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Social networking 2


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Published in: Technology
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Social networking 2

  1. 1. Does teenagers use socialnetworking to the extent where theyare addicted to?Wonhee Sunny Kim
  2. 2. What is social networking?• use of a dedicated website to communicate• Used for sharing interests, activities, or real-lifeconnections from the world• Use websites for people to interact with each other• Huge percent where kids are using these sites thanadults• Facebook, Twitter and Google is top used websites
  3. 3. Pros• getconnected, share, documentingmemories, explorethings and make newfriendships• Tend to reconnect• Spreads faster thanany otherCons• Lack privacy• Can not completelyerase all the information• Cyber bullying canoccur• False information isgiven• Cheating on schoolexams
  4. 4. Interview1. How can social networking be a positiveresources to teenagers?2. Why would teenagers commit suicide oversensitive issues?3. What websites can you think of when theword social networking comes up?4. Why do you think social networking ispopular these days?
  5. 5.  It can, but it doesn’t. it can be used for academicpurposes, and can bring together a group of people in amore effective way. Most researchers done by theinternet. So, social networking would be a great way ofsharing various information on topics. Teenagers would commit suicide from on the hate andcyber bullying from other people. They might get hatebecause of their appearance, skin color and etc. It is aneasy way to target people and make fake accounts andmake fun of other people easily without saying it to theirface. Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google, Instagram andKakao. I think its popular because when one person does itpeople will follow the trend. It is an ongoing never endingtrend.
  6. 6. Non- fiction articleFacebookdominates other social networking options for AmericansMeasured by the number of people having profiles on a social media site,Facebook has the highest penetration among the top social media entities.Facebook has more US profiles than the next three largest sites combined.Interestingly, MySpace, the once dominant social network, is ahead ofGoogle+, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. From a marketing perspective,note that this data only represents profiles. It doesn’t take into accountothers who may view the content via sharing. Further, this data is measuredacross a broad user base, Americans over the age of 12. This understates theimpact of social media platforms whose audience form a focused segmentlike Tumblr or Pinterest. (As a point of reference, here’s other social mediadata.)Actionable Marketing Tip: Focus your social media efforts on those platformswhere your target audience spends their time. For example, if you’retargeting teens and/or twenty-somethings, then include Tumblr in your mix.
  7. 7. Credible SourcesThe internet- searching up in Google for socialnetworking with many websitesNO WIKEPEDIABooks about social networkingMagazinesNewspaper
  8. 8. Questions!1. What social networking websites did thepeople I interviewed said?2. What is two cons of social networking?3. What is the top website where everyonegoes to?
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