SoLoMo Thursday - Manage your Online Reputation with PR Guru Tom Evrard


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  • No matter how good a company is, first impressions mean a lot and perception is reality in today’s digital world. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to please your key stakeholders, there remains an unsatisfied and disgruntled individual or group that wants to let the world know how unhappy they are.
  • Ensure your positive content is aligned with key messages / positioning listed at the top of search engines to be easily found by key stakeholders and mediaThese long played roles have been affecting businesses even before the internet
  • Social Media Monitoring is the critical first step in an effective communications strategy to join and influence the digital conversation, helping understand where and when a particular brand, topic, individual, issue or event is being discussed and what is being said. This ongoing activity enables us to identify business and communications opportunities and threats, and measure stakeholder sentiment and influence. The results from the “listening phase” would underlie the development of any social media strategy.
  • SoLoMo Thursday - Manage your Online Reputation with PR Guru Tom Evrard

    1. 1. 03 April 2013 PAGE1Website : http://www.SoLoMoThursday.comFacebook : : : :!/SoLoMoThursdayBook Ticket : http://solomothursday.eventbrite.comSoLoMo ThursdayLeon LeongBiz Relations DirectorTechsailor Group
    2. 2. 03 April 2013 PAGE 2Drink Vouchers @ Baro `Opening NoteBiz Card @Fishbowl@SoLoMoThursday
    3. 3. 03 April 2013 PAGE 3Objectives
    4. 4. 03 April 2013 PAGE 4SPEAKER : THOMAS EVRARD
    5. 5. Manage your OnlineReputation with PR GuruThomas Evrard03 April 2013 PAGE 5
    6. 6. Fun Facts• Adults spend 15+ hours a week on the internet• 1 in 5 couples meet online• 56% of HR professionals use social networking sitesto source potential candidates• 35% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2013• 1 million new Twitter accounts created each day• Over 50 million tweets each day• 53% of users recommend products in their tweets• 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations… only 14%trust advertising03 April 2013 PAGE 6
    7. 7. Today’s Integrated Media Landscape• The media landscape continues to shift• Print media consumption decreasing• Digital media (online / mobile / tablet)consumption on the increase• Media has gone “social”• Reputation management isn’t just in themedia• B2B media consumption continuing toevolve03 April 2013 PAGE 7
    8. 8. 03 April 2013 PAGE 8
    9. 9. 03 April 2013 PAGE 9
    10. 10. Active social media penetrationActive Social Media Penetration in Asian countries 2013in %28.0029.0036.0039.0041.0045.0045.0050.0052.0053.0056.0027.000.00 10.00 20.00 30.00 40.00 50.00 60.00ThailandJapanPhilippinesMaldivesSouth KoreaMacaoChinaMalaysiaSingaporeHong KongBruneiTaiwan03 April 2013 PAGE 10
    11. 11. Is Your Brand Protected?03 April 2013 PAGE 11
    12. 12. The Power of Social Media• Positive reviews and recommendations havealways played an important role in lifting abusiness to its potential height• On the contrary, negative reviews and insincerestakeholders have remained a powerful sourceof demise to the good reputation of anycompany• Today, negative media articles, blog posts andstakeholder reviews on authoritative websitesare more damaging and easily spread than everbefore03 April 2013 PAGE 12
    13. 13. • How the game has changed?• Who matters online and how do we find them?• Where are conversations occurring?• What kind of content will resonate with your keystakeholders?• How do you amplify and synchronise your reputationmanagement & communications programme?Where to Get Started03 April 2013 PAGE 13
    14. 14. PR 2013: Communications Has Evolved03 April 2013 PAGE 14
    15. 15. Keys to Digital Success03 April 2013 PAGE 115
    16. 16. 1. Discover 2. Determine Influence 3. Analyze Content3. Intersecting content with integrated media landscapeDigital influencers help amplify your message03 April 2013 PAGE 16
    17. 17. 4. Build EngagementStrategies5. Follow Influencers 6. Measure Outreach3. Intersecting content with integrated media landscapeDigital influencers help amplify your message03 April 2013 PAGE 17
    18. 18. Social Media – “Listening Phase”• Consumers and other stakeholders are having live, passionate, online conversationsabout your company that could impact your brand’s reputation.• User-generated content influences the decisions of more than 80 percent ofconsumers who read them. Conversation mining is the first – and perhaps mostcritical – phase to any digital communications strategy.• Identifying and mining online “conversations” (blogs, videos, message boards, socialcommunities, micro-blogs, etc.) during the “listening phase” to helps betterunderstand consumer sentiment and influence.Conversation Mining• Share of voice• Tonality• Source of conversation• Perceptions• Risk to reputation• Audience sentiment• Key influencersAnalysis on gathered intelligence03 April 2013 PAGE 18
    19. 19. • Keywords / terms research• Publish right kind and amount ofcontent• Video, photos, thought leadership,etc.• Search engine optimisation• Engage stakeholders in appropriatechannels• Measure & analyseContent is King03 April 2013 PAGE 19
    20. 20. Search Engine OptimisationWhat is it?• The process of increasing the positioningof a website on search engine resultspages via content optimisationWhy do we do it?• Increase opportunities to connectstakeholders with your content andpositioning• 80% of clicks come from the first page ofsearch engine results• Only 10% of second page results receiveclicks03 April 2013 PAGE 20
    21. 21. What Influences Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)Cross-promote your content via website, press room, earned mediaand social media platformsAlgorithm influencers:• Number views• Social synchronisation• Comments• Shares• Likes03 April 2013 PAGE 21
    22. 22. Online Crisis Management03 April 201303 April 2013 PAGE 22
    23. 23. Crisis Considerations• Know what is and what is not a crisis• Acknowledgement• Assess reputational impact• Establish response protocol• Monitor, monitor, monitor• Control and tailor stakeholder messages• Evaluate what is worth responding to• Learn from each experience03 April 2013 PAGE 23
    24. 24. Race Against Time03 April 2013 PAGE 24
    25. 25. Crisis Management03 April 2013 PAGE 225
    26. 26. 03 April 2013 PAGE 26Brought to you by:Questions?Thomas Evrard[E][M] +65 91076123[O] +65 6831 7820
    27. 27. 03 April 2013 PAGE 27SPEAKER : Christian GeissendoerferFOUNDER & CEO, YOOSEApril 25, 2013Why Everybody Hates YourMobile Advertisement
    28. 28. 03 April 2013 PAGE 28SPEAKER : Aravinth KumarasamyFOUNDER, SAMBAASHMay 30, 2013The Meaning of "Like"
    29. 29. 03 April 2013 PAGE 29SPEAKER : Ewan GreyDIRECTOR, APACSKYSCANNERJune 27 , 2013How to make your BusinessFail.
    30. 30. 03 April 2013 PAGE 30SPEAKER : Wayne ChiaBIZ DEVELOPMENTDIRECTOR, TECHSAILOR GROUPJuly 25, 2013Behavioural Marketing:It’s Not About ME.
    31. 31. Lucky Draw03 April 2013 PAGE 31
    32. 32. Bulk Buying Deal03 April 2013 PAGE 324 tickets@ $39.90----------------o Purchase at Reception.o Cash Only.o Tickets are transferable.
    33. 33. 03 April 2013 PAGE 33Brought to you by:Thank you Tom!