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Exploring other countries


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Exploring other countries

  1. 1. Exploring Other Countries Third Grade Project
  2. 2. Objective• The students will grow in their understanding of the world by learning about other countries through research ,collaborating and creatively communicating with peers.
  3. 3. Process• In the beginning of December, the students in each third grade classroom compiled a list of countries. They then voted on a country they wished to learn about. The results were: • Australia • China • France • Germany • Russia • Madagascar
  4. 4. Process• The next step was to brainstorm what they wished to know about the country.• When these areas were indentified, the children researched the country using reference books, internet, and Google Drive with Ms. Sandin.• A presentation now was planned.
  5. 5. Classroom Example The students in my classroom focused on Germany.• The topics the students selected to research were: food, transportation, housing, education, animals, lang uage, and geographical facts.• The children obtained info with additional assistance from Sig Pfeifer and skyping someone living in Berlin.• They collaborated with their group on finding the most effective way to present information-role playing, question and answers, posters, slide show, and demonstration.
  6. 6. Conclusion• During the third week of December, each third grade classroom shared their twenty minute presentations.