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Ebooks: Perspectives and Trends


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presentation at Internet Librarian West Internet @ Schools

Published in: Education
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Ebooks: Perspectives and Trends

  1. 1. I thought you said boots! Ebooks: Prospects and Perspectives Internet @ Schools flickr: ayton Carolyn Foote, Westlake HS
  2. 2. Where’s my ipod? Text Text We prefer Napster
  3. 3. Positives What’s good about ebooks?
  4. 4. Issues with ebook market • pricing • models for schools • multiple formats/apps • usage--Pew survey • promotion • misconceptions about availability What’s your issue? #il2013e
  5. 5. Ranking concerns
  6. 6. Other issues “In my district, budgets are not adjusted to the price of ebooks. We get the same amount of money, without the consideration of the cost. We need to have discussions at the district & campus levels (where the money comes from) so those who make those decisions see the ebook issues and price discrepancies. We (school librarians) are expected to purchase ebooks for the classrooms & for pleasure reading by students, but we are not given the appropriate funds to do so.”
  7. 7. These books are mobile! Slumgullion Bookmobile (Montana)
  8. 8. Purpose driven
  9. 9. Devices Nooks iPads Kindles iPhones
  10. 10. Multi-use, Subscription based ABC-Clio Big Universe Capstone StarWalk Kids Media Tumblebooks
  11. 11. Individual ebooks--by imprint Abdo Lerner Rosen Interactive Rourke Storia (Scholastic)
  12. 12. Individual purchase--book jobbers Follett MackinVIA Axis360
  13. 13. Follett Shelf
  14. 14. Mackin VIA
  15. 15. Annual Subscription/Choose Titles Overdrive
  16. 16. Patron Driven models Brain Hive Ebsco (college level)
  17. 17. Database-esque Ebsco Ebrary Gale Marshall Cavendish/Sharp
  18. 18. Free Project Gutenberg (copyright free) Audiovox ICDL (International Children’s Digital Library) iBooks author free is good!
  19. 19. Enhancing the book Subtext (in text notations) Gobstopper (in text notations) QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  20. 20. Leisure suits are #trending
  21. 21. growth Slide from:
  22. 22. usage Slide from:
  23. 23. Industry trends Worse terms from publishers/increased prices Improved terms from publishers Ability to purchase temporary access multi-use titles Ingram myILibrary Self-publishing rapidly increasing Choice--Design and print your own book of collected articles/chapters -- DeGruyter Select
  24. 24. formats matter!
  25. 25. and more trends... Patron Driven Acquisition--Ebsco, BrainHive Multi-user options increasing Streaming audio and video(Overdrive) Apps for in-text communication(Subtext/Gobstop per)
  26. 26. Librarians speak We want better! • “We want multi-user access and a single platform for access.” • “If you don’t take my print books off the shelf after 26 checkouts or 12 months, why do you feel justified in taking my ebooks away?” • School libraries and public libraries are very different entities. Our loan models and access is very different. When the Big five or Big six publishers are making their prices and lending models for the adult book reader, they need to consider students and schools. • “It should be as easy for students to check out fiction (ebooks) as it is for them to use our nonfiction (ebook) collection.” • “Students need really easy interfaces and don’t want to have to click through multiple portals.”
  27. 27. Student perspectives QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  28. 28. Promotion
  29. 29. Staying informed... Product News: No Shelf Required Blog No Shelf Required Books eContent Quarterly from ALA
  30. 30. find me here: Carolyn Foote Westlake HS Library Austin Tx @technolibrary