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kajian Rancangan Struktur Negeri Pahang oleh Pelajar tahun 2 UM. terdiri daripada sektor ekonomi, fizikal, infrastruktur, dan sosial.
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RSN Pahang,

  1. 1. Pahang StateStructure Plan2035“Empowering The Future”BUEU 2205: Studio IV- Structure Plan27 MAY 2013
  2. 2. Presentation Outline1. Introduction Of The Pahang Structure Plan 20352. Goal & Objectives Of The Pahang Structure Plan 20353. Development Strategies4. Pahang Development Strategy 20355. Conclusion
  3. 3. Introduction of The Pahang Structure Plan 2035• The Pahang State Structure Plan 2035 is a planningdocument which drives and control the physicaldevelopment in Pahang until the year 2035• This Structure Plan is the continuation of theprevious Pahang State Structure Plan 2020. Theexisting Pahang State Structure Plan 2020 had beenprepared and gazetted on 22nd November 2007, no.of gazette, JIL.60 NO. 1281 and consists of 29 policies
  4. 4. I. To fulfill the statutory need under subsection 8, Act 172 of theTown and Country Planning Act 1976;II. To complete the town and country planning system that consistsof three stages which are the National Physical Plan (NPP), StateStructure Plan (SSP) and Local Plan (LP);III. To translate NPP policies into the state physical planningdevelopment;IV. To prepare the Local Plan framework;V. To establish goal, policies and proposal towards socio economicdevelopment and environment of country and state;VI. To present planning issues and decisions to the State PlanningCommittee and the public;VII. To prepare the basis for the standardization of the governmentand private agencies decisions.Functions of The State Structure Plan
  5. 5. Under the requirement of Subsection 8(3) of Act 172, the State StructurePlan is a written statement which explains the policies and generalproposals regarding the development and the use of land of the State.This includes measures:I. To enhance the quality of life of the people,II. To establish a strategic and coordinated transportation and network system,III. To form socio-economic prosperity plus,IV. To enhance the economic growth towards a sustainable development• The Structure Plan also states the relationship between the measuresand the general proposals for development and the use of land inareas which is expected could affect Pahang’s development.
  6. 6. Preparation of Pahang Structure Plan 2035Report Of SurveyPublicity & PublicParticipationParagraph 9(1)(a)Publicity & PublicObjection Of PahangStructure Plan 2035Paragraph 9(2)(a) &(b)and Sub. 9 (3) & (5)Inception Report Report of Survey State Structure Plan 2035
  7. 7. Pahang consists of 11 districts andadministered by 12 local authorities:1. Cameron Highlands DistrictCouncil2. Lipis District Council3. Jerantut District Council4. Raub District Council5. Kuantan Municipal Council6. Maran District Council7. Temerloh Municipal Council8. Bentong Municipal Council9. Pekan District Council10.Bera District Council11.Rompin District Council12.Tioman Development BoardStudy Area Of Pahang StructurePlan 2035PulauTioman
  8. 8. PhysicalDevelopmentAspect• Land Use• EnvironmentalManagement• Urbanization &SettlementPattern• Population• Labor Force &EconomicPerformance• Employment &IncomeEconomicDevelopmentAspect• Agriculture• Forestry• Mining• Fishery• Construction• Industry• Commercial• Trade• Tourism• Banking &FinanceInfrastructureDevelopmentAspect• Transportation• ElectricitySupply• Water Supply• Drainage• SewerageSocialDevelopmentAspect• Housing• Education• Sports &Recreation• Healthcare• Social SupportComponents of Pahang State StructurePlan 2035
  9. 9. Goal and Objectives of the PahangState Structure Plan 2035Goal “Empowering the Future” To establish a livable & sustainable physicaldevelopment in Pahang to support thebetterment of its future development and forthe society’s well-being
  10. 10. Physical Development Objectives: To enhance the sustainable usage of land use in Pahang via itsnatural resources and built-up areas To preserve and conserve the identified environmentalsensitive areas (ESA) plus improving the environmental quality To form a balanced distribution of Urban hierarchy within thedistricts of Pahang To formulate strategies for balanced population distribution inPahangGoal and Objectives of the PahangState Structure Plan 2035
  11. 11. Economic Development Objectives: To balance the economic growth between the three zones inPahang; North Development Zone, Central DevelopmentZone, Southern Development Zone. To improve and diversify the economic activity in Pahangsustainably without any harms to the environment, and socialand resources To develop new economic growth pole in the southern part ofPahang comparable with the central economic zonesGoal and Objectives of the PahangState Structure Plan 2035
  12. 12. Social Development Objectives: To match the housing supply with the needs of household income To provide quality health care To create active and dynamic population through sport andrecreation Improve agriculture activities and generate more labor force foreconomy Improve the sports (Extreme and Exotic Sports) using natural andtopography Empowering the weaker links in community in terms of facilities To promote security and eliminate or prevent the problems to reducethe number of weak linksGoal and Objectives of the PahangState Structure Plan 2035
  13. 13. Infrastructure Development Objectives: To enhance the provision of the facilities at Pahang, to become moreefficient, comprehensive, and in line with the developmentstechnology. To provide a better infrastructure and services for local people toattend to their needs and social well-being. To provide an infrastructure in an equitable manner, where access toappropriate levels of infrastructure shall be made available to alllevels of the population. To increase the amount of infrastructure to follow the growingdemand from the growth and transformation of other sectors. To provide a clean and pleasant living environment supported byefficient infrastructure, utilities and services.Goal and Objectives of the PahangState Structure Plan 2035
  14. 14. Development Strategies Physical Development Strategies Economic Development Strategies Infrastructure Development Strategies Social Development Strategies
  15. 15. Physical Development Strategies Smart growth strategy is a wayof concentrating growth incompact walkable urbancentres to avoid urban sprawl. It advocates compact,walkable, eco friendly land usethat will facilitate sustainableenvironment development. It emphasizes the integration ofland use development witheconomic development andenvironmental preservation inline with the vision of PahangState Structural Plan 2035 toachieve sustainabledevelopment
  16. 16. Economic Development Strategies Focus economic developmentin the southern zone of Pahangin order to balance theeconomic growth mainly inPekan, Rompin, and MuadzamShah Establish a new economicgrowth pole that will result in theoverall economic growth of thestate’s southern zone
  17. 17. Infrastructure Development Strategies Developments are focused inareas that have potential interms of location, availability ofinfrastructure facilities such asRompin and Bentong To be able to develop Pahangsustainably in terms of itsinfrastructure
  18. 18.  Emphasize developments on the strengthof social amenities to create sustainablecommunities Settlements to be equipped with well-builtsocial amenities for the benefit of thelocal communities Facilitate local communities in conductingsocial functions in return would help shapea united, harmonious, dynamic, andprogressive societySocial Development Strategies
  19. 19. Pahang Development Strategy 2035N• Integrates thecomponents of the 4developmentstrategies• The strategy iseconomic driventhrough the focuseddevelopment of thegrowth centres in theSouth Zone
  20. 20. Pahang Development Strategy 2035N• 60% of the forestcoverage in Pahangshall be preserved toenhance sustainablenatural resources• The identified ESAs e.g.highlands, wildlifereserves shall bepreserved andconserved
  21. 21. Pahang Development Strategy 2035N• New growth centresshall be formed toimprove the economicgrowth in the SouthernZone of Pahang• The economicactivities in theSouthern Zone shall bein compliance with theECER developmentthrust
  22. 22. Pahang Development Strategy 2035N• Focusing developmentin the urban areasshall be based on theurban hierarchy andits functions• Integrated publictransportationconnecting the maincities shall beestablished inter andintra districts ofPahang
  23. 23. ConclusionIn conclusion, the Pahang development strategy basicallyintegrates the vital components of the different options of theprovided development strategies namely the physicaldevelopment, economic development, infrastructuredevelopment, and social developmentHence, a comprehensive planning strategy could be attainedin order to be in compliance with Pahang’s vision to become adeveloped State in the future plus fulfilling the goal of the PahangStructure Plan 2035 which is achieving a sustainable developmentin empowering the future.