cloud computing big data data mining security machine learning internet of things classification wireless sensor networks deep learning blockchain modeling algorithm artificial neural network information retrieval feature selection svm e-commerce mapreduce hadoop machine learning. feature extraction sensors singular value decomposition wireless sensor network software engineering optimization segmentation image processing covid-19 competitiveness iot social media text mining load balancing multithreading information extraction usability watermarking computer design parallel processing fuzzy logic simulation technology acceptance model trust software quality graphs routing ict ontology image encryption web services object oriented metrics genetic algorithm sustainability digitalization chaos cryptosystem. discrete wavelet transform medical image pandemic covid-19. data analytics e-commerce. 3d software analysis wavelet transform business continuity management vulnerability exploit penetration testing hacking compromised systems rtt blocking probability smartphone natural language processing bluetooth clustering secret sharing hybrid 3d reconstruction 3d printing sensor cloud e-learning higher education framework. business intelligence heuristic augmented reality machine learning algorithms. etl integration data warehouse memory-level parallelism multicore processor competitive cache misses cache memory hmm controlled switching random forest naive bayes sentiment analysis smart city particle swarm optimization computer network database quality of service edge detection congestion control intelligent agents social networks arabic nlp event-b management nosql adoption steganography human computer interaction query ranking jordan similarity measure down syndrome formal verification performance virtual reality project management managing collaboration. agribusiness management serious game sandpile model die size wsn forecasting e-learning cloud security authentication mobile devices grid computing collaborative filtering developing countries soa service aodv dsr system dynamics analytical hierarchy process virtual machine prediction model fault tolerance cmmi gqm. measures database and data mining evolution cooperation social networking privacy cryptography recall precision reliability processing time image segmentation face recognition botnet attack internet-of-things 1d-cnn ai-enabled security feature engineering-less brain mr brain tumor sv test library complete cycle testing regression testing public cloud testing as a service (taas) confiscate amend release issuance business to business (b2b) business to government(b2g) saudi arabiamonetaryagency (sa electronic letter of guarantee letter of guarantee (lg) ddos dos cyber-physical system ehr modeling hessenberg decomposition e-health arnold transform tokenization language processing algorithm instagram twitter facebook kdd virtual process function controller placement software defined network submodularity fog architecture bipartivity eigenvector theory vs. programming dispari correlation coefficient principal component analysis spectral analysis co asia e-commerce; pandemic raspberry smart road new computing 4ir technology intent classification chatbot decentralized stor aud beehive sound recognition dat compression compact disc digital divide smart home human monitoring electronic white cane cloud security mechanisms attacks security requirements raspberry pi single-board computers distributed computing rumor detection contextual exploration misinformation emission nexus fd & co2 nardl approach global warming co2 emission digital carbon footprint the quorum systems mobile ad hoc networks mobility formal specification he communication technology information student information system n-modular redundancy failure free cloud consumer employee safety wfh c-suite reset work culture innovation surveillance security prototype security system sms notification smsecurity iris security iris patterns bio-metric traits quantization virtual worker. personal computer network access server virtual private network wearable technology. garmin forerunner sports watch running watch gps data analysis stream processing fog edge computing stereo vision essential matrix fundamental matrix mobile device users’ security behaviour. avoidance motivation technology threat avoidance security behavior phishing attacks materials. static analysis. nist sdlc information systems. extended reality immersive technologies 5g name label switching. ranking interfaces ccn bdp ndn justification of recommendation architecture for i relevance of recommendations weight of comments justification of recommendations iaas bitcoinheist bitcoin ensemble learning decision tree ransomware word-controlled breaker i. machine-controlled door lock fire alarm mobile app bt esp 32 tracking attacks contact tracing non-interactive zero-knowledge proof authentication protocol bluetooth threat bluetooth low energy traceability. transparency blockchain technology text mining. documents analysis cluster analysis connected autonomous vehicles. autonomous vehicles security & privacy task allocation cloak-reduce distributed processing virtual tour web scraping computer test. computer-based exams online education ecommerce product sentiment amazon data augmentation object as point fabric defects detection driver drowsiness bluetooth low energy (ble) vigilance monitoring electroencephalogram (eeg) brain computer interface multilevel knowledge technology acceptance model mesh topology partitioning multicore network-on-chip and selective probability ant colony optimization (aco) university class scheduling problem (ucsp) algorithms visibility determination computer games field of vision (fov) systems maturity system quality information quality drop-ship customer behavior fuzziness measure. shadowed fuzzy numbers shadowed sets intuitionistic fuzzy numbers fuzzy numbers frustration emotion intensity emotion recognition emotion annotation neural networks smart camera hacker worms &trojon virus mobile network wireless network network protocols 3ds max real time rendering next generation sequencing. early disease detection single nucleotide polymorphism microarray multiple sclerosis 5g mobile network network centralized storage qr code railway trackside safety statistical package for the social sciences (spss) lichen planopilaris (lpp) histology demographics epidemiologic clinical features weighted graph and rb traffic channel aggregate offered traffic mobile application. smart parking constraint-based modeling student model language tutoring systems talend cloudera hdfs transitive closure entity resolution rsa. idea xkms saml soap process mining knowledge discovery data processing requirements elicitation requirements engineering learners. web-based learning ewom festival tourism tourism festival multipath outage probability nakagami equal gain combining (egc) android mini game multiplayer mobile game testing unity interoperability erp nanotips. lattice networks carbon nanotubes 3d circuits and systems deep learning & skin lesion image u-net k-means clustering self-learning annotation scheme tracking quality recognition speed camera calibration marker creation artoolkit recommendation system. association rules cluster intelligent information & database systems angler phishing identity theft out of bag data overfitting k cross validation maximum likelihood estimation median imputation random forest algorithm logistic regression simulated annealing algorithm. multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling object-oriented design object-oriented manufacturing control data analysts and data scientists. analytical query databases automatic code generation matbase (elementary) mathematical data model business rules triggers and rules data structures and algorithms for data management integrity checking non-relational constraints relational constraints database constraints theory data modeling curvature polygonal mesh model crest lines 3d gan text-toimage synthesis face manipulation deepmasterprints democracy networks election system headgear brainwave device important-performance analysis service performance core services home stay secondary access rural broadband enhancement spectrum occupancy e-shops. online shopping light and sound excitation of live creatures synapse control decoherence coloured algebras quantum biological computing quantum computing architecture e – commerce application. agile e – commerce implicit path time complexity data structure dijkstra algorithm analytics mobile network. 5g new radio (nr) network low voltage (l.v.) switchboard anti-theft system cloud based technology tracker emergency notification real-time crash detection smart helmet risk challenge virtualization nsl-kdd kdd-99 cup intrusion detection system scheduling operating systems process thread task distribution data web technologies gsm pir raspberry-pi thesis projects teacher training teacher education digital tools development-oriented predictive models ensemble learners autism screening fuzzy logic controller obstacle avoidance navigation swarm robot mobile robot software-defined networking (sdn). anomaly detectors network monitoring characterization requirement modelling data-driven requirement engineering mobile application development non-functional requirements metamodeling. enterprise risk management security management enterprise architecture enterprise websites. teaching learning arabic language monitoring student attendance rfid context awareness recommendation system change detection concept drift anti-detection psnr eight neighbour pixels minimal distortion information hiding secure digital (sd) card. graphically liquid crystal display (glcd) wireless fidelity (wi-fi) advanced risk machine microcontroller (arm) cortex thick film transistor (tft) retailing rfm model adoption. factors riyadh saudi arabia education artificial neural networks (ann). mfcc plp speech recognition agile methods nearshoring distributed agile agile distributed software development aspects crosscutting concerns bip components behavior-interaction-priority model modularization aspect orientation aspect-oriented programming experimental analysis. answer analysis automated scoring multiple choice questions learning skills. reading skills integrated environment children literature substitution of the least significant bits. information encryption steganographic scheme aspect-based scoring fuzzy controller sending rate link utilization tfmcc cheating detection computer activities remote access lan monitor restricted files or documents impose penalties to machine security awareness security indicators simulated training computer security finite storage and finite server finite source grade of service loss system it – project management. communication processes organizational management geographic information system (gis) information system (is) return on investment (roi). open source technology open source software (oss) mysql apache internet information server (iis) information and communication technology(ict) inversion substituend bounded sequences listing permutation listing binary parallel algorithms open network operating system. network topologies software-defined networks procedural justice. legal technology legal service online bangaldesh search lawyer online hire lawyer online online legal serivce power-delay product (pdp) power consumption flip-flop dual edge-triggered (det) single edge-triggered (set) mobility aid systems physically disabled people kinect camera fall detection collaboration. competitive advantage transformer industry japan global luoyang china urban tourism tourist organizational change. organizational identity operation innovation taiwan's culture and education business narrative approach competitive strategies operational strategies japanese service industry cboe tfe txo taiex option return jumping risk activity-based classification forecast improvement of inventory control performance indicators student success arduino. android plc control tweet sentiment analysis text blob lstm support vector machines text analysis & question answering mobiles search for answers question answering task scheduling. task execution resource pricing resource management maximal cliques evolutionary centrality mobile networks network science centrality data conversion power quality java enterprise application web-based solution genemania rma alzheimer’s disease dementia gene-gene interaction domain name frequency analysis & malicious dns malicious domain names dga domain generated algorithm energy-efficiency dynamic estimation context-aware system mobile cloud computing mobile cloud offloading recognition system. bayesian networks curvelets speech signals sales prediction. data mining performance gradient boosted trees neural network rapidminer fuzzy theory decision making trial and evaluation laboratory multiple regression analysis importance-performance analysis interviews evaluation dyslexia automatic detection zipf distribution video popularity hit ratio cache update iso25010. metrics software design feature extraction (fe). convolutional neural network (cnn) recognition iris biometrics assistive technologies and pwm. android phone microcontroller wheelchair k-nearest neighbour. feed forward artificial neural networks binary particle swarm optimization dbscan k-means silhouette score value healthcare data dataset prisoner’s dilemma. segregation predict topic from tweet short text analyse topic of tweet social media interest generator topic generation tweet analyse perceived effectiveness of ols cultural dimensions online learning systems (ols) the duality feature reduction np complete problems np problems p problems rbc. giemsa blood sample watershed segmentation hsv segmentation malaria pattern recognition. relationship extraction gene ontology inverted list information sharing social network services software architecture peer-to-peer computing world wide web social computing rf. disease prediction clinical decision support system hyper-threading. amd phenom intel core i7 multi-core processors single-core processor excess. preflow extended mixed network maximum flow wireless multimedia sensor networks multipath routing protocol network load balancing flooding attack prevention multi-path routing s3 ec2 homomorphic token cloud storage security rule classification mobile computing transcript permutation. bernoulli mapping algorithm of image encryption satisfiability smt solver mignotte’s sequence data security throughput. jitter tcp new reno tcp vegas tcp sack manet construction project progress monitoring high resolution remote sensing image hog feature network object recognition survey systematic mapping study smart contracts user experience obesity mobile application mean square error (mse). method of moments (mom) algorithm maximum likelihood estimation (mle) algorithm cuckoo search optimization (cso) algorithm direct search. annealing simulated mutation crossover inbounded logistic hex-cell. interconnection network matrix multiplication genetic interactive authentication 1 fuzzy system secure routing false vote injection attack false report injection attack word spotting codebook bag of visual words word image segmentation curvature feature corner keypoints point cloud library (pcl). rgb-d camera kinect v2.0 sensor automated scanning system iterative closest process 3d body scanning wireless. monitoring and control interface circuit agriculture job education classroom technology it public health stability measures. selection stability feature selection algorithms prediction student performance integrated system optimized/reduced run length coding. compaction using sparse entropy coding jpeg image compression ecdsa ecc vanet vehicle chatting interest privacy finding like-minded vehicle base point quality improvement ci environment development risk iid continuous integration conceptual graph concept map. users’ satisfaction mobile payment materialized view relational database management system (rdms) master data vault data warehouse (dw) business data vault data vault (dv) enterprise data warehouse (edw) schema evolution data mart master data management (mdm) nosql. metadata repository data warehouse evolution coffee beans landscape coffee shops analytic hierarchy process false report injection attack. network simulation dynamic en-route filtering rural community wireless fidelity(wifi) network architecture. internet wifi-based rural extension data-driven scientific research. map reduce cyber infrastructure-as-a-service usability problems usability evaluation academic portals. multiple independent runs parallelization cpu. evolutionary algorithms gpu video encoding content adaptation dsis h.265 cloud gaming video streaming memory latency reduction and tolerance processing in/near memory memory-centric computing animated assembly design marker-based camera tracking data compression arabic text categorisation cocomo mmre evolutionary computing ssl. security risks e-payment set zero-width character. arabic text pointed characters kashida greedy route dynamic routing cluster head cluster-based routing transformation characteristics molfpp molfp gödel four-valued logic hilbert’s program incompleteness theorem fractal nist test suite scrambling chaotic function grammar based data compression adaptive automata agro-ecological situation ipm decision-making field scouting air ticket sales 3c’s m&g 7v’s hsv texture image recapture detection blurriness & cs-lbp far fingerprint recognition fmr ann afis localization technique. iterative trilateration dynamic fluctuation smoothing algorithm environmental factor rssi (received signal strength indication) nsga- ii algorithm qualitative scenarios prioritizing enterprise architecture evaluation interoperability – hl7 fhir – hce - archetypes risk matrix software project risk assessment efficiency. decryption speedup digital image encryption pattern growth utility mining closed+ high-utility itemsets dsm mde emf/ gmf atl transformation graphicaleditor&eclipse sirius framework brms model-driven software development (mdsd) xtext domain-specific language (dsl) amazigh pos tagging crf information security architecture's criteria enterprise information security architecture (eisa abstractive summarization extractive summarization text summarization bee colony algorithm harmony search algorithm message passing interface parallel programming learnability application software discoverability principles gene adaptive watermarking speech processing biometric sms technology mobile-government electronic-government time quantum round robin process scheduling statistics networking site mobile social media chatting original text friendship graph friendship matrix textual pl triplets candidate text risk management & information security configuration process development context. adaptive meta-model guidance process knowledge management (km) riau province. smart pls staffs motivational knowledge transfer behaviour (ktb) pavelka-style completeness fuzzy logic in narrow sense first-order logic hedge connective usability testing mobile devices. human computer interaction (hci) mobile applications cognitive disability intelligent university information system library information system adaptive e-learning system. systolic grids. reversibility field emission carbon nanotubes and nanotips stock trends intelligent transportation system service innovation ict enabled dct clahe ar clahe etc. 2d dct recognition rate facerecognition parallel algorithm migration period global optimization architecture. development maintenance oriented erlang c erlang b computer simulation banking regulation queueing theory banking system economical informatics basel. data centre educational management item competence semi-supervised relation extraction arabic language & web mining. pattern extraction matching under preference. bipartite matching stable marriage problem with ties and incomplete l socially stable matching two sided matching the stable marriage problem leader-member exchange (lmx) translation protocol factor analysis validity psychometric leader-follower tumor k-means and binarization. thresholding mr image fcm gaussian function. parameter learning video categorization unsupervised clustering intrusion detection. misuse detection accuracy nsl-kdd data set smartphones. malware remote detection confidentiality database security framework integrity functional layer and runtime layer. service oriented cloud_ computing virtual working space leap motion gesture control software tool shamel exam cloud computing. bau cloud service provider multi-core single-core tlp ilp novabench & linpack. flop delay-tolerant network social network routing mechanism. potholes 2d images morphological image processing geotagging one vanets dtn routing protocol casaw. vdtn security event security testing tlspm. event detection enhancement minimum filter maximum filter noise reduction non-linear filters. median filter crawling object oriented modeling agent based information retrieval unified modeling language agent architecture cipher evolutionary algorithm symmetric encryption bionic algorithm r-tree. slanting correction thinning voronoi diagram baseline detection preprocessing arabic text recognition page segmentation cosine similarity latent dirichlet allocation latent semantic analysis form content and page content. deep web healthcare naïve bayes classifier. k-nearest neighbour c4.5 academic advisory predictive and statistical analyses stochastic approach nlp dictionary entry pos tagger malayalam. rule based approach mse encryption time encryption- decryption decryption time double random matrix key spatial data temporal data gis. gazetteers total order broadcast reliable broadcast. validation indices dimensionality reduction k-nearest neighbors global checkpoint number. checkpointing formal methods distributed transaction local checkpoint number formal specifications project pose estimation ekf robot navigation stereo multiple cameras data management. retrieval. image recognition copy-move forgery detection local fractal dimension & structural similarity in image forensics dbms/datawarehouse. mapreduceframeworks parallel data processing tools usage. social networking sites perceived social capital classifier symmetrical weight subspace expression recognition gabor filter least significant bit (lsb). most significant bit (lsb) cover image hough transform lane tracking advanced driver assistance system lane detection lane departure warning social interaction. human robot interaction average precision information retrieval (ir) systems sem rbsm computer science. software development software metrics pkm software measurement software industry pepe bibliographic system web service computing field. scientific review articles accessibility and conversational agent. electronic government uci repository diabetes free space optics; bit error rate; q-factor; turbu crystal square density feature size design complexity. number of transistors moore’s law wavelet networks; logistic regression; business fa document clustering email mining clustering algorithm corrosion control environmental factors. decision support system corrosion probabilistic modelling texture features wavelets pre-processing neural network. instructor perspectives critical success factor m-learning indexes correlation. fuzzy c means validity indexes chatterbots conversational agents arabic language and english language. prerequisite courses flowchart. time table student information system (sis) testability factors testability measurement testability design phase development life cycle. hybrid wavelet transform discrete kekre transform home of keys encryption key block size. symmetric shared secret key biometric identification automatic segmentation pattern recognition iris recognition transportation; network design; optimization; part backup data recovery data protection archive data loss html5; cross-platform; empirical study; phonegap; elms : e-learning modules hi: hearing impaired d&p: drill & practice. influence. recreational activities reconstruction shape component skeleton subsets shape representation. structuring element usability characteristics open source software usability usability fuzzy model and open source software usability model. phlegmatic andmelancholic. sanguine choleric temperament intelligent tutoring systems early intervention program desire first-order predicate logic. bdi (belief multi-agent system information management system (ims) intention) agent model architectural design nvidia fermi ati radeon. gpus power metaheuristcis model predictive control multiobjective optimization flow reassembly pipeline traffic classification system chaotic stream ciphers digitally implemented bernoulli’s map nist testes fpga implementation. techniques of interaction. scientific visualization virtual environments matching statistical trial for comparison stagnography least significant bit text categorization arabic text classification lithography poly silicon resist etching transistor & wafer. mirrors advanced encryption standard aes pipelining dimension reduction mammographic images. there are subsets of genes that have similar behav also called microarray data. but behave independently under other subsets of co it is of utmost importance to make a simultaneous so we say that they coexpress we make a new survey on clustering and biclusterin heuristic algorithms are typically used to approxi service-oriented architecture variability modeling customization modeling. saas soaml project actuality actuality of projects systematic review. systematic literature review; agile governance; in segmentation enhancement active contour topological alignments. cell tracking flbra rssi rbf routing. text compression lzw. arabic texts bwt sas jmp software knowledge discovery in database (kdd) regression classification algorithms educational data mining bayesian classification circulant matrix digital image watermarking positive semi-definite matrix. software project management; systematic literature structural complexity hardware complexity density. microprocessor design transistor count complexity coverage wireless mobile communications. mobility model services services composition model (scm). architectural pattern services composition multimedia education emotional control. rational emotive behavior therapy (rebt) process capability man-machine interface. remote monitoring real-time evaluation traffic management. vector sum. pattern matching likeness functions image analysis multilingual searching language independent searching qr factorization vector space model. unicode performance criteria performance appraisal fuzz logic controller employee evaluation rating. booking system medical appointment healthcare system. nhis emulation design verification scan-chain sce-mi fpga. soc computer vision target tracking moving edges particle filter robustness learning outcome remedial teaching experimental research. electronic textbook health systems. etl taxonomy databases. disease outbreak notification system learning styles deducing approaches adaptive educational hypermedia systems. quadraticdiscriminant analysis (qda) linear discriminant analysis (lda) mean square error (mse) cross validation (cv) relative error (re) and mean absolute percentage e support vector machine (svm) activity monitoring and analysis avatars virtual environment lms integrated learning path performance evaluation wind turbine distributed generation performance analysis asynchronous machine distribution system. gpgpu centrality ranking complex networks cuda. fatigue drowsiness automatic buzzer system. heart rate detection streaming and advanced vector extensions data-parallel computations vector instructions matrix transpose symmetric cipher model virtualized resources cloud services. virtual machines ptg. workflow dag task scheduling encryption. ethernet bandwidth duresadducee users’ acceptance cashless economy time distance keystroke predefined structure dynamics change management software version control scientific application sanitization sensitive transaction restrictive patterns cover privacy preservation personal networks resource scheduling. critical success factors (csf) business intelligence (bi) health and treatment sector hasheminejad hospital. business failure prediction; survival analysis; co case-based explanation decision support artificial intelligence case-based reasoning mapping network on chip system on chip 3d architecture cold start recommender system sparisty scalability demographic filtering cloud os cloud kernel web os artificial intelligence and applications (ijscai) 2014 final manuscript due : june 15 2014 acceptance notification : june 10 international journal on soft computing 2014 publication date : determined b citizen-centric e-government services delivery grounded theory jordan. structural equation modeling flowchart ; multimedia retrieval ; figures similar employability vocational education dea services. ham spam communications emails naïve bayes information security risk analysis; quantitative r virtual learning environment. agent migration. distributed multi-agent system information security application mediation bpm esb order fulfillment filtering precision agriculture papaya cbrp manets partialand whole regions spatial reasoning composition cardinal directions sports promotion strategy national health care 3c theory game theory joint procurement multi-agent linear-time algorithm grundy number coloring of a graph. password internet sites username. e-mail decision making view cafés dna-based computing the set-partition problem the np-hard problems. the np-complete problems user interface image processing. gesture recognition ycbcr color model migration replication wide-area network vehicle license plate detection multiscale sliding window brazilian license plate. histogram of oriented gradients collaborative platforms. social network analysis team's communication evaluation virtual teams stock market analysis continuous text queries sliding window mapreduce technique fuzzy logic. analog-to-digital converters (adcs) discrete wavelet transforms (dwt) effective number of bits (enob). society community culture humanism art humanistic machine learning management system privaxy virtual learning environment system security mlearning configuration variability. feature modeling software product line design methodology mixing class and feature concepts class modeling data in motion decision support systems data leak prevention icap adaptive genetic algorithm language model extended boolean model. vector space model diagnosis coronary artery diseases medical experts system monitoring control fundus images mathematical morphology microaneurysms hemorrhages radio modem &router network protocol. remote wireless communications narrowband rf networks round-trip time data clustering meta heuristics. multiobjective evolutionary algorithms multi-objective optimization problems dependable algorithms and bioinformatics reliable and autonomic computing computer architecture and real time systems perceptual encryption and psnr video encryption infrared based detecting system near to head area vibro-tactile or sound lower central periocular region and ocular biometr periocular region ambulance gps tracking system human life proximity sensors ambulance ambulance position trigger stock market euro currency fluctuation knowledge discovery in databases prisoner’s dilemma non-random pairing static backpropagation (bp) recurrent neural networks system identification effects of ict in education integration of ict developing country education ict in education division algorithm fast bcd division vedic division algorithm. test test flow bisr multi-memory cellular automata boundary conditions diehard linear feedback shift registers timetabling. tabu search. diversification .graph . temporal analysis gesture analysis systematic literature review decision tree learning access control feistal algorithm algebra formal techniques. lgspn web services composition biomedical text acronym f-factor medline stopwatch petri nets time constraints abs feared scenarios mechatronic systems image denoising; orthonormal wavelet transform; wa software quality. software as a service. quality m lte. handover henb henb policy function macrocell femtocell cloud security threats and countermeasures cloud service models earliest due date time duration shortest processing time rule heuristic technique total elapsed time time deviation job sequencing schedule preemptive sequencing rules non-preemptive coronary artery tree angiography. business intelligence. multi-state modelling gis-like frameworks hyper-space modelling evolutionary agents bayesian network elder people barrier free decomposition trees fuzzy based rule model transitive closure relation java patterns software reliability. software classification object oriented principles integer factorization brent’s implementation pollard’s rho discrete log problem monte-carlo algorithm shadow detection intensity image adaptive histogram equalization tricolor attenuation model requirements engineering; organizational semiotics developing mobile agent model aglets and intrusion detection web service discovery and selection; bees algorith news production daily news news consumption social media news news dissemination loss-less image compression & compression ratio huffman encoder run length encoding pixel size reduction bits per pixel predictive model assistments platform dataset. adaboost e-business security policy security culture information security awareness program trojan automated malware analysis application analysis social learning collaborative tagging systems multi-agent systems web server energy consumption renewable energy super-resolution sparse representation. optical network laplace graph hybrid network openflow
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