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Strategies in Cavite City


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Strategies in Cavite City

  1. 1. C. ECOLOGICAL OBJECTIVE I – To development maintain and promote facilities around the city. Strategies : 1. Strength and support the Tourism Office who shall take charge in all Tourism related activities. 2. Encourage establishments of hotels, inns and other private Tourist Recreational Facilities, within the context of the development plan of the city and within the standards set by the Department of Tourism. 3. Provide continuos program in the development of parks, playgrounds, centers and tourist areas. 4. Sustain the maintenace and development of the Zoological and Botanical Parks for people to enjoy. OBJECTIVE II – To promote and rehabilitate the Marine Resources Strategies : 1. Venture into an Agro-Tourism Industry as a means to protect the marine life of the Three Bays around the city. 2. Assist Fishermen in the development and promotion of the aqua-culture bi-products as an alternative means of livelihood. 3. Conduct a coastline clean-up and mangrove planting. OBJECTIVE III – To promote and assists in the maintenace of an effective Solid Waste Management Program and Pollution Control. Strategies : 1 . Conduct segregation and recycling campaign on every Barangay as a means of ways disposal. 2 . Assists the Office in charge for Solid waste management program in all its undertakings for the cleanliness and beautification of the city. 3.Conduct information campaign for an effective prevention oa pollution (air, water & noise) OBJECTIVE IV – To continue the city wide greening campign Strategies : 1. Conduct a city wide inventory of tress and preservation of century old tress 2. Promote herbal Medicine 3. Encourage NGO`s Business Establishments and individuals to participate and campaign for clean and green beautification project of the city 4. Encourage Barangay for backyard and community greening projects.