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Retiring or already retired and asking yourself what's next? We can help you to have that next great and lasting excitement of a satisfying career direction. Continue your the best years of your life. We can help you to get excited about life with new directions and a plan to get there.

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Career Networking

  1. 1. NetworkingPlanYourNEXTSTEP…
  2. 2. NetworkingWhere does Networkingfit in the total picture ofyour JOB SEARCH?????Check Job Search Program List
  3. 3. Networking• Retired or About to be Retired• What’s Next• Job TargetHOW………….
  4. 4. NetworkingKnow Thyself…………..• Check your last resume, cover letter,portfolio…• What kinds of work have you done?• What are your skills?• What are your strengths and weaknesses?• List ASSETS you are bringing to the job.
  5. 5. NetworkingFinding a job can be challengingRemember there are always opportunitiesTraditional methods: Classifieds or Employment Agencies75% to 95% of jobs are hiddenNetworking – developing relationships, talk to people aroundyouNetworking is fun and rewardingHAVE A PLAN!!!!!!!!!!WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. 7. NETWORKINGFormal• Professional Sites• Career Search Specialists• Association Meetings• Job Search Forums• Job Search and Career Networking• Linked-In, Facebook…
  8. 8. NETWORKINGInformal• Parties• Holiday Occasions• Friends• Acquaintances• Email• Phone
  9. 9. HOW of NETWORKING• ContactsLevel 1 and 2• Methods• Follow-up
  10. 10. Who Do You Know??????Level 1 ContactsFriends, Family, Neighbours, Clergy, Association Members,Teachers, Former Co-workers, Employers, Managers,Former Customers, Clients, Business Contacts, References,Acquaintances from Sports, Community, Social andVolunteer Groups, Hairdressers, Doctors, Dentists,Storekeepers……..
  11. 11. Who is Next???????????Level 2 Contacts• People Level 1 Contacts have referredyou to ……
  12. 12. Methods forNETWORKINGContacts…….• Person to Person• Cold Calls – Phone• Emails• Letters• Voice Mail
  13. 13. NETWORKINGEveryone is a Potential ContactKnow your Contacts• Contact Information• What person is like• What do I need to know before calling• What is the best way to call them• What is the best time to call them• What connection do you see• What should you ask• Can I use your name when I call
  14. 14. NETWORKINGHave a Level 2 CONTACT….……..What’s NEXT?• What are your goals• Let them know you are looking for a job• Offer your resume• Ask for advice, information, leads• Can they give you a contact• Get inside information about company,• job, career field• Current and upcoming opportunities
  15. 15. Set up for NETWORKINGInformation Interviews…Job Shadow…Volunteer
  16. 16. NETWORKINGCold Calls• Have a quota for calls• Each time you call, it is easier• Give a brief introduction• Let them know why you are calling• Have a personal infomercial• Keep conversation brief• Be clear about how you willcommunicate from this point on• Ask for what you want (short meeting)• Don’t ask for a job• Make notes
  17. 17. NETWORKINGPerson to Person• Be polite and respectful• Dress comfortably and appropriately• Keep the conversation brief• Have a dozen good questions• Be prepared to talk about you and be interesting• Don’t forget the other person• Get names of two new contacts• Send a thank you note• + + + the items underlined under Cold Calls
  18. 18. NETWORKINGInformational Interview• Career opportunities• Training requirements• Trends and future outlook• Job and work setting information• Physical demands of work• Typical day on the job• Work environment• Team or independent work
  19. 19. Preparation forNETWORKINGResearch Company/Employer/Contact• Website• Print Media• Contacts
  20. 20. Follow-up forNETWORKING• Phone call• Letter/Note• Email• Voice Mail
  21. 21. NETWORKINGAlways……• Follow through with all referrals• Thank you notes for Referrers, Contacts andInterviewers• Have a pen• Have a business or contact card• Keep track of all contacts and the status of situation• Focus on building relationships• Evaluate your network• Take advantage of strong and weak ties• Maintain your network• REACH OUT TO YOUR NETWORK
  22. 22. NETWORKINGREFERENCESBook(s)Canadian Hidden Job Market Directory, The, 7th editionCanadas best directory for finding the unadvertised jobsSentor Media, PublisherPaperback/327pp2008SEN-324326$29.95Job ListsCareerJet Book Search Forums careernetworking/Career_Social_Networking.htmNetworking Letters