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Design media careers lmf


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Design media careers lmf

  1. 1. Design  and  Media  Careers   Len  Forgione  
  2. 2. LEN
  3. 3.  (and  Keeping)  a  Job  in  Media   and  Design  •  Current  Landscape:   – Intense  compe55on  for  jobs  in  NY   – Corporate  media  jobs  are  not  as  plen5ful   – Freelance  jobs  more  available   – Tradi5onal  media  is  shi?ing  to  digital   – Employees  must  evolve  with  the   industry  
  4. 4. Set  Clear  Goals  •  What  would  you  like  to  do?  •  What  do  you  enjoy  the  most?  •  Never  too  early  to  think  about  your  career.  •  Start  your  own  business…   – I  started  doing  web  design  at  Hofstra  when  I   was  17.   – This  led  to  more  web  work.  
  5. 5. Get  an  Internship  •  Great  prac5cal  experience.  •  Nice  resume  builder.  •  Interns  o?en  get  hired  a?er  gradua5on.  •  Lets  you  get  a  feel  for  the  workplace  and   culture.   –  I  had  three  internships  in   different  industries.   –  Decide  what  you  like  to  do.  
  6. 6. Network!  •  “Who  you  know”  does  maRer  in  this  industry.  •  Go  to  university  func5ons  or  join  an  interest   group.  •  Meet  people,  hand  out  business  cards.  •  Talk  to  everyone  about  what  you  would  like  to   do.  •  Start  a  club  or  group.  •  LinkedIn/Facebook.  
  7. 7. Know  How  to  Market  Yourself  •  Put  together  a  porWolio  or  reel  of  your  class   work.  •  If  you  don’t  have  any  work  to  show,  do  a  quick   personal  project  on  something  you  love.    •  Passion  projects  can  o?en  get  you  no5ced.    •  Have  your  own  website  or  digital   presence.  •  Take  advantage  of  social  media.  
  8. 8. Be  VersaEle  •  Be  able  to  wear  many  hats.    •  Employers  today  are  looking  for  a  lot  of  value   for  their  dollar.  •  Your  team  will  probably  be  small,  and  you’ll  all   have  mul5ple  roles.  •  If  you’re  freelance,  a  deep  skill  set     lets  you  handle  diverse  projects.  
  9. 9. Get  Out  of  Your  Comfort  Zone    •  If  you’re  asked  to  do  something  outside  of   your  skill  set  –  do  it!    •  Look  it  up,  make  mistakes,  but  do  it.  •  Learn,  grow  your  skill  set  and  make  an   impression  on  your  employer.    •  Force  your  brain  to  wake  up.  •  Don’t  stagnate.  
  10. 10. Be  Passionate  About  What  You  Do  •  If  you’re  into  your  work,  show  it!  •  It  will  rub  off  on  others,  and  your  boss  will   no5ce.  •  Sour  apples  get  pushed  out  (I’ve  seen  it   happen).  •  Happy  =  Produc5ve.  •  Produc5ve  =  Employed.  
  11. 11. Follow  Your  Dreams    •  That’s  how  I  ended  up  at  Sesame  Street  and   DC  Comics.  •  Be  persistent.  •  Some5mes  luck  plays  a  factor.  •  Parlay  your  interest/hobby  into  a  career.  •  Kermit  did  it,  so  can  you.  
  12. 12. What  Am  I  Looking  for  as  an  Employer?  •  Be  efficient  and  take  direc5on.  •  Have  personality,  infuse  life  into  your  work.  •  Work  independently  when  required.  •  Make  sugges5ons  and  improve  on  ideas.    •  Well-­‐put  together  appearance  and  hygiene.     –  Dress  according  to  the  workplace.  •  Have  relevant  experience.  •  Have  digital  experience.  •  Know  when  to  step  away.  
  13. 13. Be  able  to  translate  business  needs   into  creaEve  direcEon.   •  If  you  can  develop  this  skill,  it  will  serve  you   well.   •  Being  able  to  understand  what  your  boss  is   saying  and  then  create  something  that   sa5sfies  that  need  is  crucial.     •  People  like  choice,  and  the  best  version   usually  wins  out.     •  Fine  line  between  art  and  commerce.   •  GOOD  LUCK!  or