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Presentation(tw roy)

  1. 1. A Presentation Support System Controlled by User's Body Gestures using Kinect Devices S1180195 Takamasa Hirasawa University of Aizu, Computer Science 1
  2. 2. Abstract Our study is to develop a support system that PPT slides can be controlled by the natural operation easily, through body movement, such as postures and gestures. We define several gestures to operate the PPT, use Kinect to detect the gestures, and control the PPT slides based on the detected gestures and corresponding definition. Compared with PPT operations by mouse, keyboard, and pointer, presentation can be smarter and smoother with the support tool of the study, since vivid presentation using both hands is possible.
  3. 3. Outline • Background  Motivation and Problem Statement  Methods • Results • Summary • Future Work 3
  4. 4. Background ~Motivation and Problem Statement~ • Smartness Presentation  Go to the front of the PC and press buttons for slide operations  Using one hand on a device for manipulating the PPT, and at the same time use another hand to show gestures for vivid and visual presentation. A presentation support tool can provide a convenient means for presenters to make presentation in such a way. 4
  5. 5. Methods ① Display Screen Projector \Action!/ Kinect Presenter PC and Monitor App ② Kinect for windows SDK ① Displaying monitor and presenter can see own actions. ①・②Sending Gesture and Posture ④ ③ PPT ③Send Key Information ④Display the PPT’s action 5
  6. 6. Methods ② ~Gestures and Postures~ 1. We defined 4 gestures. 2. Table of gestures and postures Gestures and Postures PPT’s actions Right hand swiped left Sending slides Left hand swiped right Backing slides Raising the right hand Both hands jointed Switching between mouse operation mode and gesture mode Blacking PPT 6
  7. 7. Methods ③ ~Gestures and Postures~ Vector3 Skeleton Posture Swiping Gesture SwipeGestureDetector SwipeLeftGestureDetector AlgorithmicPostureDetector MainWindow SendKey 7
  8. 8. Results The system realized the function of sending back of the slide, although the accuracy is little lower than controlling by mouse. 8
  9. 9. Summary The research is important because it enables the presenter hand free during a presentation. It is also possible to realize a variety of functions by adding the other operation.
  10. 10. Future Work 1.Precision that function of sending and backing slides. 2.Adding information of Z coordinate when Swiping Gesture recognize. 3.Adding other function for presentations are more wealthily.
  11. 11. Thank you for your attention!! 11