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May issue of sugar link Magazine

  1. 1. SUGAR ARTICLE LINKS Benchmarking Concept For Sugar Complex NEW APPOINTMENT New Appointment at Saisidha Sugar Equipment & Eng. Co. Pvt. Ltd PRESS RELEASE Bevcon Wayors ties up with FMK Poland to offer Revolutionary Special Conveying Products to the Core Industries in India NEWS Sugar production to fall 9.8% in FY13: CMIEComplimentary Copy BUYERS GUIDE Sugar & by-products Processing Machinery Manufacturer Cover Story Shrijee Process Engineering Works Ltd. (India) ISRMAX Asia 2012 29-31 August 2012 Hall 8, Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre Bangkok (Thailand) ISRMAX India 2012 13-15 December 2012 IARI Ground, PUSA, New Delhi Launching of Sugar Links Magazine
  2. 2. 150 Installations across..... 14 Countrries ..... And expanding furthe ENVIROPOL ENGINEERS PVT. LTD. FOR HEALTHY ENVIROMENTOur Divisions›› Environment ›› Wet Scrubbers ›› Wet Electrostatic Precipitator ›› Dry Electrostatic Precipitator ›› Bag Filters ›› Mechanical Dust Collectors›› Fume Extraction & Cleaning System ›› Mechannical Dust Collectors ›› Fumes Extraction & De-dusting SystemsEnergy›› Flash Dryer for Bagasse ›› Boilers & Accessories ›› Co-genration Power ProjectsMaterial Handling›› Slurry De-Watering Systems ›› High speed bagging system ›› Fuel/Ash Handling System ›› Pneumatic Conveying System Flash Dryer for WET SCRUBBERS Bagasse Our Manufacturing Range Fo r E n e r g y E f f i c e n t Prolonged Co-generation Fluidized bed nye Tray Bagasse and ists High EnergyVenturi conservation has become a necessity for up coming Multi Jet Spray Tower sugar factories moving FixedVane Mixer towards co-generation. Enviropol-Flash Sryers for Packed Bed Tower Bagasse maximizes the Wet Cyclones generation of heat energy from the available system through substantial reduction in moisture content. A-50, Sector-65, Indl. Area, Phase III, Noida-201307, U.P India Tel: +91-120-2403441, Telfex: +91-120-2403442 Email:, 02
  3. 3. Editorial Vishal Gupta CONTENTS Editor 04 Getting rid of unnecessary by- products in the sugar industry Anton Paar expands its product portfolio Indias Remarkable Global 04 Position in Sugar Industry Bevcon Wayors ties up with FMK Poland to offer Revolutionary 06 Special Conveying Products to the Core Industries in India India holds a very sweet position in the Global Sugar Industry with the top slot for sugar consumption and the second in sugar production after Brazil. India produces 34,818,700 tons of sugar annually. 07 E-interview with Mr. Rajesh Verma, Director, ENVIROPOL Engineers Pvt. Ltd. Cultivation of sugarcane is the main source of sugar production in India and it is Benchmarking Concept For Sugar Complex called cane sugar. 70% of sugar is produced from sugarcane and the remaining 30% 08 of sugar comes from sugar beet. Techrevo Engineers Serving the Industry in different ways with The Indian sugar industry so far, has successfully met the domestic demand despite 10 their quality products the highest sugar consumption and not a single grain has been imported during the last few years. On the contrary India seems to become a lucrative export hub for sugar in future. 11 Launching of Sugar Links Magazine The trade figures of India correspond to the mark of 1.5 million tons. The climate and soil condition in some parts of India are favourable for sugar cane cultivation. 13 A Novel Innovation by IMCO The sugar production up to 31st March, 2012, is 232 lakh tons. This is about 27.5 lakh tons higher than the production of 204.5 lakh tons last year, indicating an increase of 13% over last year. Uttar Pradesh has already produced 66.35 lakh tons up to the 14 Shrijee Process Engineering Works Ltd. (India) end of March 2012, U.P. alone accounts for 24% of the overall sugar production and Sugar prices may rise to Rs Maharashtras contribution can be totalled to 20%. 16 31/kg in few months: Balrampur There are about 599 sugar mills all over India. Maharashtra itself accounts for 194 factories. The sugar industry has a brighter side in respect of its by-products e.g. Co- 18 Announcement from BASF, Arsenal and Foosung generation. The principal by-products are molasses which are utilized in the production of bio-fuel, ethanol and other products in distilleries used for other commercial purposes. 10,17 News 21,23 The recent problem of conversion of food/feed grain into bio-fuel ethanol particularly from corn-soya has thrown the price of the feed/food grains to sky Product Launch 11-19 high. Pixie Consulting Solutions LTD. (PCSL) is a trade news publication house unanimously publishing 23 trade specified journals aiming to various segments of 22 Sugar Mania agriculture industry. Our goal is to cater top 2000 companies in India & Abroad & facilitate them with best of the trade information via our Trade shows & Magazines. 24 Buyers Guide We welcome all for their views & ideas towards the path of success and Prosperity. Office : 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal 132 001 (Haryana) Our Team Advertisement Mob.: + 91 9991705002, 9812082121 Fax : + 91 (184) 2231050 Vishal Gupta Enviropol Engineers Pvt. Ltd. 2 E-mail: | Website Chairman & Editor in Chief Editorial Policy is independent. Views Avant-Garde Engg. & expressed by authors are not necessarily those held by the editors. Vinod Kumar Consultants (P) Ltd. 5 Editorial & Advertisements may not be General Manager reproduced without the written consent of the J P Mukherji & Associates (P) Ltd. 9 publishers. Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of sugar links the Shree Krishna Mfrs. Co. 20 publishers do not accept any responsibility or Jawahar Khurana liability for the material herein. Marketing Manager Shrijee Group 25 Publication of news, views and information is in the interest of positive sugar industrial Food & Biotech Engg.(I) Pvt. Ltd. 27 development in India. It does not imply Dr. S.S. Mondal publisher’s endorsement. M.V.Sc. & A.H., Ph.D. ISRMAX Asia 2012 28 Unpublished material of industrial interest, not submitted elsewhere, is invited. The submitted material will not be returned. Manoj Singla Publisher, Printer - Mr. Vishal Gupta on behalf of Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. Co-Editor Printed at: PRNT Source Glazers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi Published at: 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate Ashwani Verma Karnal 132001 (Haryana) Editor-in-chief - Mr. Vishal Gupta Graphic Designer All legal matters are subject to karnal jurisdiction. 03
  4. 4. ArticleGetting rid of unnecessary by- Anton Paar expands itsproducts in the sugar industry product portfolioCase I Acquisition of the Petrotest GroupThe raw juice for sugar production is made from sugar beet or sugar cane. As of March 1, 2012, Anton Paar world leader inAfter the extraction the raw juice still contains various organic and providing high-precision measuring instruments ininorganic components that would interfere with the subsequent the field of density and concentrationproduction steps. These non-sugar substances have to be removed from measurement, determination of dissolved CO2,the thin juice. rheology and material characterization of surfaces has acquired the Petrotest Group. D u r i n g t h e calcinations of lime Petrotest and Anton Paar signed the purchase stone in lime kilns contract on February 28. chalk and carbon Petrotest will now be called “Petrotest GmbH, a company of Anton Paar” and continue operations dioxide is extracted. at its headquarters in Dahlewitz, near Berlin. An The chalk is added in expansion of the premises is planned. The the form of lime milk acquisition of the Petrotest Group represents the so that floating largest purchase in the history of Anton Paar. In s e d i m e n t i s 1996 Anton Paar acquired PhysicaMesstechnik coagulated and the GmbH in Stuttgart. This is now managed as Anton undesired non-sugar Paar Germany GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary. In 2006 substances are Anton Paar purchased the bound. Graz-based company MSB Morocutti GmbH,For 9 years, a sugar producer has been using a Börger rotary pump CL which is now integrated into the Anton Paar Group390 for the conveying of lime milk. The sugar producer is mainly as Anton PaarShapeTec GmbH. 2007 saw theimpressed by the reliability and the long service life of the Börger pump. acquisition of Dr. Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH inCase II Seelze-Letter, Germany, which is now Anton PaarOptoTec GmbH.A producer of alcohols extracts ethanol and methanol from molasses (by- The new 100 % subsidiary, the seventeenth in theproduct of sugar Anton Paar Group, will be managed by Florianproduction). Wierzbicki, the former commercial manager ofThe molasses is Petrotest, and Heinz Kindlhofer, Business Development Manager atstored in storage Anton Paar.t a n k s . T h e Petrotest is a family company with a long tradition. It was established incompany requires 1873 by Berthold Pensky. The company became well-known fora new pump to producing equipment for determining the flash point of petroleumc o n v e y t h e products using the Pensky-Martens method. Customers are renownedrequired quantity and globally active refineries, manufacturers of biofuel, vehicles andf o r d a i l y bitumen, companies in the chemical industry, beverage industry andproduction from food industry, among others. For the last 33 years Petrotest has beenthe storage tank to successfully managed by VolkmarWierzbicki.a production tank Dr. Friedrich Santner, CEO of Anton Paar GmbH: “Petrotests products(so-called D tank). are anideal complement to Anton Paars product portfolio. Anton Paar isThe pumps should be able to convey viscous media, it should be easy to the world leader in the field of density and concentration measurement,service and resistant to pressure. Furthermore a solution for controlling the determination of dissolved CO2, rheology and the materialof overpressure was requested. They had bad experience with the characterization of surfaces. Its customers include the largest soft drinkinitially installed overpressure valve. The sugary medium clogs the and beer manufacturers in the world, as well as companies in the food,opening of the valve and hardens. chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Established in 1922 as a one- man locksmiths workshop in Graz, Austria, the company continues toThe producer of potable alcohol settled for a Börger rotary pump CL 260 tread new paths and combine high-precision manufacturing with thewith a BörgerVariocap as overpressure protection. latest research results. Anton Paar is active in more than 110 countriesThe force resulting from the pressure head of the pump affects the with sixteen now seventeen subsidiaries. Over 1400 employees in aVariocap. As long as the spring force is larger than the pressure force, the worldwide sales and service network support customers on-site andplate remains in position thus sealing the conveying chamber. If the make sure that Anton Paarsproducts, support and service live up to theirpressure exceeds the set spring force, the plate shifts in an axial direction excellent reputation.thus permitting the conveying medium to flow back. VolkmarWierzbicki, former owner and CEO of Petrotest reports: “I amBoerger Pumps Asia Pte. Ltd. pleased that an innovative and also value-led high-tech company such asGerman Centre,office#21 Anton Paar, which is known for its excellent company culture, employee14th, Floor,Building no. 9, Tower B orientation and highly precise and high-quality products, will be the newDLF Cybrer City Phase III owner of Petrotest. It is important to me that the location in Dahlewitz isGurgaon 122002 Haryana , India secure for the long term. In contrast to international companies withLand line: 0124-4636060, Fax: 0124-4636063 shareholders, Anton Paar has a sustainable company philosophy.” Contact: sonja.hiebler[at], www.anton-paar.com04
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  6. 6. Press ReleaseBevcon Wayors ties up with FMK Poland Saisidha Presence in Indoto offer Revolutionary Special Conveying African ConclaveProducts to the Core Industries in India Saisidha has been at the forefront in making its presence felt at variousPartnership aimed at providing Stacker Reclaimers, Wagon tipplers high profile domestic and international Conventions, Seminars, andamong others to Power, Mining, Mineral and Cement Industries in India Conclaves etc. in India and abroad. Saisidha had its representation atand Abroad ~ recently concluded Indo-African conclave at New-Delhi in MarchHyderabad, 21st October, 2011 One of Indias premier Bulk MaterialHandling and Conveying Systems provider Bevcon Wayors Pvt. Ltd andFinancing & Manufacturing & Know-How Ltd (FMK), Polands premierdesign & engineering consultancy, today announced their strategicpartnership to introduce special conveying products that will providerevolutionary solutions to complex material handling issues of coreindustrial sectors.Following this collaboration, industries from Power, Cement, Miningand Mineral sector will greatly benefit from the introduction of Stacker-Reclaimer, Wagon Tippler, Portal Scrapper and Paddle Feeders.These special conveying products will enable core industries to managetheir bulk materials like coal, iron ore and limestone effectively andefficiently. For instance, Stacker-Reclaimer can stack and reclaim bulkmaterials up to a height of 70 meters, much higher than any otheravailable conventional conveying system thereby saving space and 2012.Where a host of African nations were present with large contingentscapital investment for the industries. to interact with their Indian counterparts.The new relationship between the two pioneering organizations takes Such platforms and events have a great relevance in opening upthe form of an extensive tie-up whose scope of collaboration will coverthe Design & Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Assurance,Supervision of Erection and Commissioning of the special conveyingproducts and solutions.Commenting further on this strategic partnership, Mr. P SuneelLakshman, Managing Director, Bevcon Wayors said: “We are proud topartner with FMK Poland, one of Europes leading design engineeringorganizations in providing state-of-the-art products and solutions forcore industries to manage bulk materials effectively and efficiently.Having cemented ourselves as Indias preferred bulk material handlingand processing solutions provider in our segment, this tie-up is anotherstep forward in Bevcon Wayors commitment towards providing cuttingedge engineering, manufacturing and research capabilities to the coreindustries across India and abroad. Given the increasing need formanaging bulk materials across sectors, we believe that robusttechnology delivery and better brand alliances like ours will lead tosuperior customer confidence.” boundaries for business and give a broad perspective of theSpeaking on this occasion, Mr. Jan Czechowski, Senior Vice-President, opportunities in sugar sector, world-over. Saisidha has widened itsFMK Poland said, “FMK is committed to become a globally recognized overseas contact base not only for business but has also been looking todesign, engineering and manufacturing organization in the field of acquire know-how of cutting edge technologies world-wide in pursuit ofmaterial handling. In order to expand our footprint excellence in what it offers to the clients.beyond Europe, we have been scouting for partners with similar Saisidha shall also be present at”ISRMAX Asia-Sugar 2012” being held atcapabilities and tenacity for growth. This partnership with Bevcon Thailand in August 2012 looking to new horizons and openings forWayors is significant to our growth and gives us the opportunity to business in South East Asian countries.introduce our revolutionary products to Indian market. For variedmaterial handling needs, FMK will be able to provide a bouquet ofspecial conveying products, through this partnership. For the coreindustry players this is another evolution in ways they handle bulk Asia’smaterials and to make the most of the buoyant market climate in India”. ISRM AX Biggest SUGARFMK, in the process of analyzing the strength and potential available ASIAX ISRM A SItowards designing, engineering and manufacturing of conveyorsystems, crushers and screens of Bevcon Wayors will extend this A A Exhibitionassociation to buy back Bevcon Wayors components and products for theongoing and future projects FMK execute in Poland. 29th to 31st August 2012And also as part of the partnership, FMK will train Bevcon Wayorsengineers in designing, up-gradation and support in manufacturing Hall 8, Impact Exhibition & Convention,technologies, standardization of Quality Assurance processes andsystems, erecting and commissioning the special conveying products. Centre, BANGKOK (THAILAND)For further media queries, please contactShabbir Khan, Mob: 8885564075, +91 9991705002 |
  7. 7. InterviewE-interview withMr. Rajesh VermaDirector,ENVIROPOLEngineers Pvt. Ltd.With global presence in 14 countries and field of Environment, I feel, milestone for diversified our product range by introducingmore than 180 installations worldwide in 2020 could be to meet more stringent more innovative technologies such as Wetthe past years, what are next projections emission norms for solid particulates and Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP) andfrom Enviropol? gaseous pollutants besides zero water Bagasse Dryers to further strengthen ourENVIROPOL, being technology driven discharge. At Enviropol, we are already, our next projections are to make geared up to face these challenges. What are the challenges that you see for“Pollution Control in the Sugar Mills more During your journey with Enviropol, what Enviropol in the Sugar Industry in India?effective and Profit making through heat all feathers you have added to your basket And how do you plan to overcome them?recovery while scrubbing. Taking forward up till now? What do you learn from both Sparing adequate funds for EHSthis concept, we aim to reach many more Success and failure during this time span? (Environment, Health and Safety) is indeed acountries. We had a humble beginning and gradually challenge in the present scenario with SugarWhere do you see the Indian Sugar Industry caught pace. While enjoying a good response Industry particularly in India. Going for highin comparison with the world sugar trade in from domestic market, we fetched our first end solutions requires good capitalterms of technological development? investment. Foreseeing this challenge, export order in the year 2006. At this time; IThe Indian Sugar Industry is on a junction Enviropol has already worked out and realized that we need to upgrade ourselvestoday where it can avail enormous promoting an integrated technology foropportunities created by emergence of with respect to certifications, infrastructure Emission Control using Bagasse Drying as asugarcane as a source of Renewable Energy and international standards. Today, have our viable option for return on investment.through ethanol and cogeneration own corporate office, world class workshop with latest manufacturing facilities and What is the role of Enviropol in making theworldwide. Sugar Complex more environment friendly? accreditations like ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001As an Industry leader you have witnessed towards Quality, Environment, Health & The “Air Pollution Control System” suppliedthe industry transformation in past decade. Safety and are well equipped to cater by Enviropol have so far been able to cleanIn your opinion what were the key international market. our environment by over 4 Million Tons ofchallenges and the key drivers of prosperity hazardous fly ash besides 70 Million Tons ofduring this period? What has been the response/feedback from carbon dioxide within last 8 years ofIndian Sugar Industry can be a global leader Sugar Industry for the Wet Scrubbers existence. This surely has made its positiveprovided it comes out of the vicious cycle of introduced in India 2003? impact on better agricultural growth, healthshortage and surplus of sugarcane, lower Out of 180 installations so far, more than 60% and safety of human beings living in theyield and recovery, ever increasing are repeat orders from the same Customers. vicinity of Sugar Factories besides creatingproduction cost and mounting losses, which This itself speaks about the response and employment and usable by-products.have been the key challenges in the past satisfied clientele across globe.decade. However, emergence of sugarcane What are the strategies you have adopted toas a source of renewable energy has been the increase your market share in India?key driver for sustainability during theperiod. A. Efficient design, Adequate Automation,What milestones you foresee that Indian User friendly Operation, Prompt services,Sugar Industry will be achieving by 2020? Continual improvement, On time Delivery and Competitive price have been the keyWith the present scenario, it is difficult to Performance Indicators for a good marketpredict the milestones for 2020. However I share. ceo@enviropolengineers.inam sure, Indian Sugar Industry has all the During last couple of years, we have also www.enviropolengineers.iningredients to become world leader. In the07
  8. 8. ArticleBenchmarking Concept For Has ethanol helped lowerSugar Complex gas prices? Changing market opportunities, A new study claims the growth in ethanol production over the last 12 years Environmental considerations, has reduced wholesale gas prices. Technological developments and The study from Iowa State Universitys Center for Agricultural and Rural increasing demand for energy, necessitate a Development (CARD) also finds that cane sugar factory to maximize their overall ethanol lowered gasoline prices by just efficiency and optimization the production over $1.00 per gallon in 2011. But Marlo of a range of products and by-products from Lewis, senior fellow for the Competitive the cane feedstock. Enterprise Institutes (CEI) Center for M.S. Sundaram Integration of Sugar Factory (mill) with Energy and Environment, says the bagasse based cogeneration (generation of study does not pass the laugh test.electrical power for export to consumers outside the factory) and "Gas prices this year hit an all-time highdistillery (ethanol / extra neutral alcohol plant) enhance the feasibility of at the same time that ethanol productionoverall Sugar Complex. This is possible due to more favorable prices for hit an all-time high, and yet theyreelectrical energy (power) & alcohol. telling us that ethanol is some kind ofEnergy audits, replacement of old technology with new one viz. great solution to the problem of high gasreplacement of mill turbines with hydraulic drives / electric motors etc. prices," he notes. "If this is success, what does failure look like?"and implementation of advanced technologies in process house resulted Marlo Lewis (CEI)But getting past the initial reaction, Lewis adds that a closerin drastic reduction in energy requirement of sugar manufacturing look at the study reveals the authors explored how much gasoline would costprocess. if the motor fuel supply were reduced by ten percent -- the amount thatBagasse, one of the main by-product is normally burnt in boilers to ethanol makes up in todays motor fuel. The CEI senior fellow says that isproduce steam and electrical energy, providing energy necessary to unrealistic.fulfill the process requirements. Use of efficient technologies with lowest "They want us to believe that all of these resources, like refining capacity, thatpossible steam consumption for the sugar processing coupled with are now dedicated to ethanol production because the law requires it wouldCogeneration and Ethanol production, allows production of surplus simply have been left idle over the last ten years and that the refiners wouldbagasse, which is used as a fuel source for electricity generation. Different not have used that to make gasoline instead of ethanol," he comments. Lewis adds that there is a market demand for ethanol as an octane booster, so ethanol would not disappear from the equation altogether. source: onenewsnow New study shows ethanol saves Midwest drivers $1.69 A new study conducted by university economists shows that Midwestern drivers saved $1.69 per gallon of fuel last year because of domestic ethanol production and use. The Midwest fared the best in the study that was done by Dermot Hayes of Iowa State University and Ziaodong Du of the University of Wisconsin. Nationally, consumers saved $1.09 per gallon. The Center for Agriculturalcogeneration systems, such as Rankine cycle with condensing steam and Rural Development released results of the study recently.turbines, improves the amount of electricity produced from sugarcane Chad Blindauer, president of the South Dakota Corn Utilization Council, saidbagasse, thus allowing it sell to the grid. most consumers have no idea how much more it would cost to fill up theirPrevious sugar mills used to operate with steam at low pressure (32 bara vehicles if it werent for ethanol./ 21 bara) and temperature and back pressure steam turbines, resulting “Having access to American ethanol generates a significant savings for hard-in low energetic efficiency, high bagasse consumption, low bagasse working families in South Dakota and the rest of country, which typicallysurplus and a small electricity surplus, or even none. As a consequence, goes unnoticed,” said Blindauer, a Mitchell farmer and rancher. “Itsnew projects of sugar cane mills operates with steam at higher levels of important for consumers and policy makers at all levels to understand justtemperature (up to 540 ºC) and pressure (110 / 85 / 64 bara), condensing how much of a positive impact the ethanol industry truly has on oursteam turbines and the use of all the bagasse generated in the mills as a country.”fuel to produce electricity, selling the surplus electricity to the grid. The study shows that ethanol reduced the average American householdsAnother bi-product molasses is processed by fermentation of its sugars spending on gasoline by more than $1,200 in 2011. The $1.09-per-gallonto produce Ethanol. Depending upon market demand cane juice, syrup national impact is up from 89 cents per gallon in 2010, a change thecan also be diverted for production of ethanol. Ethanol blending in researchers attribute to increased ethanol production and higher crude-oilgasoline is mandated in most of countries resulted in better market prices as well as a bigger price difference between ethanol and gasoline.prospects for Ethanol. EM The average price for a barrel of crude oil increased to $95 in 2011, up from $80For further information, please contact: in 2010.M.S. Sundaram, B.Tech. (Chem), M.I.E., (Chartered Engr.) The study determined that drivers would have paid an average of about $4.60Managing Director, J.P. Mukherji & Associates Pvt. Ltd. per gallon last year without the inclusion of 13 billion gallons of| From a South Dakota Corn Growers Association news release08
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  10. 10. NewsPromoters increasing stake in Techrevo Engineers Serving thesugar firms (INDIA) Industry in different ways withNew Delhi, Promoters of sugar companies are consolidating theirholdings, taking advantage of the current low valuations in a cyclical their quality productsindustry. Techrevo Engineers is a rich amalgamation of qualified professionals, people with hands on experience, strong enough to hand hold and carryAmong the groups that have hiked their stakes are Balrampur Chini the young and energetic to meetMills Ltd, Bajaj Hindusthan Ltd, Simbhaoli Sugars Ltd and DCM Shriram all project challenges. AtConsolidated Ltd (DSCL). Techrevo the strength is OurHighest holding People . Backed by company s positive and encouraging work ProcessFor the quarter-ended March 2012, DSCL and Oudh Sugar Mills Ltd culture the Techrevo team is Housereported the highest promoter shareholding of over 61 per cent each.Being cyclical in nature, the sugar industry had seen valuations hit a low always ready to face the Equipmentin the recent quarters. challenges of present and future. The team believes not just inThe sugar stocks had been battered in recent months and scrips of many managing the technology but incompanies had hit 52-week lows in the December quarter on poor Revolutioning it.performance and weak outlook for the sector. Stocks dumped by All Projects are treated alike,institutional investors and the public are being mopped up at regular small or big, the execution is notintervals by the promoter and promoter groups. an individual but a team“We have confidence in the performance of the company and have responsibility. The in-house design team is well supported by specialistsgradually increased our promoter stake over the years according to the from well known institutions.norms set by the Government,” said Mr Ajay S. Shriram, Chairman and Mr. Jitender Singh Sahil CEO and founder of Techrevo group has vast S e n i o r experience of heading key functions like projects, construction, quality Managing and procurement in well known Indian corporate. His hand on Director, experience with information and technology has made Techrevo a DSCL. The company has seen its Multi fuel promoter Biomass Boilers holding go up from 57.57 per cent in quarter- e n d e d March 2011to 61.14 per cent in the latest quarter.“It is not a year-on-year trend, but part of our family philosophy toconsistently increase our stake as a long-term strategy showcasing ourconfidence in the company,” Mr Shriram added.Despite rising output for three consecutive years, many sugar companiescontinue to reel under losses as the sector is still heavily controlled by theGovernment. The cane arrears or the payment to be made by thecompanies to growers continue to rise as the cane pricing is not linked tothe returns on sugar sales. process & systems oriented company.Long-term prospects ProductsThe industry continues to demand decontrol of the sector and theGovernment has set up a high-level panel to look into the issue. “The Sugar Machinerylong-term prospects for sugar are definitely good. The capacity, which Cogeneration Power Plantshas come up in the past few years, is getting absorbed. Hopefully, with Pulp & Paperthe new crop, sugar prices may see a correction,” said Mr Kishor Material HandlingP.Ostwal, CMD, CNI Research. Filtration“The promoters have made good use of the low prices to buy their sharesin the open market and I expect this trend to continue,” Mr Ostwal said. Special Purpose Machines For Further Information please contact:However, other major sugar producers such as Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd,Mawana Sugars, Sakthi Sugars, Bannari Amman and Dharani Sugars B-12, 3rd & 4th Floor, RDC, Rajnagar, Ghaziabad,have not seen any changes to the promoter holdings. UP - 201002 , India“It (promoters hiking stake) is company specific and cannot be Phone - + 91 120 4234526,4134368generalised as a trend because of the cyclical nature of the industry,” said Fax - +91 120- 4134368Mr Jagannadham Thunuguntla, Strategist and Head of Research at SMC Email - Website -Global Securities. www.techrevoengineers.com10
  11. 11. Press ReleaseLaunching of Sugar Links Magazine Manoj Singla-Co Editor of Sugar Links from PCSL, India with Impact Team in Thailand“SUGAR LINKS” the first &only Indian connect it to International market. However, industrial & trade associations, mills,magazine (every Quarterly) dedicated to the this will not only showcase the Sugar industry, distilleries, Sugar processing units etc.sugar industry. but will also provide a unique insight into In the top 10 countries we consider the Brazil,Launched in Bangkok, Thailand with IMPACT other sector of sugar industry &its by-products India, China, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan,team. The main motive behind its inceptionis which includes ethanol, co-generation and Colombia, Australia, Indonesia and strengthen links between manufacturers& much more. For further information, please contact:buyers of sugar industry. It aims to provide a This magazine will be distributed to the top 10 +91 9991705002 | platform to Indian sugar industry to sugar producing countries includingHow Fiji can learn from India Brazils Sugar Cane Output MayFIJI has a lot to learn from India in terms of maintaining and sustaining aviable sugar industry. These were the words of Sugar permanent Be 505 Million Tonssecretary Lieutenant Colonel Manasa Vaniqi on his return from the Sugar cane production in Brazils Center South, the main producingInternational Sugar Organisation meeting that was held there. region of the worlds largest grower, may be 505 million metric tons in the 2012-13 season starting in April, according to Jenkins Sugar Group Lt-Col Vaniqi said Inc. despite having 15 million farmers That compares with 493.5 million tons so far in the current 2011-12 working on five season, according to industry group Unica. Most of the harvesting has million hectares, already been completed, Unica said on Feb. 14. Jenkins estimate is lower Indias sugar industry than the 520 million tons forecast by Macquarie Group Ltd., Olam stakeholders worked International Ltd. and Kingsman SA and the 522 million tons estimated in tandem for the by Rabobank International. common benefit of the “Its a low end of what the range has been for sure,” Jeff Dobrydney, a country as a whole. vice president at the Wilton, Connecticut- based broker, said by phone "They have a sound today. “We dont like the prospects of what was replanted year-on-year, structure. Millers work and based on the weather, which wasnt too dramatically different thanto ensure that factories are at their best and produce sugar very efficiently last year, we dont see any reason for the crop to improve significantly.”while growers focus on getting the best yield possible from their cane The sugar cane crop in Brazils Center South fell for the first time in afields," he said. decade in 2011-12 after drought, frost and flowering cut yields,He said Indian farmers also used every means possible to get their cane to according to Unica. Flowering reduces the sugar content in the rawthe mills and local growers could take a leaf out of their book. material."Apart from the usual rail and lorry transport, growers there also use Cane replanting rates have been 10 percent to 12 percent year-on-year,bullocks pulling carts and even people pushing carts ù and the onus was below the ideal level, Dobrydney said. The crop is also getting old, anddelivering the best possible cane to the mill on time," said Lt-Col Vaniqi. the ideal age of the plants should be 2 years to 2 1/2 years, he said.Meanwhile, the Indian government has promised to investigate “Its an older crop, a crop that has not received enough investment toallegedly faulty equipment used by Indian technicians during mill propel a 15 or 20 percent crop replanting, which is what you look for atupgrades conducted in Fiji between 2007-2010, funded by an Export this time,” he said. “The average age of the cane is probably somewhereImport Bank of India line of credit to the tune of $92.97 million. between 3.9 and 4.5 years now and thats certainly much too old.”11
  12. 12. Product ReleaseBevcon-NomaSizer Machine with fine Atul Product: A Complete SolutionScreening application for sugar Industry The extremely smooth finish of Atul Screens ensures minimum break-The New Generation “BEVCON SIZER MACHINE” in technical up of the sugar crystal.collaboration with NOMA SIEBTECHNIK, Germany & ROLLIER The precise sharp and chrome hardened conical slots on Atul ScreensIBERICA, S.L., Spain, is a compactly designed unit with multi decks ensures highly efficient crystal separation. Due to their conical shape, arranged at various slope angles and a the slots are far less susceptible to clogging or blinding. distribution feeder. This greatly improves the screening efficiency in The hard chrome plating on the working sides of Atul Screens fine screening applications especially increases the wear resistance thereby extending the working life span Sugar, Tea, Coffee, Salt, Spices, considerably. Minerals, Chemicals among others and Due to their good ductility, Atul screens are very easy to mount and help achieve large capacities with an handle. extremely high degree of safety and Atul screens do not deform because of low internal stresses. extremely Low Maintenance costs. The The appreciable tensile strength of Atul Screens prevents damagesSizer body frame is fitted with the wear resistant liners for efficient flow; because of the high centrifugal forces they are subjected to.clogs free screening & extended life of the Sizer. Bevcon-Noma SizerMachines have a range of separation from 0.1mm to 50mm with two, fourand six decks. Machine width is available from 500 to 3000mm. Optionsfor material of construction available in carbon steel, stainless steel &special steel.For further information contact:Bevcon Wayors Pvt. Ltd., Ground Floor, Kavya Apartments,Madhuranagar, Hyderabad - 500 038, Tel: +90 40 23732628, 23747643.Fax: +91 40 23750435, 66623588., E-mail: corporate@bevconwayors.comWeb: Atul Nickel Screens are available in a wide range of slot sizes andRevolutionary “Multi Misalignment configurations suitable for a variety of continuous centrifugals. APolyester Sling Coupling” by Saisidha wide choice of thickness and open area is offered by Atul.Saisidha an ISO: 9001-2008 Sucromaxorganisation established almost New Nickel Screen with Supreme Performancetwo decades back, today coversthe entire ambit of Sugar Plants,Sugar Refineries, Co-generationProjects, Distillation Units andallied industries.With the highly professionaltechnocrats in its team ofexperts, in all unit operations ofsugar plants, Saisidha hascreated an enviable track recordin executing engineeringprojects in line with Here is one more addition to Atuls pioneering innovations.International Standards and Sucromax, the new generation Nickel Screen. This new improvedwell within stipulated time- Nickel Screen is packed with features, each one developed byframe. anticipating specific customer needs. Sucromax is an innovative idea that facilitates productivity and profitability in the sugar industry inSaisidha also offers a more ways than one.revolutionary “MultiMisalignment Polyester Sling Sucromax has more open area for more output.Coupling” to replace the Sucromax has reduced slot sizes for more sugar production, whichconventional tail-bar coupling. helps reduce losses and increases sugar yield without losingThe system offers a safe throughput. This would also naturally give you reduced finaltransmission of power from molasses to the mills because of its inbuilt design feature enabling it to absorb Sucromax is made thicker than our standard screen for longer life.mis-alignments of large magnitude without affecting milling operations. Sucromax increases process efficiency & saves time thereby avoidingAnother patented offering from the house of Saisidha is the “ Condensate unnecessary energy loss too.Re-boiler System” for heating of raw juice eliminating use of steamaltogether at this stage. Atul Electro Formers Ltd. | Sugar Day Celebration at ISRMAX Asia 2012 29-31 August 2012,, Hall 8, Impact Exhibition ,, & Convention Centre, Bangkok (Thailand) Hall 8, Impact Exhibition & Convention Centre, Bangkok (Thailand) Cont: +91 9812082121, 9991705002 | Cont: +91 9812082121, 9991705002 |
  13. 13. ArticleA NOVEL INNOVATION BY IMCO facing Welding. Our strict quality control is guaranteed by our team of engineers which operates on continuous research & development to provide our customer an excellent GLOBAL PRODUCT to save Millions of expense by extending the service life of your equipment, reducing down time losses & reducing inventory of such items. These highly efficient crushing replaceable Carbide Tips are being used in most Sugar Mills, not only in India, but also abroad. The entire product range is satisfying our customers Talk to us about you wear problems, Our highly globally professional team of engineers exclusivelyWe have a great pleasure in introducing with major exports to our esteemed clients in dedicated to give you coat effectiveourselves as one of the largest Manufacturer of countries like Mauritius, Mexico, Kenya, modifications of standard materials for specificCarbide Tips for various types of application Indonesia, USA, Brazil, Southrelated to wear & tear in the industries like; Africa, Pakistan and China.Sugar, Cement, Automobile, Railways, We also make custom madeFertilizers, Petro-Chemicals etc. designs considering the wearThe most critical components in the Sugar patterns, media, soilIndustry are Fibrizor hammer, Cane Cutting conditions, fiber percentage Metal Matrix CompositesKnife, Static Collars, Thrash Plate, Hub for cane in Sugarcane.leveler etc. We have a comprehensive range of Fig.2 Custom made designs of applications and will be pleased to be yourspecial carbides protective like Zuper Block, Zuper Block and Zuper bar with Metal Matrix partner for the new developments.Zuper Tip, Zuper Bar, Zuper Button, Zuper CompositesChoco Block, Zuper Tile, Zuper block which Looking forward for long term businessensures the best quality and prolonged working We ate IMCO offer full-service solutions to our at the most economic savings to your customers including; Contact us:organization. Wear Assessment J. D. Gupta (Director Technical)Zuper Products are ensured a highest property Solutions Design & Engineering 176-A, MIDC, Phase - 1, Dombivli (East), Thane,of wear & tear technology; these are rich Cladding Fabrication and Application Mumbai:- 421 203Chromium Molybdenum carbides having fine Installation Support +91-0251-2435150grain modular having excellent abrasive impactand erosion resistant properties than Hard Ongoing Wear Monitoring and Consultation, www:-imcoalloys.comThe products of Sri Krishna Manufacturing Company havebrought some evolutionary changes in Sugar IndustryBoilers and its parts play a crucial role in various wide range of premium quality products, Sree Proficient workforceprocessing and manufacturing applications in a Krishna Manufacturing Co. is a well known Market leading priceslarge number of industries. A technology driven name in the market. The products we offer are Wide distribution channelorganization, Sree Krishna Manufacturing Co. manufactured with high grade raw materialsis a reputed manufacturer and supplier of world and components. Fabricated using advanced On-time delivery of productsclass Traveling Grate Stoker, Grate Cast Alloy, techniques, these are at par with the highest Prompt customer serviceBoiler Spares, etc. Established in the year 2006, standards of quality. The demand for our Knack for innovation.the company has successfully acquired a products has risen considerably over the years Contact Details :significant position in the industry. Under the and we have added many prestigiousable direction of our mentor Mr. T. Polley, we companies to our clients list. We deal in the SREE KRISHNA MANUFACTURING CO.have acquired a wide clientele of satisfied below listed products: ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Companycustomers. Our products have huge demand in Traveling Grate Stoker & Spare Parts OFFICE &WORKS :CHAMRAIL, MITRAthe market and are supplied all over India. NAGAR, EKSHARA, HOWRAH 711 114, WB. Grate Cast AlloyA member of Small Scale industries (SSI) and INDIA Boiler SparesNational Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), Contact Person :we are a customer driven organization and In a very short span of time, we have successfully acquired a significant position in Mr. T. POLLEY (PROPRIETOR) Mobile :strive to deliver the best possible solutions for the industry. Listed below are some of the 9830232004the varied needs of our clients. It is owing to ouruntiring efforts that we have acquired factors that have led us to a prominent position: Tel. : 03212 246024 | Fax : 03212 246262prestigious clients like Bosmit, Cethar Vessels, Superior quality products E-mail : /Cheema Boilers and others. Advanced facilities in manufacturing and supplying a Laboratory Facility Available Website :
  14. 14. Cover Stroy SHRIJEE PROCESS ENGINEERING WORKS LTD. (India)Shrijee Sugar Projects is the primary and largest process through change over from batch to steam saving in process house:activity of Shrijee Group. Shrijee was continuous operation. Shrijee is built with a 1. Direct Contact Heaterestablished in 1976 by Mr. G.D Agarwalas a world class workforce of 200+ employees andmanufacturer of process house equipment for team of more than 50 dedicated technologists, 2. Duplex Heat Exchangersugar industry and is today touching a turnover experts, consultants and an ever innovating 3. Condensate Flashing Systemof US$ 40 Million. Shrijee has today supplied its R&D team that is constantly seeking greaterequipment to more than 400 sugar factories in 4. Radial Flow Evaporator challenges. The Shrijee team is today fullyIndia and to the leading sugar producers in capable of setting up an entire sugar plant on 5. Falling Film Evaporatormore than 20 countries. The corporate turnkey basis within stipulated time. 6. Rapid Boiling Panheadquarters are in Mumbai (India) and the Shrijees Core Strength: 7. Continuous Vacuum Panregional offices are in Delhi, Ahmednagar andChennai. To cater to numerous national and In-depth expertise in basic engineering and Shrijee Sugar Refinery Equipment:international clients, there are four fully process equipment for a wide spectrum ofequipped manufacturing facilities located in the turn-key sugar projects Shrijee has been in the forefront in meeting thewestern and southern parts of India. These four State of the art manufacturing technology machinery requirement for sugar refineries.facilities are supported by a centralized and with latest designs of equipment and Shrijee has produced and supplied equipmentfully equipped design office. systems starting from Melt-Clarification to RefinedToday Shrijee has executed more than thirty High energy efficiency sugar plants with Sugar Bagging. Today it has emerged as aprocess house projects and achieved the rare steam consumption achieved up to 30% turnkey supplier of Refined Sugar Plantsdistinction of manufacturing Indias largest ranging in capacity from 200 tons/day to 2,500 Experienced Project Management Teamprocess house (15,000 TCD). Shrijee has tons/day. Shrijee has manufactured and with highly skilled professionals ensurespioneered technologically advanced process timely completion of projects to customer supplied major sugar refinery equipment tohouse equipment by launching products such as satisfaction leading sugar producers and also executedthe continuous vacuum pan and upgraded several turnkey refined sugar projects. Shrijees Specialty Equipment for substantial14
  15. 15. Cover StroyShrijees prestigious client lists includes : West Kenya Sugars Mills (Kenya) 180 units all over the world. Bajaj Hindustan (India) Kakira Sugars (Uganda) In 1996, Shrijee manufactured the biggest Balrampur Chini Mills (India) Kamdhenu Ventures Ltd. (Cambodia) Continuous Pan for A Massecuite in the world and supplied to Kaset Thai, Bannari Amman (India) PG. Kebon Agung (Indonesia) Thailand. Thiru Arooran (India) And many more… Shrijees unique design of Vertical Renuka Sugars (India) SHRIJEE ACHIEVEMENTS Continuous Cooling Crystallizer brings Dharani Sugars Ltd. (India) Shrijee has supplied Sugar Plants & down sugar loss in molasses (by 4-5 units Kaset Thai (Thailand) machinery to more than 20 countries in the purity drop across the crystallizer). Shrijee world. KSL Group (Thailand) has supplied over 150 Vertical Crystallizer In 2007, Shrijee manufactured & supplied worldwide. Mitr Pol Group (Thailand) Indias biggest Process House of 15,000 In 2000, Shrijee launched Planetary Gear NIVL (Vietnam) TCD on turnkey basis for Bajaj Hindustan Drive for crystallizers in India resulting in NAT&L (Vietnam) Ltd. savings of upto 70% power in the Fiji Sugar Corporation (Fiji) In 1992, Shrijee was the first company to crystallizer section. Fincha Sugar (Ethiopia) develop the Continuous Vacuum Pan in Shrijee is the largest supplier of Process India, and has today supplied more than House Equipment in Fiji, having supplied and commissioned 3 turnkey projects valued at US $ 15 million. Shrijee has been recognized as Export House by Government of India, and has won several awards in recognition of export excellence from Export Promotion Council. Shrijee has today successfully diversified in the fields of Sugarcane Agriculture Equipment, Power Transmission Towers, Solar Structures and Green-Energy Ventilation systems. Contact Shrijee: Shrijee Group. A-504/505, Dynasty, Near Kohinoor Hotel, J.B. Nagar, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri (EAST), Mumbai - 400059, India. Tel. : + 91 - 22 - 40501000, Fax : + 91 - 22 - 40501010 Email:, Web: www.shrijee.com15
  16. 16. Interview Sugar prices may rise to Rs 31/kg in few months: Balrampur region. However, this is an online committee. Q: It has also raised the hopes of further Previous committees were committees measures of decontrol in the market, do which had retired judge or retired you see this as being a precursor to bureaucrat, but this committee is headed further partial deregulation as well? by DrRangarajan who is the head of Prime A: I am very positive. Rangarajan committee Ministers Economic Advisory Council met yesterday and I feel pretty certain after (PMEAC). He is far more in the loop of this kind of an opening up. We never had things and I personally feel therefore that exports, which said 40 lakh tonne can go this committee it is going to give its report out of the country and there is no need for very soon and it is in the highest quarters of any license or permission. This is a the government. precursor. I feel very positively inclined Q: How are things progressing on the Mr. Vivek Saraogi and if I look forward to the Rangarajan production front itself in terms of what committee, which is a time-bound production for this year has been and MD, Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. program, I amSugar stocks have held up quite well after the positively inclinedgovernment removed cap on sugar exports and t o w a r d sbrought it under open general license (OGL). This deregulation.step will primarily aid millers to clear cane arrears. Q: Now that youVivek Saraogi, managing director, Balrampur e x p e c t a nChini expects to see some improvement in improvement indomestic prices after this move. the realizations on the back of exportsDespite this, the company doesnt expect to turn being allowed,profitable very soon. " Even with this, there is when will yoursmall leg up of Rs 1.50 . I dont think it is going to sugar division turnturn profitable very soon because cane price has profitable now?been paid and other costs have also been A: Even with this,incurred," he elaborates there is small leg upHe sees sugar prices rising to Rs 31 per kg in a of Rs 1.50. I dontfew months. think it is going toQ: Could you walk us through the direct turn profitable very benefit the BalrampurChini sees on the soon because cane what kind of early indications there are back of yesterdays news? price has been paid and other costs have for next year, is it looking like anotherA: There will be an improvement in the also been incurred, so if we get there at surplus here? domestic prices post this announcement. least in the last four months where we sold A: Too early for next year. This year, we will We have seen the improvement beginning new sugar, we have lost money. We will be around 26 million tonne. After yesterday. My personal view is prices stop losing money at Rs 31-32. monsoon, after the survey, probably should improve from here as we proceed. Q: What makes you hopeful that there August-September is a better time for nextQ: Where are prices at right now and how maybe some movement on decontrol, year. much of a leg up do you think the things have not moved fast on the policy Q: When we spoke in March, that time this domestic prices will get in that case? front and perhaps the government would rate was very optimistic when Samajwadi chose to go with just this shifting intoA: In Uttar Pradesh (UP) ex-mill price is about Party came into power in UP and there open general and expecting the sugar Rs 29.50 before the announcement. It is were hopes that there would be a lot of companies to work with that for the time very difficult to predict exact numbers, but incentives, which will be given for sugar being, any other headway that has been it could go up by a rupee or a rupee and a production, has anything of that played made between Indian Sugar Mills half easily as we proceed into the next out up until now or any early signs? Association (ISMA) and the government couple of months. officials? A: We have had dialogues with theQ: What is the situation right now amongst government, our representations at least A: ISMA is in dialogue, that is the job but I feel companies like yours in terms of having reveal that they want to look at reality and positively inclined. You have 20 the capacity to export and whether or not they are aware of reality. Having said that, committees, they dont need a committee the export market still remains lucrative? the basic thinking towards to tell them what to do. All the committeesA: Even in the earlier days we never exported. industrialization being positive that every have a point and it is clearly said whether it When you had a license which you could government must have a balance of all, is Thorat Committee, Mahajan Committee, sell, we sold the license. So, exports will that is how they think and that is how I Nand Kumar Committee. There have been happen from South mainly. We have Tamil think they feel. I am pretty sure the things a plethora of committees, so if you want the Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra, so all will look positive in UP also in terms of exact truth, they know what to do. the export now will happen from that whatever benefits we should get.16