Home Depot REI Gap Think Geek CK Pottery Barn Crate & Barrel Sony Newegg Gilt Clinique Nike Sears Overstock Microsoft Macy’s Bed Bath & Beyond Nordstroms Ben & Jerry’s
  3. 3. The PatternsThe patterns are derived from the work of Brad Frost, LukeWroblewski, Chris Kobar and myself‣ Top Nav‣ Priority Plus‣ Multi Toggle‣ Skip the Sub Nav‣ Off Canvas‣ Mega Menu‣ Targeted Browse
  4. 4. CaveatWe reused some of the patterns from responsive designbecause there are some commonalties between responsivenavigation and mobile optimized site navigation.However, this does not mean responsive is the right mobilestrategy for the retail space. Mobile Optimized sites and/orNative apps are a better solution.
  5. 5. Top Nav and Skip the Sub NavIkea offers Top Navigation combined with the Skip the Sub Nav menu. They do aparticularily nice job showing the navigation path.
  6. 6. Priority PlusGilt shows the high priority navigation items across the top with a more buttonto reveal other stores in the Gilt family: Gilt City and Gilt Taste.
  7. 7. Skip the Sub NavLowe’s offers a new page of options on each drill down. This may be the mostcommon pattern in retail navigation (Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc).
  8. 8. Multi Toggle then Skip the Sub NavREI starts with a Multi Toggle menu, then takes you to a separate Sub Nav page.
  9. 9. Skip the Sub Nav then Multi ToggleCalvin Klein starts with a simple list menu that takes you to the sub nav page ontap. The sub nav page uses multi-toggle to revel the next level of options.
  10. 10. Off Canvas Originally found in native apps including Path and Facebook, the Off Canvas menu is rising in popularity in mobile sites.Note: Ambercrombie also offers a list menu on the home page. But the interaction between the off canvas menu andlist menu is jarring and should be avoided.
  11. 11. Mobile Mega MenuSony has a sexy mega menu that works well for product category heirarchies.This is more complicated to immplement and will require additional QA testing.Note: A bottom docked mega menu like Toys R Us can also work well
  12. 12. Targeted BrowseZappos doesn’t offer a menu, but instead provides a structured search plus asimple sort and filter features to refine the results.
  13. 13. More MobileRetail Patterns
  14. 14. Streamlined Checkout1-Click and PayPal express checkout makes it easier to complete the purchase.
  15. 15. RecommendationsIncrease total purchases with upsells and cross sells: people also viewed,people also bought, people who viewed this ultimately bought, etc... Also Viewed Ultimately Bought Also Bought
  16. 16. Anti-Pattern: PagingPaging and mobile don’t mix, use Endless Scroll or View More Items to show thefull product list. Paging Endless Scroll View More
  17. 17. Anti-Pattern: Idiot BoxDon’t break the flow with a modal dialog that has to be dismissed. Show thecart with an item in it and/or just open the cart for easy checkout. Modal Go to Cart Go To Cart
  18. 18. Follow me on Twitter @theresaneilCheck out my O’Reilly book Mobile Design Pattern Gallery