Networking: Developing Professional Relationships


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This helpful presentation gives you insight into exactly how to network and the different ways you can do it.

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Networking: Developing Professional Relationships

  1. 1. Career Center Networking: Developing Professional Rela6onships
  2. 2. What is Networking? • Reciprocal • Rela6onship building process over 6me • Informa6on gathering • Leveraging exis6ng rela6onships
  3. 3. Hidden Job Market
  4. 4. Reframe • Strength of 2nd and 3rd degree connec6ons • Under your control • Benefit of being a student • You are a resource
  5. 5. Networking Framework • First Impression • Start a Conversa6on • Find Something in Common • Create a Reason to Follow-­‐up
  6. 6. First Impression Nonverbal • Space • Eye Contact • Handshake • Smiling • Appearance • Network Independently Verbal • Volume • Clarity • Preferred Name
  7. 7. Start a Conversa6on Networking Worksheet
  8. 8. Find Something in Common
  9. 9. Create a Reason to Follow Up • Offer something • Capitalize on what you have in common • Get contact informa2on • AVer the conversa6on, jot down notes about what you learned
  10. 10. Prac6ce! • First impression – Name, handshake, smile & eye contact • Start a conversa6on – ask informed ques6ons • Find something in common • Create a reason to follow up
  11. 11. Following Up It’s never too late to follow up, but sooner is be^er! • When • How • What
  12. 12. Follow-­‐up Email Example* Dear Ms. Smith, We met at the collegiate mascot conven6on last week and talked about some of the best cape manufacturers. I took your advice and bought a new cape from Thank you; I love it. In my search, I also found this site for 6ghts that I thought you might find useful: It seems your mascot career has been really successful. I am also considering pursuing this as a career. Would you have 20 minutes to talk in the next week? I am more available between 4-­‐8 p.m. EST, but can make 6me when it is most convenient for you. Sincerely, John Jones *When wri6ng follow-­‐up emails remember to keep your context in mind.
  13. 13. Homework Follow up with the person you met during the networking prac6ce today • Prac6ce wri6ng a follow up email/connec6ng on LinkedIn • Highlight what you had in common • Get their contact info before you leave
  14. 14. Ac6on Steps Prepare & Prac6ce Expand Network Nurture Network
  15. 15. Career Center Contact Us (919) 660-­‐1050 h^p:// Twi^