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iPads in the 4th Grade Classroom


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Exploring iPad Intergration in the 4th Grade Classroom

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iPads in the 4th Grade Classroom

  1. 1. Technology IntegrationUsing projectors and iPads in the classroom 4 TH G R A D E P L C CARRIE JOHNSON, SHARON SIMMONS, TARA SWENSON, MIKE WARPULA, AND BRYCE WENDLANDT
  2. 2. Projector use in the classroom ThinkCentral: https://www-  Use with math and reading curriculum – used on a daily basis PC Boe - htm  Storytown (reading curriculum) resources – used on a daily/weekly basis iPads: Just starting to figure out how to use in the classroom.
  3. 3. iPad use in the classroom – useful apps Reflector – projects whatever is on the iPad onto whiteboard using Air Play.  Need wireless access and program Explain Everything  Screencasting app  Can demonstrate concepts to students, parents, etc. and record voice. Can post on blog, webpage, etc.  Useful to project workbook page, etc. onto whiteboard – allows to go through work with students without having to be at front of classroom. Can also pass iPad around and let students manipulate what is on the whiteboard.
  4. 4. iPad Apps Continued… iMovie Puppet Pals 2 Accelarated Reader Spelling City Storia – scholastic ebooks Google Drive/Dropbox