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Elliott Bay Creative Brief


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Published in: Design
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Elliott Bay Creative Brief

  1. 1. Client: The Elliot Bay Book Company Date: 7-20-09 Project: 12 thumbnail magazine print ad concepts + 3 outdoor boards Job Number: 3 WHY ARE WE ADVERTISING? Bookstores like The Elliot Bay Book Company are a dying breed. Located in historic Pioneer Square, Elliot Bay is straight out of a Hollywood film, with large cedar shelves, exposed brick walls, and old wood floors. A favorite place for local and national authors to hold readings, it’s a cozy reminder of what bookstores used to be. Why advertise? The Internet and megastores like Barnes & Noble. While people still love to come in and browse through Elliot Bay, a lot of purchases are now made online where prices are lower. Similarly, Elliot Bay can’t compete with the selection of an or B&N store. WHAT IS THE ADVERTISING TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH? We want to increase foot traffic and encourage people to spend a little more to buy their books at Elliot Bay. WHO ARE WE TALKING TO? 50/50 males and females. Ages 25 to 45. Heavy readers with wide variety of tastes, although not too specialized in their selections (people who read both non-fiction war books and Harry Potter). They aren’t strictly price driven, and will support the businesses they have some heart for. They’ve heard of Elliot, and have probably been there, but tend to buy books based on convenience, price and urgency (new release or if they’re stuck in an airport). WHAT IS THE ONE MAIN POINT WE’RE TRYING TO GET ACROSS? The Elliot Bay Book Company is part of the whole reading experience, not just another big-box store or online warehouse where you can buy a book. WHAT ARE THE REASONS TO BELIEVE THIS? Elliot is a well-known local landmark. They get top-notch writers to hold readings, like Chuck Palahniuk of Fight Club fame. It really does feel different in Elliot, without the manufactured warmth of a B&N. You feel like the staff there really does care about books. TONE & MANNER Witty, smart, and grounded. Elliot knows they’re a special kind of bookstore, but they’re more about the overall appreciation of literature. But they aren’t snobs about it either. MANDATORIES Company name THIS MIGHT HELP Web site: (For Agency Signature) (For Client Signature) CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY © Copacino+Fujikado 2/8/05 C R E A T I V E B R I E F