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TXLA 2014 Strong Schools, Strong Scores conference


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presentation for administration preconference at TXLA 2014

Published in: Education
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TXLA 2014 Strong Schools, Strong Scores conference

  1. 1. Librarians: the best app? the best app? Carolyn Foote, Westlake HS Library Eanes ISD @technolibrary
  2. 2. an appliance
  3. 3. Text Libraries are about learners.
  4. 4. What do we know?
  5. 5. •71% of teens say the computer the family. •23%of teens surveyed have a tablet •37%of teens have smartphones.
  6. 6. Digital natives?
  7. 7. Teens “don’t try to analyze how things are different because of technology; they simply try to relate to a public world in which technology is a given.” Danah Boyd It’s Complicated
  8. 8. Teens and libraries
  9. 9. What can a 21st century library look like? look like?
  10. 10. dschool Libratory? Kitchen? Studio?
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Social emotional support photo by Eric Schlegal
  13. 13. QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  14. 14. Learning Commons Student,Teacher and Librarian designed Learning studio with technology, books, librarians, technologists and other learning specialists Areas for individual or group work or classroom work “If they build it, they will use it.” David Loertscher
  15. 15. “School libraries are not just abunch of rooms filled with books;they are a national network ofincubators for future economicpotential.” Jeff Norton
  16. 16. Who is the “21st century” librarian?
  17. 17. flickr: ncheng93 I've always seen the mediaspecialists as the Swiss armyknife of any school.
  18. 18. Instructional partner
  19. 19. Global learning leader
  20. 20. Web designer
  21. 21. Innovator
  22. 22. Blogger
  23. 23. Sharing and “crowdsourcing”
  24. 24. literacy cheerleader
  25. 25. Info literacy specialist Keith Curry Lance study
  26. 26. Studies show...
  27. 27. AASL ISTE NETS for students
  28. 28. How can you help?
  29. 29. Set expectations
  30. 30. Support, nurture & expect collaboration
  31. 31. Collaboratively reenvision library library
  32. 32. support p/d for librarians -- conventional and unconventional tech and lib related tech and lib related tech and lib relatedSupport professional development
  33. 33. Understand e-source complexity
  34. 34. Include librarians strategically
  35. 35. Support innovation
  36. 36. Make library a strategy
  37. 37. Strategy in Our EISD Strategic Plan EISD Strategic Plan We will promote and support a robust digital-age learning environment to inspire student learning and creativity.
  38. 38. How, together, do we helpour school reach its goals? Jennifer LaGarde (paraphrase) (paraphrase) (paraphrase) (paraphrase) (paraphrase) (paraphrase)
  39. 39. There is an app for that.
  40. 40. Carolyn Foote Westlake High School Austin,Tx flickr: milomilosovec