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A discussion of diversity, challenges and the value of self care

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. DEN Diversity University of Southampton Considering Self Care 12th January 2018 Su White
  2. 2. Why I am here • Diversity Matters • We need help to – Assume self-agency – Challenge workplace assumptions which • Create and reward corrosive behaviours • Undermine personal health and wellbeing Su White Let’s create change from the top down and the bottom up
  3. 3. DEN Diversity Network is doing just that! Su White
  4. 4. My perspective • I am passionate about equality and respect • I am offended by privilege and entitlement – but recognise that I have both • I like to do what I like to do • I often provide a women’s perspective – but that is because where I want change to happen most is related to women • But – pick me up and personalise your message Su White
  5. 5. Me perspective I believe that personal agency is key Why? Because of my journey… Su White
  6. 6. We have friends  Su White
  7. 7. Su White
  8. 8. Su White
  9. 9. Su White
  10. 10. Su White
  11. 11. Sharing stories Su White Let’s set up a system to measure equality and make change happen so overworked trying to show how unequal things are in our workplace
  12. 12. My kickback • Ranty woman • Anonymous ‘diary’ puyblication • Considering standup/bright club • Work to rule • ’spats’ with colleagues • Part of EPSRC network bid in draft • WW2 resistance teams • Being a ranty woman only helps in the short term! Su White
  13. 13. The so called ‘gender pipeline’ Su White
  14. 14. When we take ultimate action… “Late last summer, for instance, Sara Ahmed very publicly resigned as director of the Centre for Feminist Research at Goldsmiths, University of London, over the alleged sexual harassment of students by staff. At about the same time, I too found myself at a point of feminist snap – the moment at which your faith in academia finally yields to terminal antipathy – albeit for different reasons.” Liz Morrish, 2017 Su White
  15. 15. We all know when it happens… • What do you do when self care is eroded? • What do you stop doing when your self care is eroded? Su White
  16. 16. How we can equip ourselves? Su White
  17. 17. References/further reading • Gros, F., 2014. A philosophy of walking. Verso Books. • Morrish, L., 2017 Why the audit culture made me quit, Times Higher Educational Supplement made-me-quit • Savonick, D. and Davidson, C.N. 2016 Gender Bias in Academe academe-an-annotated-bibliography/#new • Su White