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National heroes


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Our students want to share with you some famous characters from Spain and Catalonia.

Published in: Education
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National heroes

  2. 2. In all countries there are national heroes. There are important people who made good thinks for the community or are famous for some reason. The students of fifth grade, worked in groups to developed this activity. They have to select an important person and make a poster with all his/her information.
  3. 3. To carry out this activity of investigations they used books, tablets, laptops and dicctionaries. It was used a cooperative way of learning, where each students can participate and share their ideas and knowledge.
  4. 4. After the research process, each group made a presentation to the rest of the class. So, they can practice English language and show all the new things they have already learnt. These are the poster they made.
  5. 5. The poster are sticked on the corrridor wall,so everybody can see their partners works.