Mastering a Career Fair


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Mastering a Career Fair

  1. 1. Career Fair Strategy Anne H. Jones Piton Inc.Veterans Education and Career Summit
  2. 2. What Does Success Look Like? The Beauty of a Cold Glass of Beer • Knowing what you want • Getting what you want • Having it be what you wanted
  3. 3. Today‟s Class• Strategy = Understand the concepts• Standard Operating Procedure = Have an actionable plan• Rehearsal = Practice
  4. 4. StrategyKnow the employer’s purpose. What’s in it for them?• Connect with candidates• Screen candidates on the spot• Brand their organization
  5. 5. StrategyKnow your own purpose. What’s in it for you?• Understand the market• Plan and prepare for applications and interviews• Expand your network of employer contacts and other students
  6. 6. Set Your GoalsMake “Understanding the Market” a goal.• What are functions and industries? • Function: what will you do • Industry: where will you do it• Where are the jobs you want located?• What is the current and future environment?
  7. 7. Prepare for InterviewsPractice for the „At Bat‟Use the Career Fair to prepare for future interviews:• What skills are they are looking for?• What do they know about you?• How does your „pitch‟ work?
  8. 8. Expand Your NetworkGet Noticed and Learn who is out there• “Who can help me?”• “Who can help someone I know?”• “Can I be a connector?”
  9. 9. 4 stages of the Job Opening Posted online. Have Open to the job, looking universe for referrals Have a need, but no job description Companies on the lookout for talent Plan-Prepare-Execute: Military Skills for Your Civilian Career Search9
  10. 10. Pre - GameGet the list of who is attending• Make A, B and C lists• A = Your dream job / dream company• B = A good fit.• C = Interesting but don‟t know much about this company
  11. 11. Pre - GameGet on the website of every A & B list• Who do you already know there? LinkedIn• What makes you value added as an employee there?• What jobs do they have posted?
  12. 12. Game Day• Get dressed • Clean, good fitting outfit. If you feel professional and comfortable, that is how you will look.• Visualize Success• Practice your pitch (out loud)• Consider what to bring • Folder to carry resumes, cards, pen and paper
  13. 13. The Booth SOP• Go to the “B companies‟ first• Check your notes• Wait patiently (pleasant face, standing straight but comfortable)• Eye contact, smile, shake• Introduce yourself. Ask a question• Ask for and give cards• Say thank you• Step away. Put card away note down information to follow up
  14. 14. The Pitch SOP in 5 Easy Pieces”• Introduction• Key skill, experience I need to know about you• A second skill, experience I need to know about you.• A third thing I need to know about you• Where you would like to take these skills and experiences Networking Success for Veterans
  15. 15. The Pitch: Tell your story in 5 Easy Pieces Key skills, experiences I need to know about you Where you would likeIntroduction to take these skills and experiences Networking Success for Veterans
  16. 16. Game On!• Go to the “B companies‟, then “A” and then C• Avoid waiting in line• Meet as many in the booth as possible• Check your notes before going to booth• Visit as many booths as possible• Go to the private receptions• Send follow-up emails
  17. 17. Battle Buddy Strategy• This is Not a Zero Sum Game. • You want them to want you, but also to want to hire more veterans in general. Everyone wins.• Pick a Battle Buddy to check in with a few times • Practice with your pitch • Reconnaissance • Introductions • Moral Support
  18. 18. Serious Etiquette for Networking• Be clear about what you‟re asking• Be over prepared• Be mindful of people‟s time• Smile and Say Thank You• Respect Reputations• Be aware of TMI (too much info)• Just One Drink and no smoking Networking Success for Veterans
  19. 19. It‟s Not Personal…• You might hear… • “Don‟t give me your resume, send it to our website” • “I don‟t make hiring decisions, I‟m just here because….” • “We‟re only hiring for full-time”
  20. 20. Let‟s Do It• Standing Tall• Shaking Hands• The Pitch• Taking the Lead
  21. 21. Contact Information Anne H. Jones Cell: 347 782 1715 • • www.pitoninc.orgFollow Us on Twitter, Linked In, Facebook Military Career Transition Planning for Uncertain Times