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SoLoMo Thursday - How to Succeed in F&B (29 March 2012)


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SoLoMo Thursday - How to Succeed in F&B (29 March 2012)

  1. 1. HOW TO SUCCEED IN F&B in 2012
  2. 2. SPEAKER : JOEL
  3. 3. The Internet Revolution.
  4. 4. Internet has given us…o The ability to acquire information almost instantly.o The ability to share information and knowledge with others.
  5. 5. How has it altered our decisions?o 10 to 15 years ago… I would have believed what you said. But what about Now?
  6. 6. The current behavior.o Exposure to a new Brand/Product.o We SEARCH for the product claims, we GOOGLE!o Google is the new Search.o “Reviews of iPad 3” “Best Japanese food in Shenton Way”….. “How to change a light-bulb”.o We search for Supporting Claims.
  7. 7. Google knows.o By collecting search analytics, Google amends it’s results dynamically.o Google strives to suggest or show you the most relevant results.o Typically on the first 3 pages, we get Brand Sites, Communities, Review Sites & Answers.o In short, User Generated Content gets top priority.
  8. 8. We Make a Decision.Based On What We Hear.
  9. 9. Why HungryGoWhere?o Most visited F&B portal in SG.o More than 900,000 unique visitors monthly.o 4 million page views monthly.o 90% of our traffic comes from Search Engines with excellence in SEO.o Appears on 1st Page of Google for 80% of restaurant name search. (Based on internal Google Analytics.)o Target audience is lifestyle driven and maintains a minimum living standard.
  10. 10. Our ReachHGW Is The Top F&B Site!
  11. 11. HGW Measuring Up Against OurCompetitors – Alexa.comHungryGoWhere has the highest internet reach among F&B Portals.
  12. 12. HGW Measuring Up Against OurCompetitors – DoubleClick AdPlannerHungryGoWhere has the highest internet reach amongF & B Portals.
  13. 13. We are the F&B Benchmark.Audience from all other sites uses HGW before making theirpurchase decision!
  14. 14. We are the F&B Benchmark.Audience from all other sites uses HGW before making theirpurchase decision!
  15. 15. We are the F&B Benchmark.Audience from all other sites uses HGW before making theirpurchase decision!
  16. 16. We are the F&B Benchmark.Audience from all other sites uses HGW before making theirpurchase decision!
  17. 17. Organic Page Views of Lucky 13.Data from Dec 11 to Mar 12. Search Demo.
  18. 18. Key Success Factors of HGW.Search Engine Optimization and how it value-adds to the local F&B industry. o By being highly relevant. o By ensuring content generation. o By creating a closely knitted community of food lovers. o By helping consumers make an informed decision.
  19. 19. Mobile & Location Based Solutions.o HungryGoWhere application is available across iOS, Android and BlackBerry.o Over 300,000 downloads on iOS alone.o One of the most popular apps in town!
  20. 20. Keyword: Chinese
  21. 21. Key Success Factors of HGW Mobileo Being Concise. Straight to the point.o Enhancing Mobile Experience.o Location Based Search & Suggestions.o Provides a more targeted platform for our advertisers.o The ability to contribute contents on the move.
  22. 22. From Search To Suggestions, & Now Reservations.
  23. 23. Changing Times o Ticketing has moved from Paper to Paperless. o Paperless to Phone. o Finally Phone to ONLINE.Why not F&B reservations?TableDB brings you INSTANT reach to the digitalaudience.
  24. 24. The Tabledb Solution.Beyond Reservations.
  25. 25. 1. Boost Revenue.o Complementing your existing A&P, reaches out to the ever growing digital audience.o Sends you Instant Confirmation.o Integrate ability with HGW and client’s website.o Performance Based Costing from as Low as $1 per diner.o
  26. 26. 2. Table Managemento Manage your seating from TableDB, Walk-ins & Phone Reservations in one Single System.o Self customization.o Individual configurations for different meal time.o Managing seating capacity.
  27. 27. 3. Digital Database.o Digital database of all your diners are stored on “cloud” –Paperless.o Knowing your consumers’ needs through historical data.o Data stays with you, not your staff.
  28. 28. 4. Reporting & Management.o Generating reporting on-the-fly.o Accessibility anywhere, with Internet connection.o Customizable user restrictions.o Manage multiple outlets from a single login.
  29. 29. Summary - TableDB SolutionDiners o Completing the cycle from Search, Short-list, Reservation. o Instant Confirmation. o Reserve from anywhere in the world. o No Reservation Charges.
  30. 30. Summary - TableDB SolutionF&B Ownerso Boost Revenue.o Streamline Reservation Processes.o Cultivate Customer Relations.o Digital Media Exposure.o Instant Implementation.o iPad Based Mobile Solution.o Standalone System.o Integration with current Digital Properties.
  31. 31. A Quick Summaryo Identify your target audience.o Identify where they congregate.o Not just listen. Respond.o Identify your brand advocate.o It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about interactions.
  32. 32. Questions? Feel free to approach our friendly colleaguesBrought to you by: &