SoLoMo Thursday - Creativity On A Digital Shoestring Part 2


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SoLoMo Thursday - Creativity On A Digital Shoestring Part 2

  1. 1. 25 July 2013 SoLoMo Thursday Hafiz Saleh Social Media Analyst Techsailor Group
  2. 2.  M.A.D. School has, arguably, the world‟s smallest open house.  We turn classroom into a chic New York style digital art gallery featuring the world‟s first indoor and outdoor stop-motion projection mapping of D&AD award-winning student work and other award winners  Technically challenging piece.  Powerful, high-lumen outdoor projector used beamed projections on a special hologramic paper to enable viewing a distance away (all the way to Clarke Quay).
  3. 3. Another Dimension concept It‟s where you discover far more interesting things. Viewed through the right lens, another dimension appears. The diploma is the only one that adds another dimension to your creativity and strategic thinking. Meaning you won‟t see things the way others do. Projection mapping added another dimension to the award-winning student work. The technically challenging work piqued the interests of the digital creative community.
  4. 4. The strategy The Opening Reception The Open House campaign was a highly digital one to break away from traditional mediums the other schools employ. We held an opening reception for prospective students, creative and design industry players.
  5. 5. 2C3DAD (short for 2-Colours, 3-D, Another Dimension) DM • Sent to invitees, prospective students and trade partners • 3D glasses with interchangeable lenses so they see elements in different perspectives in line with “Another Dimension”. • A CTA urged them to RSVP via a multi-screen mobile Facebook app called „idimensioner‟.
  6. 6. • Brand / event awareness • RSVP • Leveraging social media • FB app brings in third party software or functionality • Data capture
  7. 7. • Multi-screen mobile Facebook app called „idimensioner‟. • Once on the Facebook App, registrants capture themselves via the photobooth app built into „idimensioner‟. • Upload to be a part of our projection mapping display, both indoor and outdoor.
  8. 8. Mobile video content creation & virability  World‟s smallest open house  First indoor and outdoor projection mapping
  9. 9. ‘Glocal’ seeding on 50+ global social media and sharing sites/blogs/forums such as:
  10. 10. Featured on
  11. 11. EDM and database activation
  12. 12. Total budget = $3000 Creative / production = 4 people 842 attendees over a month 180% jump in sales leads 100% brand awareness (never had an open house!) 462 guests uploaded their photos via idimensioner to be featured in projection mapping
  13. 13. A Decade of Creating the Brightest Bulbs
  14. 14. Insights
  15. 15. • M.A.D. School‟s 10-year anniversary. • Early 2013, they embarked on a digital-centric branding. • Digitally engage lecturers, students, alumni, associates, industry partners and even prospective students who aren‟t aware of digital approach and to launch new corporate identity.
  16. 16. Strategy
  17. 17. Multi-screen mobile video content • Eyebrow-raising stunts that create mobile video content for M.A.D. TV: video platform that showcases video campaigns seeded across social media platforms glocally. • Hope outrageous stunts have higher PR and viral value viral, without paid media. • To truly celebrate a decade of creating the brightest bulbs, we filmed at hotspots where the brightest bulbs are. • Gatecrashed a live football match between Home United FC and Albirex Niigate FC at Jalan Besar Stadium, Helix Bridge, Esplanade, Boat Quay and Orchard Central. • Video introduced new corporate identity of "Thinker First. Creative Second.”
  18. 18. DM, Video on AR
  19. 19.  Video uploaded and viewable on Layar Augmented Reality App.  Prospective attendees receive credit-card sized flat bulb in DM pack.  Instructions on downloading the Layar app via their smartphone.  Scan propped-up bulb via the app to launch AR video
  20. 20. Facebook | Engagement via Layar AR, RSVP via Facebook App  Facebook button at the end of video on AR brings them to FB app „The Brightspotter‟.  RSVP by lighting up an unlit bulb.  When celebrating a decade of creating the brightest bulbs, we need pretty bright ideas.  Post event, we cut final video to seed glocally.
  21. 21. EDM & Database activation
  22. 22. Total budget = $4000+ Creative / production = 6 people 243 attendees, reaching 78% of our target audience 100% attendees launched AR video and RSVP-ed via FB App
  23. 23. Featured on
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  26. 26. PAGE 31 SoLoMo Thursday Gala Night November 2013 26 Sept 2013
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