Strategies in Cavite City II


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Strategies in Cavite City II

  1. 1. CAVITE CITY TOURISM DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2013 TOURISM DEVELOPMENT One of the foremost and most important industries in the country,that needs sustenance and assistance, is the Tourism Industry.It generates employment and encourages the growth of small and medium industries that form the backbone of our economy. Tourism is an affective vehicle for cultural awareness and historical consciousness. And because Cavite City has a rich historical background and cultural heritage, the City Government has directed its thrust for the Tourism Development by way or restoring and preserving some of its significant tourist attractions which projects the City’s cultural heritage from historical past. In order to integrate government and private sectors involvement in managing an effective program that shall nurture the capabilities and well being of our constituent,the present administration has created the Cavite City Tourism Council. The goal is to provide opportunities, cultural awareness, historical consciousness and work environment that will foster teamwork and mutual respect to each individual. The development of tourist attraction in the City will not only boost the City’s growing tourism industry and meet increasing demands for recreational facilities but will also enable the City to adopt more strategies for economic development. The Tourism Industry is essential for the progress and development of Cavite City as well as the whole province of Cavite. The collective effort and commitment to preserve and promote our city’s rich historical heritage, distinct cultural identity and threatened natural resource is vital to attain it. The creation of three effective main committees, namely: Historical, Cultural and Ecological will be the initial step for this purpose. A.HISTORICAL OBJECTIVE I – To rehabilitate and preserve the City’s Historical sites. Strategies : 1. Maintain and develop the heroes hall, museum library, markers to serve as living monument for the heroic deeds of Caviteño Heroes. 2. Preserve, Rehabilitate and Reconstruct all Historical ruins including structures, government and private, depicting early cultural influences. OBJECTIVE II – To promote and market Ciudad de Cavite Histo-Cultural Tour. Strategies : 1. Conduct manpower training such as Local Tour guides and Marketing Agents. 2. Promote the city through production of souvenirs and publication of brochures, articles, literature and write-ups about the historical past of the city that will attract both domestic and foreign tourist. 3. The City in coordination with the Military Authorities, should provide access to Sangley point and fort San Felipe where great historical Spanish, American and Japanese buildings and relics are located. 4. Creation of Tourism Extension Office to Corregidor Island, being part and parcel of Cavite City, and to recognize the city’s territorial power of jurisdiction over the place. As such, the Extension Office at the island shall take charge of all the business and building permits and civil registry.