SoLoMo Thursday - A Million Dollar Lesson On Captivating Mobile Strategies (31 May 2012)


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  • Context\n\nSharing session\n\ngeneral guiding principles that we use\n\nMistakes that you can avoid\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
  • SG Malls? \n\nSchool Project back in 2008\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
  • Basic\nUtilitarian look (ugly)\n\nLaunched Feb 14, geeks way of being romantic\n\nMarket seeding problem -\nupdating data for malls VS users\n\nHow did we get users?\n\nShare some of the lessons and mistakes that we made. \n\n
  • Emailed student organisation in NUS. ->\n\nSingtel SMS blasting users\nStraitsTime\nMagazines - inFlight magazine\n\nNokia hired us for data\nApp referral - CapitalLand Mall\nThis is interesting, its going to be the next big thing. We can help others do the same too.\n\n
  • London Weight Management\nBeijing 101\nJaguar\nDell\nSentosa\n\n
  • Usage trend. \n\nWith marketing\nUsage graph of most of the decent app out there\n\niOS X10 android\n
  • Constant upgrade\npolish feature\nbetter features\n\nWork with partners for distribution, \nBIG or small\nsynergistic\n
  • Listen to your clients\n\nRegister email/ thank them, ask for feedback\nTalk to them, understand how they find you\nBuild evangelist\nPut in analytics - flurry\nFilter out lousy features\n
  • 1 single market, understand why it works for you. \n\nhave the resource and proper plan to expand\n\nSGMall:\nMalaysiaMall\nHKMall\nToronto Mall\nSydney Mall\n\n\n\n
  • Have a way to remind your users why they love you. If your app is going to stand alone, then people will delete it once they forget about it. \n\nReminders:\nPush notification \nReview\nNew features\n
  • Huge investment\nFocus\n
  • Important guage of where you should pour your limited resource in. \n
  • This is how your users feel like\n
  • tell everyone about your app\n\nmake a video, put it on youtube\nDistribute through facebook twitter, make sure that people can share your link easily\n\nThere is no way people will know about your app, no matter how awesome it is.\n\nMagazine\nNewspaper\nJournalist\n\n
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” — Leonardo da Vinci\nTime\n
  • phasing is important. Introduce features correctly. \n
  • \n
  • map real world behaviour to the mobile phone\nmap the game world to the real one - make it more fun\n\ngamify \n\n
  • animated story book about the adventures of rob\n\nDisney Channel Okto over 100 countries\n\nReading book, picking the right planet\nTracking kids learning curve -\nBest tester - 3 yr old nephew. \n
  • This is what you need to make your users feel like when you release your app\n
  • Phone is an extension to the user\n\nGyroscope\nGPS\nCompass\nPersonal data - contacts\nName\nHardware connection\nMedia/ calls/ music\n
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  • SoLoMo Thursday - A Million Dollar Lesson On Captivating Mobile Strategies (31 May 2012)

    1. 1. 40 / 725700 = 0.000055
    2. 2. A little story about us
    3. 3. The first week
    4. 4. We look forward to building your success story
    5. 5. Lesson 1 - Think BIG
    6. 6. Lesson 2 - Listen
    7. 7. Lesson 3 - Focus
    8. 8. Lesson 4 - I still Love you
    9. 9. What’s important
    10. 10. Social Games Utilities(Graphics) (Speed)
    11. 11. Share
    12. 12. Simplicity Simplicity Simplicity
    13. 13. FEATURES TIME
    14. 14. Incentivizing Behavior
    15. 15. This is not a Website.
    16. 16. Questions? Feel free to approach our colleaguesBrought to you by: &