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  1. 1. Electric Vehicle Bamboo TechnologyLow Cost Modular Housing Cooperation
  2. 2. Employment Low Cost Agriculture TransportationLow Cost EducationHousing Export Technology Environmental Cleanup
  3. 3. Project KPC Initial InvestmentAMC 1: Electric Car Factory $2,500,000 USDAMC 2: Bamboo Factory $1,500,000 USDAMC 3: Battery Factory $2,500,000 USDProcessing Stations $100,000 USD each Government Proposed CooperationProject Location (s): 300-1000 Acres (300 Acres in Special Economic Zones) 500 – 700 Acres agricultural Subsidy : 2 Years 700 Kwh per year. Soft Loan: Capital equipment acquisition. Support in Bamboo technology:in forms of subsidies, technology transfer, and other incentives not yet identified. Support in Battery and Electric Vehicle technology:in forms of subsidies, technology transfer, and other incentives not yet identified.
  4. 4. The 3 E Principle SAIG company profile…SAIG Environment EducationToday Employment
  5. 5. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday
  6. 6. Preface SAIG (Self Assembled International Group), a subsidiary of the KPC Group; is currently exploring international expansion options in India. A cutting edge transportation company, SAIG currently manufactures low cost electric vehicles in Vietnam for global distribution. Our philosophy is to provide eco-friendly transportation as a safe and affordable option to low income families while making a positive impact in the markets we faithfully serve. Through the 3 principles of environment, education, and employment; SAIG wishes to support India’s innovation and people. The following proposal outlines how we will accomplish this through cooperation.
  7. 7. The Circle of Green Prosperity Zero-emission vehicle engineering & manufacturing Collaborating with Governments Battery engineering & manufacturing Battery secondary- use 4R businessSmart-grid research, EV recyclingCharging network SAIG-made QC
  8. 8. Autonomous Assembly • First Self sustaining factory. • Solar /Bio Mass Power matrix • Water Reclamation The FIRST • Local sourcing: creates jobs andBamboo Composites GREEN PEOPLE’S opportunities in agriculture. ( Bio fiber, Bio Mass) EV! • Places batteries in the safest location • Provides optimum weight distribution for ideal/predictable handling • Allows for 5 passenger seating by not intruding into cabin spaceOur Researchers have expandedtheir expertise in the productdesign by applying the usage ofraw materials like bamboo fiberwhich is stronger as well as can New Polymer Lithium Batterybe utilized in generating high endquality sustainable automotivebodies and panels.
  9. 9. The global entry car strategy Launch low-cost cars in over 15 countries beginning in 2016 Platform exclusively for Segment A Status cars with modern styling and a roomy interior 3 types of models Production to start in 2014 Thailand India China Vietnam
  10. 10. Environment
  11. 11. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday SAIG wOw Factory Environment : Energy usage: 700Mw est. Facilities Construction and operations plans call for use of both solar and bio-mass power that will reduce dependency on the India ……………………………... power grid within 2 years. These facilities will have the Output: capacity of powering additional vendor factories and homes 35,000 units per annum (2 shifts) in the area and supply the West Bengal power grid. 60,000 units per annum (3 shifts) Water reclamation and filtration featuring the latest in closed ……………………………… loop manufacturing systems. Land usage: 250 acres/ 122ha; Inline with use of Air Filtration: Harmful exhaust will be filtered via Bamboo land in EU. charcoal filtration capturing mercury and toxins. May 2005, Toyota-Peugeot car Bio Char availability to area farmers for use as fertilizer and factory near Prague produces 300,000 cars/year and spans an area carbon sequestration for 1000 years. of 124 ha (306 Acres).
  12. 12. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday wOw Cars Environment : Configurations: Resort vehicles, passenger wOw Cars is envisioned Productwheeler for those who as the four autos/trucks, commercial and delivery vehicles can only afford a two wheeler, due to its affordable price. Pricepoint: 2500usd – 12,000usd depending on model Contributing to the lower cost of ownership and the opportunity to make a positive impact on the environment; Drivetrain: Electric SAIG commits to eco-friendly products. Charge: 240V Body: Bamboo biodegradable As Indians choose the wOw-Car over the competition, the composite number of two wheelers and gasoline powered micro cars on Interior: Biodegradable plastics the road will likely significantly decrease over the next decade Tires: 12” along with the amount of pollution in India urban centers. Emissions: meets BS II, III, IV which are Euro II, II, IV equivalent
  13. 13. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday Environment : wOw Batteries and Product wOw Cars is envisioned as the innovator in new battery Chargers and storage technology. Wireless charge Systems and lithium polymer battery applications give this technology Configurations: Consumer a widened variety of uses from consumer products to Electronics , passenger autos/trucks, commercial and vehicles. delivery vehicles This will create many ancillary businesses in the India Type: Polymer Lithium economy including government revenue in export fees, Drivetrain: Electric and simultaneous domestic sales. Charge: 48V System : Wireless
  14. 14. SAIG company profile…SAIG KPC Medical College & Hospital, JadavpurToday Education Dr Kali P. Chaudhuri founded the first private medical school in West Bengal. The medical college is approved by the Medical Council of India and the State Government. It is affiliated with West Bengal University of Health Sciences. In continuing with Dr. Kali P. Chaudhuri’s philosophy of higher education being made available to the masses; SAIG will make investments into the training the workforce via public universities, and National Council for Vocational training in: Engineering Production Computer Science CAD ( Computer-Aided Design) Green Technology Power Storage
  15. 15. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday Employment The SAIG Factories - India will employ between 3,000 and 5,000 workers for a total output of 60, 000 units per SAIG Factory – Automotive annum for cars. ……………………………... Direct employment: Indirect employment resulting from the operations in West 2,000 (2 shifts) Bengal: 3,500 (3 shifts) ……………………………… Component vendor operations Indirect Employment: Local source agriculture in Bamboo and other bio mass 10,000 Transportation Factory support industries Customer Service Dealership Network
  16. 16. Low Cost 200 -2000 square foot housing. Bio Char: filtration, bio oil, pharmaceuticals Bamboo R+D. (Bio Fuels, medicinal, building materials.) Bamboo fiber for apparel and paper industries. Wood for flooring paper and furniture industries. Bamboo Wind Turbine Blades. 23
  17. 17. ……………………………... Input: Bamboo and other natural grass fibers. ……………………………… Usage: Power, Auto Bodies, Seats, Interior Panels,Our bamboo plastic composite from bamboo powdercontent, particle size, type of coupling agent, etc. Thebamboo-plastic composite is made of extrusion andinjection molding process. Results show: when bamboopowder content is 30%, impacting strength of thematerial is the highest; the bamboo-plastic compositewhich made of Silane and MAPE has higher impactingstrength than others; when PP: HDPE = 2:3, theimpacting strength of the bamboo-plastic composite isthe highest. Compared with these factors, the couplingagent on impacting strength is the most obviousinfluence.
  18. 18. ……………………………... Input:Bamboo and other natural grass fibers. ……………………………… Usage: Power, Auto Bodies, Seats, Interior Panels,
  19. 19. Power generation :1 MW / hourAnnual power generation :8,000 MW / yearProcess :PyrolysisArea required :200 acres of land
  20. 20. KPC brings India many opportunities indirect and indirect employment, technologytransfer, and the Notoriety of being the India’s AdvantageGREEN Automotive manufacturer.
  21. 21. SAIG company profile… SAIG TodayDr. Kali PradipChaudhuriFACIP, FAAPM, FICS, FAAOS, FACSCHAIRMAN
  23. 23. SAIGToday
  24. 24. SAIG Today​
  25. 25. SAIGToday
  26. 26. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday
  27. 27. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday
  28. 28. SAIG company profile…SAIGToday