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Thai Software Companies in CommunicAsia 2012


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List of Thai software companies for CommunicAsia 2012 with MT2 and Software Park Thailand on 18-22 June 2012

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Thai Software Companies in CommunicAsia 2012

  1. 1. Delegation ListMobile Technology for Thailand Technology Technologywebsite : :
  2. 2. MT2 is a platform was initiated by Software Park Thailand. This platform is the center for all stakeholders inThailands mobile-application development ecosystem, pooling the resources and contributions of all alliancemembers. It will provide technological know-how, development facilities, training, and assistance to commercialsoftware developers.MT2 was established on 26 April 2011. Our original alliances was formed from nine government, private andeducational organizations which consists of1. Telecommunications Research and Industrial Development Institute (TRIDI)2. National Electronic and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)3. Software Park Thailand (SWP)4. Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University5. King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)6. Microsoft (Thailand)7. Intel Microelectronics (Thailand)8. Samart Corporation9. Spring TelecomObjectiveThe main objective of MT2 is to promote and support Thailand mobile-application software industry aiming to putThailand in the world map. The expected output of MT2 is to have more numbers of mobile developers ,companiesand mobile applications in Thailand. The expected outcome of MT2 is to make Thailand become the MobileApplication outsourcing center in 5 years. Mobile Technology for Thailand T Technology website : facebook :
  3. 3. Example Activities in 2011- Seminars/Workshop: MT2 and Software Park have conducted several seminars/workshop for members for examples a serie of Mobile Dev Tech Talk and Android Workshop.- Promote Startup Companies: MT2 and AIS have organized and event called AIS Start up Weekend in December 2011 so members can pitch their ideas and form startup teams to create mobile-applications.- BlackBerry Dev Con: MT2 and RIM have sponsored 25 developers to join BlackBerry Dev Con 2011 at Singapore in December 2011.- Go to Market: TRIDI brought the member to partipate in “The CommunicAsia 2011” in June 2011. Mobile Technology for Thailand T Technology website : facebook :
  4. 4. Current Members MT2 has several categories of members. - Main alliances are those organizations who contribute to M2. - Individual members are developers, students or employees who registered for MT2 to join our activities - Company members who registers for MT2 for our business activities.Currently MT2 has twenty main alliances as follow 1. Telecommunications Research and Industrial Development Institute (TRIDI) 2. National Electronic and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) 3. Software Park Thailand (SWP) 4. Faculty of Engineering,Kasetsart University 5. King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) 6. Microsoft (Thailand) 7. Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) 8. Samart Corporation Pld. 9. Spring Telecom 10. Yakimayo (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 11. AIS Info Service 12. Mobile Monday Community 13. RIM (Blackberry) 14. Srinakharinwirot University 15. Assumption University 16. Rangsit University 17. Sripatum University 18. Mahanakorn University of Technology 19. Index Corp Co., ltd. 20. Google Developers Group (GDG) ThailandThere are 533 individual members which can be classified as follows 1. 106 Freelance developers. 5. 25 State enterprise employees 2. 52 New graduates 6. 41 Government Officer 3. 31 Entrepreneurs 7. 58 The others 4. 220 Private company employees Mobile Technology for Thailand T Technology website : facebook :
  5. 5. Road Map 2012 Our road map has divided in to 3 categories that are 1. Human Resources 2. Entrepreneurship and (Go to) Market/Outsourcing. In Human Resources category we have Universities, Software Park and MT2 Alliance as Stakeholder to perform Seminar, Training, Workshop and Roadshow In Entrepreneurship category we have Software Park, NECTEC, Sripatum University, AIS and so on as our stakeholder to incubate new entrepreneurs and this part we have a very good project form AIS which is called “The Start up” this project will support the person who has just and ideas. You have just a very good idea AIS will join you with another person to generate the product, training necessary knowledge until you have your own product also bring you to the market. In (Go to) Market/Outsourcing we have Government Organizations to give funding to support and bring you to the market. For an example, Software Park and Export Promoting Department is bring you to Expo that is “CommunicAsia” to demonstrate your product to another country customer, Business Matching activity is perform by Software Park and Competition Award Program from Samart Corporation, NECTEC and Intel all categories are promote and supporting our MT2 2012 Road map to success the highest goal that is Thai Mobile Application Development outsourcing to the would. Mobile Technology for Thailand T Technology website : facebook :
  6. 6. Delegation ListMobile Technology for Thailand T Technologywebsite : :
  7. 7. 23 Perspective Co., Ltd.     About Us :23 Perspective is a leading innovative services of online and wireless communication. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, wehave been developing and providing solutions of web/portal sites, online social media campaigns, mobile application,online game and game application with seamless integration of front-end User interface design and back-endapplications development.Services : Showcase:What We Do With our experience in software and, we bring together great marketing, creative andtechnical minds, and demystifies the content through an SHOPPENING is mobile application for your business. You canopen, transparent environment by developing integrated create mobile coupon, loyalty card, and promotion news forhardware, software and services. Our role is to work with your promotion campaign to drive more traffic to your store,you in partnership to leverage the opportunities that the increase more sales, turn shopper into loyal buyers, and todigital world offers. grow your business by rewarding your buyers and bring them back - System Architecture Design SHOPPENING is easy for you and customers. - Software and I.T. Development 1. Shoppers download “SHOPPENING” - Software as a Service SHOPPENING free app is available on App Store, Android - Platform as a Service Market, Windows Marketplace and BlackBerry App World. - Hardware as a Service 2. You add your offer - E-Commerce As soon as you add your mobile coupon and loyalty card. It - Game Developer will be automatically delivered to smartphone users. - Web Application 3. Shoppers find offer, buy, and save money. - Mobile Application Customers visit your store to buy and redeem the offer by - Social Network Application scanning a QR Code promotion. - Full - Service Interactive Agency - Social Media Marketing - Online Marketing Communication - Digital Marketing Services - Website Design and Development
  8. 8. Anunda Technology Co., Ltd.     About Us : We bring together the core technology from Europes premier technology talents and Thailands high quality manufacturing and production ethics Anunda Technology is the leader of RF products developer and manufacturer in Thailand, focusing mainly on wireless communications products serving the cellular operators and Wireless ISPs in Thailand and South East Asia. Prof. Toumazou is a renowned scientist in analog circuit design and owner of multiple patents. Dr. Vanisri, also owner of a patent, is himself a passionate innovator of RF circuits design with over 20 years of experience. Originally established in Oxford, UK, Oxtek collaborated with Imperial College which resulted in several achievements, one of them the worlds first dual-mode (GSM and NAMPS) mobile phone more than a decade ago. With 30+ employees where 14 of which are engineers, we invest minimum 20% of the annual revenue in the R&D projects. The engineers have many years of experience in RF circuitry design, repairing RF modules and prototyping products. These experiences enable us to provide customized solutions for the niche markets.Products : Services :- Cellular We currently provide the following services:- Wireless Broadband - Telecommunication equipment installation- Passive Component - Repair of RF equipment - Client-specific design & customization - Engineering consultation
  9. 9. ARUNSAWAD DOT COM CO., LTD.       About Us : Arunsawad Dot Com Co., Ltd. was stablished in 20 July 2000, to provide real time services for a wide spectrum of applications, to our customers wherever, whenever and however their needs may be – under our theme “anywhere to go”. In tandem with the increasing use of sophisticated IT devices ie the Kiosk, CD-ROM, Mobile Phone and PDA (Palm and Pocke t PC) in the marketplace, our services span time and space, hence translating to high service standards – paramount of which are quick response time, accuracy of work, efficiency of teams, and overall enhanced productivity. Supported by Royal Thai Government’s SMEs Venture Capital Fund The Royal Thai Government has recognized the potential of Arunsawad as an emerging SMEs. In August 2002, Arunsawad was invited to participate in the Governments SMEs Venture Capital Fund. With more funds, Arunsawad is poised for more growth and development. Project Reference :anywhere to claim anywhere to salesIn a conve ntional Auto Insurance process, it would take up to at Arunsawad enables sales forces of corporate organizations toleast 35 minutes to complete the entire process. This is not to access product inventory and pricing information at any timeinclude the additional amount of time to process paperwork from their mobile devices, leaving them much better positionedinto data input which probably takes a few day per case. to sell the product to customers.anywhere to emergency anywhere to field@2er sets the trend for service excellence by hospitals in the Field personnel need to access information and report incidentsdelivery of their emergency services while out on the road. Their reporting involves not only data, but also live images and pictures. The need of the moment is thus an effective, speedy, intuitive and secure system to manage on-the-job and internal communication among the personnel. @2field not only makes this communication process a possibility, but also a great success.
  10. 10. Click Connect Co., Ltd.      About Us : Services :Clicknect prides ourselves as producing the best software Surfing the best experience with Clicknects cross-platformby pushing technology. mobile application service to fill up your life joyfully.Founded in 2011, Clicknect is software development company Clicknects mobile applications give you access to all thein Thailand. We mainly design, develop, and market mobile device capabilities on each of the major platforms as iOS,device software and games worldwide, also specialized in Android, Window mobile, BREW, RIM, and J2ME. Thismobile devices, including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, ability to use the phones native features within an app isBREW, RIM, and J2ME. extremely powerful and can make applications to be more user friendly and more used period.Mostly, our software has won several major awards ininternational even Europe and America with product range Clicknects mobile applications are highly advantageous,from system utilities through multimedia applications and which allows your creativity and imagination to reachgames to comprehensive solutions. about as high as you are capable of - no limits with mobile application service from Clicknect.Clicknect prides ourselves as producing the best software bypushing technology through the limit imaginativeness. Wemarket more than 50 products, and products have been Products :bundled with Casio, Compaq, HP, NEC and Fujitsu in several - Every thainews - Thai Food Pointcountries. - Quick Post - Turjah - JS Dict - nTilt - Postcard - Photo Share Clickar : AR Showcase - Thai TV Schedule - Photo Match - HoroscopeThe innovative Augmented Reality (AR) technology will broadenyour horizon of experience. Just download the Clickar : ARShowcase application, available now on App Store. Then, getready for your new journey of explorations.
  11. 11. Computerlogy Co., Ltd.     About Us :Our team or professionals have the hands-on experience needed to help make your projects successful. We know from experiencehow to tackle your challenges and use the latest technology to turn your problems into assets. Our staff is expert at thinkingoutside the box to present you with solutions that work with your individual situation.We nerd, we geek and we are real developers who can speak human language well. With over 10 years experienced in softwareoutsourcing development, our team are sickly work rely on our development methodology. Every single file will meet standardcoding guideline reviewed by senior developer. This process helps a lot to not getting headache after project Go-Live. With ourpreliminary premise before the project start, we try our best to deliver your project within timeline.In the century that everything goes online, the most enhancement of technology could enhance your productivity. Contact us, ifyou looking for development team. “Technology matters” Services :Facebook Web Application Maps Application Application Development DevelopmentSince social media become a significant Our team or professionals have the We help our clients integrate businesstool for online marketing, everyone hands-on experience needed to help processes through mapping solutions.heard about Facebook, Twitter, make your projects successful. We know By providing all of our clients with aFourSquare and so forth. We can deliver from experience how to tackle your dedicated development team alongyour Facebook Application work challenges and use the latest with experienced project managers wespecifically to fit your marketing needs. technology to turn your problems into give you the tools you need for yourGot a great idea? Let us blend it up for assets. ... Contact us to get a quote for your applications and services.
  12. 12. Digital Research and Consulting Co., Ltd      About Us :DIGITAL RESEARCH AND CONSULTING CO., LTD – DRC is a telecommunication system integrator providing the wirelesscommunication total solutions and engineering services, ranging from Consulting to System Integration and Operations. Ourservices aim to provide the telecommunication total solutions to fulfill the customers’ needs by deploying the state of the art ofRadio Frequency communication products.Founded in year 2001 by a group of renowned management team who had over 25 year-experience in Thailandtelecommunication business, Digital Research and Consulting Company Limited has current paid-up capital of 50 million baht Services : - System Integrator - Research Service - Consulting Services Product : DRC DRC’s product includes communication device or application, encompassing: radio, telecommunication, computer and network hardware and software, satellite systems and so on, as well as Kenwood the various services and applications DRC has been appointed as sole distributor for Kenwood Radio Communication associated with them, such as product in Thailand. videoconferencing, call command center system. Jammer Alliance Partner • SkyJammer DJ-206 Wide-Band Jammer DRC is an authorized distributor and partner of the best world • SkyJammer DJ-304 Multi-Band Portable Jammer manufacturers in telecommunication technologies and others. We are • SkyJammer DJ-504 Multi-Band Portable Jammer proud of our long-termed mutually beneficial cooperation with • SkyJammer DRJ-1005 Multi-Band Radio Jammer acknowledged world telecommunication leaders. • SkyJammer DJ-515 Multi-Band Portable Jammer
  13. 13. FORTH CORPORATION PUBLIC CO., LTD.      About Us :Forth Corporation Public Company Limited was established in 1989 under the name of "Genius Communication System CompanyLimited" which has registered capital amounting 1 million Baht. The company purposed to research, develop, and manufacturePrivate Branch Exchange (PBX) under the trademark of FORTH, Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), and electronic equipmentsmanufacturing. Then the company made capital rising and expanded business lines such as telecommunication systemmanufacturing and electronics meter manufacturing. In 2005, the company registered and transformed to be public companyunder the name of "Forth Corporation Public Company Limited" (FORTH). Product&Service : Electronic Manufacturing service Telecom business Assembly (turnkey and consign) Telecommunication and Electronic Device Forth s modern manufacturing facility operates 16,000 under "FORTH" brand, Operated by Forth square meters located on Nakhonpathom province, Corporation Plc. The wide product range Thailand, which provides a wider range of process with includes MSAN, Digital Loop Carrier (DLC), IP flexible manufacturing capacity, modern technology and DSLAM, IP Phone, VoIP PABX, Call Center technical expertise to offer full integrated service starting system, Call system. from design through the production and assembling both consigns and turnkey project in cost effective . For example Technology related Complex Surface Mount and Mixed Technology PCB Genius traffic system, Electronic Sign assembly. board (JV), Tracking system, Genius Electronic Meter, Nurse call, Forth Business of Electronic Component Sourcing Consulting It is operated by Electronic Source Company Limited (a Retail business 100% owned subsidiary) It is distributor of semiconductor, Business of Online Service Top-Up electronic parts which raw material to produce print circuit It is operated by Forth Smart Service Company Limited. (51% broads such as IC, Transistor, Diode, Buzzer, optoelectronics own subsidiary). Forth R&D team has developed Kiosk named Semiconductor, Connector, Display Device, Replay Battery, Electronic Switch, EMC, Filter, Thermal Printer, Capacitor, Resistor. "Boonterm" to provide value added or online payment Customers can make self service transaction with convenience and fast service on Boonterm Kiosk in nationwide. Recently, Kiosks service offers top up mobile phone, service online game, utilities billing payment, postpaid billing payment, credit card payment, fortune teller and other services. The Company has implemented new feature of kiosk to be used as public telephone in cooperation with TOT plc.
  14. 14. Hua Lampong Limited     About Us : Our Workspace : hlp is a mobile application development firm, established in 2008 & based in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide the following services: - Information Architecture - User Interface Design - Mobile Application Development Project Reference :MOLOME is a easy & fun way to share your journey of life.Grab your phone, shoot a photo, choose our amazingfilter effects and share it with your friends and family. Itis free and it will always be free for everyone to use.PopcornMovie Showtime in your hand!, Cover 65 cinemascountry wide!Buddhist DailyBuddhas teachings and Buddhist prayers in lovelygraphical styleBangkok TransitFind your way around Bangkok, with the coolest locationbased mobile application.MeccaUltimate tool for worldwide prayer times and accurateQibla direction.Hot NewsInstant Hot News from 9 major newspaper and newsagency in ThailandTaxi SafeWorry free travel every time you take taxi with Taxi Safe.Thai DictOffline and Online talking dictionnary all-in-one App!Flight StatusCoolest application for Flight Status, Flight Tracking &Weather forecast of Suvarnabhumi International Airport
  15. 15. Index Corp (Thailand) Ltd. –     About Us :Index Corp (Thailand) Ltd, a subsidiary of Index Corporation Japan, having rich experiences in mobile content development anddistribution for more than 10 years. The company has its own robust mobile billing platform operated by a high competencetechnical & operation team whose posses a direct experience in mobile application & services from various operating system.The company is the leading mobile content developer and aggregator in Thailand & Southeast Asia with direct operator billing.Index Corp (Thailand) ‘s mobile content gallery portfolio is second to none in the market offering from a numerous top brandedlicense content to her own developed content & services. The company’s own IT Development center offer to client a white labelhosting solution , Unity porting services as well as Smartphone Application development services to several enterprise andcorporate. Service : • Mobile Billing Solution SMS Broadcast provider • Content Hosting facility • WEB/WAP portal services • On Device Portal (ODP) • Flash Developer &Satellite TV Channel Provider Marketing Channel : Technical Expertise : • Mobile Billing Integration • Traffic Handle Capacity • Service Hosting and Support • Administration/Support The Index Platform is developed to provide integration into various configuration oriented toward mobile billing. Together with our highlyexperience in Mobile billing, Integration Index Platform to clients billing will take only a short period
  16. 16. Infotronics Co.,Ltd.      About Us : Awards and Winning :Infotronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and affiliate with Software Park -Winner Thailand ICT Award 2009 , Runner Up 2008Thailand. Infotronics is a leading Software Development Services, and 2005.Consulting, Trading, System Integrator and IT Services for ubiquitous city. -Intel Software Optimization Awards 2009Our company based on Thailand. We are process the CMMI in organization. -Thailand Nominee Asia Pacific ICT Award 2009 -Winner Thailand Excellence Software Contest andInfotronics provides a complete range of services including business Award (TESCA) on 2009.process analysis, business consultancy, and design of appropriatesolutions, strategies for successful systems and organizational changemanagement after the systems are installed Product and Service :Infotronics provide high - quality software product and softwaredevelopment outsourcing services support multi core CPU andhigh application performance and security, software license,application service provider, third party component, ITinfrastructure, network, hardware and maintenanceVtiger CRM • Sale Force Automation Extension : • Marketing Automation • Customer Support Service • FAQ KM • Analytic vtiger CRM , full-featured, 100% Open Source CRM software ideal for small and medium businesses, with low-cost product support available to production users that need reliable support. Vtiger CRM is Complete Customer Management Solution , Sales Force Automation , Inventory Management , Marketing & Campaign Management , Support Automation , Email Integration , Add-ons , Mobile CRM
  17. 17. Netka System Co., Ltd.      About Us : Awards and Winning :Netka System Co., Ltd., a state-of-the-art software company specializing in -APICTA 2011 -TICTA AWARD 2011IT Network Infrastructure Software, was officially established on 2 March, -TRIDI Award 2010 -FRIT AWARD 20102005 by Thais being so practically skillful and knowledgeable in networkand software application. The company facilitates its customers inproviding sublime network system management solutions in the forms ofboth hardware and software. The company’s software is specificallydeveloped and designed with the company’s ‘User – Friendly’ concept,making the customers’ operations much more easy and convenient, inorder to rapidly and efficiently solve the customers’ problems and to fullyrespond to their needs as well. Product and Service :Due to the company’s significant and splendid products and services, we are always trusted by various government and privateorganizations as well as several service providers in the country in utilizing our products and services. • NetkaView Network Manager is specifically and practically developed as network management software to provide customers with fault management,performance management, configuration management, and accounting management for multi vendor IP devices. • NetkaQuartz Service Desk is web-based service management software, applicably developed for call center and help desk operations. • NetkaView Server Manager is state-of-the-art system management software, specially and practically developed to provide customers’ servers, workstations,personal computers with fault management and performance management
  18. 18. Prodigi Co., Ltd.      About Us :Prodigi is supported by the arrowThailand Science Park. We are a group of professionals specialized in system integration andsoftware development serving broad range of customers in Medical and Logistic Operation. We are striving for higher level of ourimplimanting IT systems and software development practice base upon international standards. Besides our high quality ofservices, we also seek for higher level of customers satisfaction through our customer care personnel.We embress Software Engineering Process in our practice throughout the project in order to ensure that our project will meet thecustomer needs, finish on time and within the allocated budget. We follow the SDLC for small project and Spiral Model of RapidIterations in complicated system. Most of our staff are highly qualified and international trained. We can also communicationfluently in both Thai and English. Medical Imaing Related Products/Services : • Tele-Diag Solution • ProIamge Dicom Server • Prodigi Paperless System • The DiCOM BOX CA+ • PACS Scan • Print2PACS TeleDiagClinic :TeleDiagClinic is a sub-specialist Servicesradiology center that provides • Reporting Servicesday and night reporting • Sencond Opinion & Over-readingservices and support to more • Client Implementationthan 50 public service hospitals • Turnaround Timeand local health authorities in • CommunicationsThailand.
  19. 19. PromptNow Co., Ltd.       About Us :PromptNow Company Limited is leading the Mobile handset experience revolution in Thailand and the Region by developinginnovative user experiences on mobile handsets.PromptNow delivers innovative mobility solutions and excels in the development of mobile applications and games for leadingenterprises,content publishers, handset manufacturers and mobile operators. Core expertise is in J2ME, BREW, Symbian, Android and iPhoneapplication and content development. PromptNow also provides content outsourcing services to telecom carriers and gamepublishers including games development, testing, porting, translation, content aggregation and hosting services.PromptNow is a Technology services organization, with 75 committed professionals; we bring a strong relationship perspectiveand adopta results-driven approach to our client engagements.Services portfolio includes Mobile Application Development outsourcing, Product customization and localization, Research andDevelopment for Mobility Solutions, Implementation and Integration of Application vendor packages for Enterprise Mobility,Online Game Development outsourcing forGame design, Graphics design and development, Artwork and complete productionof MMORPG games.PromptNow has over the years developed expertise on new age devices such as Smart phone, Tablets and Smart TVs. Product and Service :
  20. 20. Sun System Corporation Ltd.      About Us :Sun Systems was established in 1993 with its founding mission being to build open, standards-based Voice-Data–Multimediaplatform. Our goal was to offer competitive advantages Value Added Services for Wireless or wireline operator. Sun Systems launched its first product, the CallStream, Voice Processing for Mobile VASs. CallStream immediately deploy inTelcos and Cellcos industry recognition, becoming the bigest market share in Thailand Mobile Operators, and Sun Systemsquickly become an partner or international communication company such as Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Excel Switch, NMSCommunications, Intel Telecom Product presence through its numerous partners and deployments worldwide. Product :Sun Systems products are carrier-grade Compact PCI, openarchitecture solutions CallStream platforms are designed to • CallStreamIVR CallStreamQOS is an integrated client / server softwarerun whether PCM and VoIP networks. CallStream Studio can solution built around “Ease of Use”. CallStreamQoS integratesoperate on any Windows or Solaris platform, PCM or VoIP or with most phone systems and is easy to install both analog orbridged environment. Finally, all our solutions are available as digital phone system like Siemens Opticset, Nortel, Avaya,stand-alone platforms, or integrate with other Sun Systems Alcatel, etc. configure and maintain. It is IT and Telecomproducts to offer a complexities application, multi-service friendly web base management.platform. • CallStreamONE• CallStreamIVR • CallStream Multi-Media Contact Center Sun Systems was established in 1993 with its founding • Telecommunication Solutionsmission being to build open, standards-based • Value Added Service SolutionsVoice-Data–Multimedia platform. Our goal was to offercompetitive advantages Value Added Services for Wireless orwireline operator. Sun Systems launched its first product, the CallStream, VoiceProcessing for Mobile VASs. CallStream immediately deploy inTelcos and Cellcos industry recognition, becoming the bigestmarket share in Thailand Mobile Operators, and Sun Systemsquickly become an partner or international communicationcompany such as Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Excel Switch,NMS Communications, Intel Telecom Product presencethrough its numerous partners and deployments worldwide.