Trader Joe's Digital Marketing Plan


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This is Trader Joe's 2012 Digital Marketing Plan created and designed by Terry Sieting of Michigan State University.

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Trader Joe's Digital Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Trader JoesDigital Marketing Plan
  2. 2. About Trader JoesTrader Joes in a health conscience grocerymarket catering to the special needs ofconsumers since the 1950s. Their special needs and health conscience products include. . . ● Vegan ● No Gluten ● Vegetarian ● Fat Free ● Quick Meals ● Kosher ● Sodium
  3. 3. Trader Joes and ChallengesTrader Joes finds themselves facing two largechallenges: The Location Challenge: Trader Joes is only in selectlocations around the country. Therefore some consumershave the challenge of finding store locations. The Consumer Product Challenge: With Trader Joes NicheTarget Market and Niche Products, they find themselvesthe challenge of positioning themselves as a top specialfood need grocery store.
  4. 4. Target MarketMillennial Generation and/or Ages 20-60Income Levels $35,000 to $60,000These consumers, as you already know, are ecologically conscious people in the midstages of their life. They are looking to be healthy, eat local, and invest in groceries fit totheir needs; vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.50 mile radius of each Trader Joe’s store.Further more, we also want to target individuals using their mobile devices looking tomake last minute shopping decisions in order to induce trial of your stores and products.We hope, as you do, that trial will lead to brand loyalty and high brand awareness. 
  5. 5. Trader Joes Digital ThemeCurrent Theme: "My Trader Joes List"This current theme works around making listof Trader Joes Products and discussing whatyou purchase. New Suggested Themes: "Location BasedTheme" & "Consumer Shopping" encompassingthe Old Theme Attributes.
  6. 6. Location Finding CampaignAs mentioned in the latter slides, this digital campaignwill drive traffic and conversation around finding locationsto Trader Joes around the nation. Hopefully this campaignwill drive heavy mobile use and drive conversation aboutlocal store benefits.● Mobile Use● Location Finding Website Service● Google AdWords● Google Search Ads● Social Media
  7. 7. Consumer Shopping CampaignThis campaign will be focused around the special foodneeds concept. Positioning Trader Joes as the number onemarket for these niche target markets is our top priorityin this campaign.  ● Incorporate "My Trader Joes List" ● Social Media/New Media ● Website ● My List Blog
  8. 8. Social MediaFacebook: Drive more conversation based around thecurrent campaign and stay away from heavy conversationsabout product as these can turn into reviews. Twitter: Lower the amount of outgoing Tweets and drivethe conversation market to Facebook. Create a Hashtag(#) for the current campaign. Instagram: Use this medium to supplement the currentsocial media and drive conversation about "My TraderJoes List"
  9. 9. Key Factors to Success● Large Follow through in the Social Media. ● Traffic and Prompt Discussion on the blog, social media, and review sites. ● Stay away from heavily taking about product. ● Do a mid campaign analysis and update your AdWords Campaign based one which campaign is doing better.
  10. 10. Budget and Timeline ● 60.3% ($33,165) Search Marketing ● 4.1% ($2,255) Social Media ● 2.36% ($1,298) Mobile Enhancements ● 20.5% ($11,275) Commission Rate ● 12.74% ($7,007) Trafficking and Social MediaThe timeline will include a campaign that spans at minimum one fullyear. However, most of these recommendations are are alwaysrequiring maintenance. The seasonal peaks will be holidays andwill/can require special mini-campaigns due to holiday food.