S   C   H    O   O    L      O F V I S U                A L  C         O    N   C   E   P   T   S
COPY POINTS/CAUTIONS/MANDATORIES Other things that should or could be mentioned.
• Refer to web site for reservations http...
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Edgewater Hotel CB


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Here's a another creative brief for those of you wanting to develop some ad concepts on your own.

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Edgewater Hotel CB

  1. 1. S C H O O L O F V I S U A L C O N C E P T S CREATIVE BRIEF DATE: CLIENT: Edgewater Hotel JOB TITLE: Alaska Airlines Inflight Magazine Ad JOB NUMBER: --- ASSIGNMENT What, succinctly, are you asking us to do? Develop a full-color magazine ad to run in Alaska Airlines inflight magazine to encourage business and pleasure travelers visiting Seattle to stay at the Edgewater. AUDIENCE Who is this effort aimed at? What are they like? We’re after business and pleasure travelers. Those who typically stay in hotels in the $150+ per night range are higher income, older, and better educated than the general population. OBJECTIVE What specific results are we after, when must they be achieved? What do we want the audience to do? We would like to see a 10% increase in inquiries while the advertising is running. SITUATION What’s the current environment--especially with respect to competitors? People who travel to an unfamiliar city like to hedge their lodging bets by choosing a well-known name, possibly with a chain they’ve patronized in the past. The Edgewater doesn’t have anything close to the awareness or positive attitudes associated with Four Seasons, Sheraton, Hyatt, Starwood, etc., so we’ll need to attract interest in our hotel by virtue of its unique location and by communicating reassuring points about the hotel’s quality and convenience. ATTITUDES What does the audience think now? What do we want them to think? Now: I go to Seattle every now and then and always stay in one of the big chain hotels. Future: Next time I go to Seattle I think I’ll check out the Edgewater. It sounds like a pretty cool place to put a hotel right on the water. STRATEGY/TAKE-AWAY “You should (action) (product) because (reason with NO conjunctions).” You should book the Edgewater for your next Seattle trip for a water view no other hotel can even begin to match. TONALITY/PERSONALITY What’s the personality and style of this brand? The Edgewater is, above all, about being on the water. But, personality-wise, we’re smart, sophisticated, contemporary, stylish, and very personable.
  2. 2. COPY POINTS/CAUTIONS/MANDATORIES Other things that should or could be mentioned. • Refer to web site for reservations http://www.edgewaterhotel.com/ or 1-800-624-0670 • Seattle’s only waterfront hotel – half the rooms have unobstructed views of Elliott Bay—some right at water level • It’s where the Beatles stayed and fished out of their room window • It’s been completely redone and redecorated in a northwest river lodge style _______________________