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IMM: Design Type


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Basics of using Type in web design

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IMM: Design Type

  1. 1. Design: TypeReadabilityRelationshipsTypes of Type (FontsType on the web
  2. 2. ReadabilityType has multiple purposes but the most important is readability.The ability for a reader to easily read and understand the text.Contributors/DistractorsSize, color, texture, light, font, weight, relationship etc.
  3. 3. Relationships
  4. 4. ConcordantUses one type family with little change in style, size or weight. This can be used tocommunicate a sedated or formal situation but can also be dull.
  5. 5. Conflicting When you combine type faces that are similar but not the same. This makes the page less interesting because it is not concordant. Times New Roman &Palatino
  6. 6. ContrastingWhen you combineseparate typefacesthat are distinct anddifferent from eachother. The best designshave contrast and thisincludes font.
  7. 7. Type CategoriesRemember them in groups of two:Old/Modern, Serif/Sans, Script/Decorative
  8. 8. Oldstyle
  9. 9. Modern
  10. 10. Slab Serif
  11. 11. Sans Serif
  12. 12. Script
  13. 13. Decorative
  14. 14. Type Categories
  15. 15. Type ContrastsSize, Weight, Structure, Form, Direction and Color
  16. 16. My RulesNever use more than three fonts and two is probably enoughNever use more than one serif fontNever use more than one san serif fontNever use more than one decorative font and only in limited dosesTypically, I choose one Serif, one san and call it a style!
  17. 17. Fun What the Font
  18. 18. In class exercise