Trader Joe's Digital Marketing Strategy


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Digital marketing strategy for Trader Joe's. Created for ADV 420 New Media Driver's License class at Michigan State University in the Fall of 2011. Presentation showcases how Trader Joe

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  • Trader Joe's Digital Marketing Strategy

    1. 1. Trader Joe’sDigital Marketing Strategy Jenna Stretanski
    2. 2. Started in California asPronto Marketsconvenience store in 1958 Became Trader Joe’s neighborhood grocery store in 1967 Cur 365 ren tly: stor 31 s es i tate n s
    3. 3. Lower costs for Trader Joe’s means lower prices for customers Passionate about innovative, hard-to-find, great-tasting foods and unique products“Great Food + Great Prices = Value”
    4. 4. People are talking... ...but Trader Joe’sisn’t fully listening.
    5. 5. Take the small, friendly and a little bit quirky neighborhood grocery experience......and put it online through social media.
    6. 6. Trader Joe’s AudienceYoung Professionals FamiliesWant to eat healthy on a budget and Need healthy foods to make deliciousmake quick meals for a busy schedule meals to bring the family togetherHealth Conscious Wine EnthusiastsHave special dietary needs to fulfill and Looking to pair unique and deliciouswant products to help them make a wines with innovative foods to delightgreat meal and entertain
    7. 7. Create online neighborhood grocery Trader Joe’s store atmosphere on Facebook through tone and keywords. BecomeFacebook Page a place customers can ask questions and discover new products and engage with the brand. Customer Service Gui de s Contests New Products Pho tos Vi deo s Frequent Flyer Re cipes
    8. 8. Twitter is the perfect place for Trader Joe’s to engage in real-time@TraderJoes conversations with customers. Provide quick customer service as well as content. Customer Service yer Fl ent ecipe s Frequ R Conversations New Pro d ucts id es Gu #Hashtag Groups
    9. 9. Evaluate VALUE to customersHootSuite Facebook Website TrafficAnalytics Insights Page views of websiteTwitter summary stats Users breakdowns Time spent on websiteClicks by region New likes/unlikes Bounce rateTop referrers Total tab views Conversion ratesMost popular links Media consumption (Views to Downloads of Content) individual URL stats Post interactions Post impressions See what’s working and what’s not
    10. 10. Trader Joe’s Recipe for SuccessIngredients Time Tota1 Cup of Facebook and l Cos1 Cup of Twitter r un cost t:½ Cup of HootSuite and of em mon ploy1-10 employees (depending on taste) crea itor ees t te co sites an oPinch of creative content nten dDash of friendly and unique tone tInstructions1. Research & listen2. Update content on website3. Create Facebook & Twitter pages4. Track the conversations5. Post content and join in theconversation6. Monitor profiles7. Evaluate and make proper changes8. Season for taste and enjoy!