LinkedIn for Professional Networking


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LinkedIn for Professional Networking

  1. 1. You’re Doing It Right!LinkedIn for Business
  2. 2. What you already know…• Kelly V. Pavlovic• Owner, Feather & Stone Consulting since 1994• Bachelor of Science, Case Western Reserve Univ.• Speaker, consultant, writer, voracious reader
  3. 3. Now some fun facts…• Have an unholy attraction to cheese of all sorts• Learned to knit summer of 1984 in Sweden, still at it• Covet Anthony Bourdain’s job on No Reservations• Proud Crazy Cat Lady Parent of Greystoke and Angus
  4. 4. Today, you will learn how to:• COMPLETE your PROFILE• WRITE for SUCCESS with KEYWORDS• BUILD your NETWORK• Get RECOMMENDED• SETTINGS that align with YOUR GOALS• Join GROUPS• Use your INBOX• Read NEWS and stay INFORMED• ANSWERS and building CREDIBILITY• Install APPS and use them EFFECTIVELY• BEST PRACTICES & ETIQUETTE
  5. 5. Say whaaaaa….?!• 43 Elvis Tribute Artists • 104 Chimney Sweeps with LinkedIn profiles with LinkedIn profiles
  6. 6. What is LinkedIn Anyway?• Launched in 2003• Online resume and portfolio• Virtual professional networking 24/7• 147 million user as of January 2012• 45% growth since last year at this time• North America/Europe: 66% of users• Females: 42% of users• Intended to be gated access• Find leads, build network & increase credibility
  7. 7. Home Screen
  8. 8. Profile – Headline & Status
  9. 9. Profile – Summary & Activity
  10. 10. Profile – Organizations/Education
  11. 11. Profile• Make sure it is 100% complete• Write a creative headline – within reason• Summary – What you have done – What you are doing – What you are interested in• Add Sections to provide more details of your professional life, interests & accomplishments• Make it your own
  12. 12. Recommendations
  13. 13. Recommendations - Giving
  14. 14. Recommendations - Giving
  15. 15. Recommendations - Requesting
  16. 16. Recommendations• Give before you ask• Reciprocal recommendations are obvious to employers, so be wary of “tit for tat”• Builds your own credibility and that of others• Don’t be shy about asking for what you want – Which position – Which skills & expertise – Certain keywords you wish to be included
  17. 17. Connections
  18. 18. Connections & Tags
  19. 19. Connections & Tags• ALWAYS personalize the request note you send• List of your Connections – Alphabetically & by Tags• Use Tags to group your connections – Industry, Memberships, Organizations• Orange numbers indicate most recently active• My opinion: NOT about the numbers but the quality of the connections you have – Others only see stats up to 500+ – Are you able to speak intelligently about each of your Connections? Do you remember how you know them?• LION: “LinkedIn Open Network” – People who will allow connections from ANYone
  20. 20. Network Statistics
  21. 21. Groups
  22. 22. Groups• Limit of 50 (free accounts)• Respect the rules• Obey moderators• Share common interests/expertise• Meet new people in your industry• Browse your Connections’ Groups for idea• Start Your Own!
  23. 23. Jobs
  24. 24. Inbox & Messages
  25. 25. Inbox & Messages• Get in the habit of checking as often as you do your email account(s)• Can group message up to 10 people at once• Invitations stored here• Similar to Facebook Inbox• Can be linked to your email
  26. 26. Companies
  27. 27. Companies• Search companies to follow – Useful for job seekers – In-Network information• Create a page for your own company• Should you have one? – People can follow company-specific activity – Hires, promotions and recent changes – Products & Services – YouTube videos, Promotions, Key Features
  28. 28. News – LinkedIn Today
  29. 29. News - Signal
  30. 30. News• LinkedIn Today – Latest articles• Saved Articles – Organize saved articles• Signal – Since 2010 – Way to search and organize incoming data from your network – Left column gives options to filter
  31. 31. More menu
  32. 32. Answers
  33. 33. Answers – Advanced Search
  34. 34. Answers – Ask a Question
  35. 35. Answers – Top Experts
  36. 36. Answers• Began in 2007• Ask and answer questions in many topics• Build credibility• Expertise is awarded – One point for every “Best” answer – More expertise, more featured on Answers Home• Discover new contacts• Add value to the community
  37. 37. Learning Center
  38. 38. Applications
  39. 39. Applications• Explore possibilities• Choose what best fits your needs• Should you link Facebook, Twitter and Wordpress? – My opinion: NO – Better left to manual updates• Events: publicize work-related happenings• Polls: crowdsourcing• Slideshare: build credibility• Reading List: fun sharing• TripIt!: find network members when you travel
  40. 40. Settings• Profile• Email Preferences• Groups, Companies & Applications• Account
  41. 41. Settings>>Profile
  42. 42. Settings - Profile• Settings>>Profile>>Edit Your Public Profile
  43. 43. LinkedIn Etiquette• Think of this as a professional networking event – 24/7, 365 days a year – Conduct yourself accordingly• Select your profile picture with care – Make it as professional as possible• Language – Use your best, pretend your mother is watching you!• Always customize a Connection request – Shows respect for the other person – Conveys the importance with which you view professional relationships & introductions• Not the venue for personal status updates – Keep those on your personal Facebook timeline
  44. 44. LinkedIn Best Practices• COMPLETE your profile and keep it UPDATED• CHECK OFTEN for invitations and messages• READ REGULARLY – your streams keep you in the loop• SEARCH OFTEN for new Connections… and past ones!• PARTICIPATE in group discussions and Q&A• DON’T BE SHY about asking for clarification when you get an invitation from someone you don’t recognize• DECIDE if you will take on the LION mindset or be more selective about your Connections• USE APPLICATIONS to enhance your use of LinkedIn
  45. 45. Your Assignment….Should you choose to accept it.• CREATE a Twitter account• CREATE a HootSuite account• DECIDE if you will self-host a blog or use a free online app instead• CONSIDER – How frequently will you commit to writing? – Who is your audience? – What is your expertise? – Why do you want to, or think you should, blog?
  46. 46. Where to find me…••••• @featherandstone @pavpower••