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School and District Collaboration: an SLJ SUMMIT presentation


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Presented at SLJ Summit 2013

Published in: Education, Sports
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School and District Collaboration: an SLJ SUMMIT presentation

  1. 1. Inviting Connections:Inviting Connections: School and DistrictSchool and District CollaborationCollaboration
  2. 2. We as educators need to reconsider our roles in students’ lives, to think of ourselves as connectors first and content experts second. -Will Richardson
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  12. 12. “To be of service in building knowledge means to be part of a conversation.” Atlas of New Librarianship R. David Lankes
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  15. 15. Where is your collab space?Where is your collab space? • Wikis • Google Docs • Livebinder • Symbaloo • LibGuides • Blogs • Google Hangout • Skype • TodaysMeet
  16. 16. What is the untold story?What is the untold story?
  17. 17. Unlikely partnershipsUnlikely partnerships flickr rocha.michael
  18. 18. Identify formal/informal/unlikely partners. Create opportunities. Be invitational. Listen to teachers (and students). Empathize. Set ego aside. Tell our collaboration stories. Ask – “Can my teachers see themselves in the library story?” Communicate w/ask your administrator. To enhance collaboration:
  19. 19. Most importantly-- “Less us, more them.” (-Gary Stager)
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  21. 21. “Social compacts evolve. They often begin simply and grow more complex over time.... This is the moment to scour the old compact for original intent, best practices, and effective services and to mix these with opportunities, current realities, and visions of a new idea future to forge a new social compact.” Atlas of New Librarianship R. David Lankes
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  23. 23. Carolyn FooteCarolyn Foote join me at:join me at: @technolibrary@technolibrary @whslibraryrocks@whslibraryrocks