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The black hotel+social 5.2


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The Black Hotel Group, LLC. A new hotel brand. A new business model. Luxury and Mobility.

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The black hotel+social 5.2

  1. 1. H O T E L * S O C I A L B L A C K T H E A new hotel brand. A new business model. Target segment: modern mobile citizens.
  2. 2. What we are: A luxury boutique hotel, geared to mobile citizens, with social and co-work areas. Stay. Work. Play. Who we are: Our team are innovators. Operators. Branders. Designers. Experience springs from our collective work with Kimpton Hotels, W Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, Mirage Resorts, Costco, Chanel, Pottery Barn, BDDW. How we are: Determined, ensuring today is successful. Relentless, always asking how we can better. Hands-on, we take ROI personally. “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs. “Don’t be like the rest of them.” Coco Chanel. Where we are: Our team and our first flagship hotel are in Fort Lauderdale. The city is excited and is quickly clearing a path for us.
  3. 3. WHY? PT-1: Today, we see opportunity. There does not now exist a luxury hotel chain which is value- driven and geared to tech-loving travelers … while at the same time merging communal work spaces and the modern social club vibe. Hotel brands, big and small, are often “late to the party.” This is true at the moment. Today, hotels brag about free wifi, cable TV, half-ounce bath amenities, and in-room coffeemakers. Aren’t these givens? We were scratching our heads … is it 2007? And then we got excited. Time to roll out something new.
  4. 4. WHY? PT-2: This was easy. What luxury means to us: • Pre-checkin on smart devices. • An amazing bed and linens. • A big-ass TV, movies, games, & porn included. • A shower that will leave us guilt-ridden for having stayed in so long. • Voice-command lights, music, window coverings, and thermostat. • A free mini-bar. No $7 bottles of water. • Unscripted staff that is watching out for us. Someone to tell us when we forgot the other earring, our skirt tag is showing, our zipper’s down, or we have food in our teeth. • No hidden fees. No “resort” fee. • Stewards who are our single point of contact. Front desk? Barista? Concierge? Mixologist? Houseman? We want to just call our steward. • Snacks. All day long. • Top shelf drinks, on the house. • Coffee. Great coffee. Any way we want it. No need to find a Starbucks.
  5. 5. CLIENT. PT-1: MOBILE CITIZEN The “mobile citizen” is defined by psychographics, not demographics. Simple, these are travelers using - if not relying on - mobile devices to plan and enhance travel and logistics. Our client looks for experiences tailored to their needs and wants. They want to decide what is or is not important to them. Control. Convenience. Value. Personalized service, a fast kiosk, or online checkin? Custom checkin/checkout times? A length of stay of only 4 or 8 hours? We want to put these decisions into the guests’ hands. They want good value and 4-5 star stay. They range all ages, backgrounds, cultures, and work disciplines. Suits or jeans. PCs or Macs. It’s their modern spirit that brings them together.
  6. 6. CLIENT. PT-2: SOCIAL Remote work - telecommuters, tech nomads, satellite offices - can get lonely. It’s a reason why a new generation of social clubs are popping up. Unlike predecessors, we’re not about who you know or your bank account balance. Our goal is to bring people together. A place to escape. To grab a light lunch with friends. To meet up after work. To rendezvous for an evening on the town. Membership is limited, but not expensive. We want lively and fun, not elbow banging. For locals, it’s about crossing paths with friends. For hotel guests, it’s about creating a welcoming, intimate, social scene.
  7. 7. Conceptual:Exterior & Entry. Strong, modern, quietly dramatic. Creating human scale at 200 Broward.
  8. 8. Exterior alcoves.
  10. 10. THE GUEST ROOM.
  11. 11. ( I n k . ) T H E B L A C K
  12. 12. T H E B L A C K ( i n k ) . VERSATILE & LOW BARRIER TO ENTRY. Building a 4-5 star hotel in a bustling downtown is a daunting task, even for top-tier luxury brands. Beyond financial constraints, the hurdles one faces - land acquisition, zoning, planning, etc. - are significant and time- consuming. The Black business model calls for the repurposing of existing Class A commercial office space for its hotels. No land to buy, no ground up construction. Key: no lease is signed until the city is on board. The Black build-out: repartition floors, plumb, and install HVAC for guest rooms. The Black doesn’t believe in renovation for renovation’s sake. Following the highly successful method developed in conjunction with Kimpton Hotels, public spaces will be light remodels. From lease signing, The Black can be up and running in 6 months. Q: why invest in The Black? A: The Black Hotel Business Model.
  13. 13. T H E B L A C K ( i n k ) . DISRUPTIVE. The hotel industry is years behind major trends in consumer markets. We’re in the age of Digital Personalization, and consumers - those Mobile Citizens - want control, value, and choice, such as they find with AirBNB and Uber. The Black model gives its guests more convenience and control. Easy booking across mobile devices. Low room pricing and flexible checkin/checkout. State of the art technology which allows a guest to check in with their smart phone as easily as they pull up a boarding pass. Smart rooms - very smart rooms - with voice command for lights, TV, music. More flexible, more luxurious, and more accommodating than AirBNB and other hotel brands, The Black’s $200 rate (Fort Lauderdale) provides exactly kind of the value and experience today’s guests are looking for. Q: why invest in The Black? A: The Black Hotel Business Model.
  14. 14. T H E B L A C K ( i n k ) . SMART & LEAN OPERATION. Due to the our hotels’ smaller-than-average key count and physical footprint, The Black carries significantly lower overhead and is cost effective to operate. We can deliver 3-star pricing with 5-star experiences. NIMBLE. And if The Black is packed every night? Call the landlord and sign up for more space, just like WeWork. Given occupancy and fast turn-over rates, space will typically be made available in short order. The Black can shrink or expand as demand dictates. No wasted space. Q: why invest in The Black? A: The Black Hotel Business Model.
  15. 15. T H E B L A C K ( i n k ) . A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE. The Black Social Club is an amenity that our guests will not be offered at other accommodations. “Living like a local” is AirBNB’s big driver, and our public space will provide the ability to work and/or play with the locals. With the vibe and the intimacy of a private club, and with the personalized service, great food, and amenities, of a luxury hotel, The Black marries co- working, hotel, and social club into one cohesive experience. Q: why invest in The Black? A: The Black Hotel Business Model.
  16. 16. T H E B L A C K ( i n k ) . PROFITABILITY. Unlike a hotel that has a mortgage, electric bills, maintenance personnel, large staff, engineers, etc., The Black has a low operating overhead. We pay one fixed price to the Landlord for all the above. Our job is taking care of the interior, and that means attention to our guests and not the broken elevator. At 50% occupancy? THE BLACK IS PROFITABLE. ROI. • Plan and expectation of average annual ROI of 12.6% plus increase in share value. • 70% of all net profits go to repayment of investment. • 50% in equity of The Black Fort Lauderdale. • 10% of every Future Black Hotel without further investment. Q: why invest in The Black? A: The Black Hotel Business Model.
  17. 17. H O T E L * S O C I A L M E M B E R S & G U E S T S T H E B L A C K