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Mobile commerce ppt


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Mobile commerce ppt

  1. 1. Guided by: Anand S.Dhakade M_COMMERCE Presented By: Tapesh v. chalisgaonkar
  2. 2. What is M_Commerce? Use of mobile devices to Transact Communicate Entertain In simple terms, M_commerce = E_commerce + Wireless Web
  3. 3. Features of m-Commerce Provision for cash deposits and withdrawals. Ability for third parties to make deposits into a user account. Ability to make retail purchase. Over-the-air prepaid top-ups using the cash already in the account. The ability to transfer cash between users account. Provision for bill payments.
  4. 4. Mobile Devices Should be capable of  Bar code Scanning  Bar code Display  to connect to a data communication network to transmit the necessary information at the POS .  The device must use an identification method to uniquely and correctly identify the buyer and the information sent by the buyer.
  5. 5. Protocols Used GSM 3G  Enhanced Data Rate For GSM Evolution (EDGE)  Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS)  High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA)
  6. 6. Technologies Wireless Networks (Bluetooth / Wi-Fi) SMS MMS
  7. 7. Information Providers Global Electronic Party Information Register Global Data Synchronisation Network
  9. 9. Infrastructure and steps in the process Transaction part I
  10. 10. Transaction part II
  11. 11. Applications Advertising & Promotion In-store navigation Comparison Shopping Information & Extended Packaging Store Location Authentication
  12. 12. Applications Payment Interactive Publications Ticketing Cataloge shopping
  13. 13. Advantages .  More Convenience: the small size and ease of use of mobile receivers ,coupled with freedom from problems caused by infrastructure, makes for a higher degree of user convenience.  Expanded Reach: the presences of wireless link between the customer and the service provider eliminates the need for a fixed interface such as a computer for communication.  Quick access: connecting through a mobile is faster than dial-up connections using wire line modems.  Instant Connectivity(2.5G): Instant connectivity or “always on” is becoming more prevalent .
  14. 14. Limitations Lack of Standards Device Constraints Weak processors Limited memory Tiny screens, poor resolutions