Thai Software Companies at CommunicAsia 2012


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List of Thai companies in Communic Asia 2012

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Thai Software Companies at CommunicAsia 2012

  1. 1. Booth No. 5J3 - 07, Level 5 Gateway to Telecommunication and Mobile SolutionsDepartment of International Trade Promotion,Ministry of Commerce Software Park Thailand 99/31 Moo 4 Software Park Building, Chaengwattana Road, Thai ICT Trade Mission44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Road, Bang Kra Sor,Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand Klong Gleua, Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand. Phone : +66 2583 9992 CommunicAsia2012 in SingaporeCall Center:1169Phone : +66 2793 9394 Fax : Email : +66 2583 2884 19-22 June 2012Fax: +66 2718 8952 Website : www.swpark.or.thEmail : Facebook : staff :, ecommerce.dep@gmail.comWebsite :
  2. 2. - Introduction : Thailand IT Market Trend Snapshot 1- Department of International Trade Promotion 2 Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government- Software Park Thailand 3- Mobile Technology for Thailand 4- Exhibitor Contact Lists 5List of Thai Exhibitors in CommunicAisa 2012 1. 23 Perspective Co., Ltd. 6 2. Anunda Technology Co., Ltd. 7 3. Arunsawad Dot Com Co., Ltd. 8 4. Click Connect Co., Ltd. 9 5. Computerlogy Co., Ltd. 10 6. Digital Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. 11 7. Forth Corporation PCL. 12 8. G Softbiz Co., Ltd. 13 9. Hua Lampong Co., Ltd. 1410. Index Corp (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 1511. Infotronics Co., Ltd. 1612. Netka System Co., Ltd. 1713. Prodigi Co., Ltd. 1814. PromptNow Co., Ltd. 1915. Sun Systems Corporation Ltd. 20
  3. 3. IntroductionSoftware Park Thailand and Mobile Technology for Thailand (MT2) incooperation with Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) areorganizing trade mission to Singapore to exhibit in Communic Asia 2102during June 19-22, 2012. This IT trade mission comprising of 15 Thai ITcompanies, specialized in mobile application, software, andtelecommunication and wireless solutions. The mission aims to create marketand partnership opportunity among Thai exhibitors and others in the region. Thailand IT Market Trend SnapshotThailand plays an important role as the world class IT outsourcing destinationin the Asia Pacific region. Gartner identified Thailand as one of the top 30countries in the world for offshore service in 2010-2011. The advantage of IToutsourcing in Thailand is regarding of quality, low-cost labor force, wellestablished infrastructure and sustainable growth in software industry. Coresoftware services in Thailand are in the areas of mobile applications,animation, and multimedia and graphics. Followings are the IT marketsnapshot in Thailand, Thai software market value in 2011 is USD 980.6 million and expect togrow 17.2 percent to be USD 1,149.4 million in 2012, where enterprisesoftware hold the biggest proportion. In 2012, IDC believes that IT investmentsand spending in the country will be enhanced by the integration of emergingtechnologies and business models. Market value of mobile applications in Thailand is expected to grow 35.9per cent to be USD 48.2 million in 2012 due to the rapid growth of mobile andsmart devices in the country. IDC forecasts that the shipment of smart devicesin 2012 will be 6.7 million units compared to only 4.1 million PC units. 1
  4. 4. Department of International Trade PromotionMinistry of Commerce, Royal Thai GovernmentFor foreign entrepreneurs keen on doing business with Thailand, we are thefirst and foremost link in securing the most beneficial outcome for yourbusiness aspirations. If you are looking for trade opportunities in this thrivingeconomic hub of Asia, then the Thailand Trade Promotion Office is the bestplace to begin.Our overseas office lends its expertise in assuring your success from attendingmajor marketing activities, both in Thailand and around the globe. Theseinclude participation in international trade fairs, in-store promotions, ThailandExhibitions, and road show. And regularly we organize trade missions in whichyou can meet Thai entrepreneurs and interface with the very best of Thaiindustries. Our agency plays a vital role in linking you with the right sourcematerials, products and even specific services such as spa management,interior designing, animation and film crews, etc. We can also facilitate fruitfulbusiness matching, forming strong partnerships between you and Thaientrepreneurs.Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Rd., Nonthaburi 11000, ThailandTel: +66 2507 8385Fax: +66 2547 4284Website: www.ditp.go.thSingaporeTel: +65-6737 3060, 6732 7769Fax: +65-6732 2458Email: 2
  5. 5. “Gate way to Software Business Opportunity in Thailand”is an organization under the National Science and Technology DevelopmentAgency (NSTDA). Our task is to support and strengthen those in the Softwareindustry by any means necessary, be it in procurement of human resource,marketing, securing investment and even with the latest technology. Our aimis to help each and every stakeholder in Thailand’s software industry frommanufacturing industry to agriculture as well as the service sector-Softwarecan help all increase their efficiency and their potential. We aim to grow thedomestic software industry and instill confidence in this industry for overseasoperators wishing to establish themselves in Thailand.Vision “To be the region’s number one organization supporting entrepreneurs andhelp create a strong world-class software industry that will enhance thestrength and competitiveness of the Thai economy”Today, Software Park Thailand continues to support and strengthen Thaisoftware entrepreneurs for the sustainable growth of software industry underthe fast changing ecosystem. Our missions are: Promote transfer of technologies and IT management through high-end training courses for IT professionals Promote quality standards improvement of local companies to the international level Promote and support collaboration with both local and international alliances for new market opportunities in Thailand and overseas Promote the usage of IT to all sectors to help increase productivity and competitiveness Provide office facilities, conference, meeting and training rooms for software 3
  6. 6. Mobile Technology for ThailandMobile Technology for Thailand or MT2 (pronounced as MT Square) was set upin 2011 as networking platform of mobile development in Thailand fromSoftware Park Thailand initiative. MT2 will play role as the center for allstakeholders in mobile application development ecosystem in Thailand withthe pool resources and contributions from the members, includinggovernment, private, education sector, and developers. The group will providetechnological know-how, development facilities, training, and assistance tocommercialization for software developers.Objective“To promote and support Thailand mobile application software industry andto make Thailand become the mobile application outsourcing center in 5years”Roadmap (2012-2017)MT2 aims to develop human resources for mobile application development toincrease the number of member developers. It will work with partners to boostthe capacity of developers through activities such as university courses,seminars and workshops, and road shows at allied universities.Apart from that, it needs to increase the number of new entrepreneurs to buildsuccess. It plans to develop a community by organizing monthly events,opening mobile application testing labs, and offering incubation programs.Moreover, MT2 needs to build success in commercializing new applications inorder to inspire other developers. It will work with partners to build successthrough application-development 4
  7. 7. Exhibitor Contact Lists 23 Perspective Co., Ltd. Anunda Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Nattapong Laksomya Mr. Somsak Akkaravarawong General Manager Chief Marketing officer Arunsawad Dot Com Co., Ltd. Click Connect Co., Ltd. Mr. Kittinan Anuphan Ms. Siriporn Pornsirisak Chief Executive Officer Marketing Communication Manager Computerlogy Co., Ltd. Digital Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. Mr. Vachara Aemavat Mr. Charn  Kulthavarakorn Managing Director Managing Director Forth Corporation PCL. Hua Lampong Co., Ltd. Ms. Paweena Suksaenchai Mr. Sittiphol Phanvilai Test & Support Engineer Managing Director sittiphol@hlpth.ccom Index Corp (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Infotronics Co., Ltd. Ms. Monchaya Rattanchachai Mr. Thammathat Sripen Marketing Chief Executive Chief Executive Officer Netka System Co., Ltd. Prodigi Co., Ltd. Mr. Thomas Choo Mr. Voraban Wangwet Sales Director for APAC System Engineer PromptNow Co., Ltd. Sun Systems Corporation Ltd. Mr. Natjira Honda Mr. Nutapong Jatubut General Manager CEO & Operation G Softbiz Co., Ltd. Mr.Viroon Vichianwattanachai Managing Director 5
  8. 8. 2 3 Perspective Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Nattapong LaksomyaAddress : 75/45 Ocean Tower 2 , 23rd Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 19, Sukhumvit 21 Rd., Klongtoey-Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110Tel : +66 2 259 2122 - 3Mobile : +668 9668 4095E-mail : nattapong@23perspective.comWebsite : www.23perspective.comCompany/product Hi-light2 3 Perspective provides comprehensive online solutions for yourthriving communication planning. With our experience and expertise inthe digital world, we can help your business to meet the growingdemand of integrated social media, mobile applications, online games,and complete web portals. Compatible with cloud computingplatforms, you can ensure that our services are flexible, scalable, and inthe meantime increasingly stable and integrative. Our promising digitalprovisions are completely supplied with social media API, augmentedreality functionality, and location-based services, set to build brandawareness and positive aspects on prospective users.We have many specialized teams who are developing not only popularmobile platform like iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, and Symbian but alsonew coming devices such as Windows Phone. Focusing on the gamingindustry, we are highly experienced in developing a wide scale of gameplatforms both online and offline for mobile devices and personalcomputer so as to increase customer engagement and the effectivenessof your online integrated marketing communications. 6
  9. 9. Anunda Technology Co.,LtdContact Person : Miss Sukunya SauramAddress : 795/3 Rama 9 Rd,. Bangkok, Huay Kwang, BangkokTel : +662 719 7970 – 2Mobile : +668 5118 8331E-mail : sukunya_sa@anundatech.comWebsite : www.anundatech.comCompany/product Hi-lightAnundaTech is the leader of RF products developer and manufacturer inThailand, focusing mainly on wireless communications productsserving cellular operators and Wireless ISPs. Our product are suitable foroutdoor /indoor coverage solutions in GSM, HSPA+, cdma2000 andWi-Fi standards.1. Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer:PIM is the production of new, unwanted signal frequency componentsin passive, non-linear devices commonly found in and around radiosites. Test systems are precision analyzers for passive intermodulationgenerated in RF paths, components and assemblies. Operated by highpower amplifier, the PIM Analyzer supports WCDMA 900 MHz frequencyrange. The PIM Analyzer provides precise measurement of the passiveintermodulation and VSWR.2. ICS Repeater: The ICS repeater is an advanced repeater system thatautomatically cancels the feedback interference between the serviceand donor antennas by using the digital signal processingtechnology. The unwanted interference lowers the repeater’sachievable gain which is also common in normal RF repeater.3. Pico Repeater: The pico repeater has many advantages to extend thesignal cove rage from the base station. Its light-weight and small sizemakes it easy to install at just about anywhere inside a building, on theceiling or on the wall. 7
  10. 10. Arunsawad Dot Com Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr.Kittinan AnuphanAddress : 507 Rajvitee Rd., Thanon Phayathai, Rajthevee, Bangkok 10400, ThailandTel : +66 2644 7985, +668 1854 3219Fax : +66 2644 9444Mobile : +668 5118 8331E-mail : kittinan@anywheretogo.comWebsite : www.anywheretogo.comCompany/product Hi-lightArunsawad Dot Com Co., Ltd. was establishing on July 20, 2000 toprovide Mobility Enterprise Solutions on Cloud Computing for GeneralInsurance, Hospital, Banks & Finance, FMCG and Government. Our focusis to work through a variety of devices in the world to help employee tosend and receive data to Head Quarter at anywhere anytime anyplace.we provide real time services for a wide spectrum of applications, to ourcustomers wherever, whenever and however their needs may be –under our theme- 2go (anywhere to go)- 2claim (Motor Claim Automation)- 2er (Emergency Management)- 2treat (PDA on Ward)- 2sales (Sales force Management)- 2field (Field force Management)Credential Reference, our company used to work it:50% market share of Thai General Insurance Company,20% market share of Thai Hospital,25% market share of Thai Government Water Meter Reading.FMCG (Aeon, Kao Thailand & Indonesia, Double A, Singha Beer, MeadJohnson, etc.) 8
  11. 11. Click Connect Co., Ltd.Contact Person: Miss Siriporn PornsirisakHead office : 81/21-25 Arak Road Tambon Pharsingha, Amphur Muang, Chiangmai 50200, ThailandTel: +66 5327 9201Fax: +66 5327 3494Mobile: +6681 836 2403Bangkok office : SiS Distribution (Thailand) PCL (Click Connect) 9 Pakin Building, 9th Floor, Room No.901, Ratchadaphisek Road, Din Daeng, Bangkok 10400, ThailandE-mail: info@clicknect.comWebsite: www.clicknect.comCompany/product Hi-lightFounded in 2011, Click Connect is the mobile application and gameproduction house based in Chiangmai, Thailand. Our people aredynamic and multi-talented who excel in every smartphone - tabletplatforms from iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian toBREW and J2ME. Thus, we are the trusted partner of many leadingbrands such HTC, Nokia, Huawei and Nokair.As one of Thailand leading experts in Mobile Augmented Realityapplication, we can empower the traditional media such as prints andambience media or the product itself (consumer goods). We relive theminto a virtual reality of surprises. It’s the new communication mediumthat spices up your message and delivers them in various forms ofexcitement from simple link buttons, 2D or 3D content, VDO, to gamesand more. For more information, visit us at or checkout Clickar application on Appstore/Google Play. 9
  12. 12. Computerlogy Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Vachara AemavatAddress : 64/3 Moo.1 Surasak Sriracha Chonburi 20110. ThailandTel : +6681 883 9988E-mail : vachara@computerlogy.comWebsite : www.computerlogy.comCompany/product Hi-lightComputerlogy announced that it has been selected as one of the initialmembers of the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program(PMD) in Apps. We are only one PMD in Thailand and along with otherfew developers in Asia.With a strong experience in Ruby on Rails, we could deliver your projectfast with efficient products. Our internal coding library is growingday-by-day as well as knowledge in our Ruby developer.Social Network Management allows users to monitor and control SocialNetwork in one place. Together with SocialEnable’s full functions, yourorganization will be able to use Social CRM to boost up your SocialEngagement; bring up your company to be on top of your competitors. 10
  13. 13. Digital Research and Consultant Co.,Ltd.Contact Person : Ms. Lawan YimdeeAddress : 387/1 Soi Ratchadapisek 14, Ratchadapisek Rd., Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand.Tel : +662 692-8833 ext 105Mobile : +668 1694 9822E-mail : : Person : Ms. Rinlapas SagchaiwujtanaTel : +662 692-8833 ext 102Mobile : +668 6322 3268E-mail : Hi-lightWith headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, DRC provides superior design,consulting, engineering and integration services in the communication andspecialized security sector, serving both domestic and regional clients.DRC brings a fresh and innovative approach to engineering, integration andconsulting services, acting as liaison between the end-user and the vendor,as well as providing value added services. Our goal is to exceed theexpectations of every client by offering outstanding product, customerservice, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing“product/system” functionality and improving operational efficiency.As experts in RF communication, management and distribution, DRC isinvolved in every stage of client selection of product/system fromimplementation to completion offering continual and technical support.Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation,including business requirements definition, development of functionalspecifications for client approval, system design, and overseeingdevelopment teams customizing solutions to fit client specific needs.Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensiveindustry knowledge makes DRC the ideal choice for a consultingfirm/partner to manage the promotion/sale of specialized product andservices. 11
  14. 14. Forth Corporation Public Co.,Ltd.Contact Person : Ms. Paweena SuksaenchaiAddress : 226/12, 13, 16 Phaholyothin Road, Samsennai, Phyathai, Bangkok Thailand 10400Tel : +66 2615 0600Fax : +66 2615 0615Mobile : +668 7547 9747E-mail : : Hi-lightForth Corporation Public Company Limited commenced business in 1989and engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of varioustelecommunications and electronic equipment under the "Forth"trademark. With longstanding experience in this industry, the company’sproduct and services has been recognized by domestic and internationalmarket as being one of the most dependable and professional in themarket. The company and subsidiaries have various businesses, alongwith manufacturing and distribution of telecommunications equipment,electronic equipment and assembly of electronic parts;Forth has developed an unprecedented variety of outstanding productswhich we are proudly represent you in CMMA2012;Forth IPX-series is the internet protocol PBX.Forth Micro MSAN is a multi service access network for telecom operator.Forth Wi-Fi Public Hotspot design to upgradable to service 3G/LTE smallcell site.Forth residential gateway XPON ONT or Multi-interface ResidentialGateway.Forth Tablet Docking speaker can connect to tablet via Bluetoothtechnology. 12
  15. 15. G Softbiz Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr.Viroon Vichianwattanachai Miss Junticha WinyoupanAddress : 131 Innovation Cluster 1 Building, 2nd floor, INC1-202, Thailand Science Park, Paholyotin Rd., Klong 1, Klong Luang, Prathumthani 12120, ThailandTel : +662 564 7925Mobile : +668 7197 0248E-mail :, junticha@thai-g.comWebsite : www.thai-g.comCompanyG Softbiz Co., Ltd. “Thai-G” is a leader of Thailand Mobile Application/Solution Developer for High-End Co-operation. Our philosophy fordoing business is “Your success is our success”.Product Hi-LightTATO Interactive Digital Publishing Platform for making interactivedigital content and be able to create Sales Kit/ e-Brochure/ Magazine/Recipes/ Corporate Newsletter/ Movies poster on iPAD. By quicklyprocess that can make various interactive contents with smart design,production, distribution, downloading, payment and application, andbecause of really easy function, any contents can be created within lessthan 24 hours with end-to-end Smart Process.TATO’s key features are interactivity, flexibility,customization and increase customer’srevenue. By quickly process which is able tobuilt from many file types and exiting toolssuch as browsing pictures from AdobeCreative Suit, PDF or sound and VDO clips. Andall content surly secure by encryption. Witheasy and quickly process of TATO, guests cancreate their own. They also take a little time forlearning TATO’s process but can apply many functions to createdifferent contents. So TATO is glad to open for any type of sales andcontent makers. 13
  16. 16. Hua Lampong Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Kasira SiriwattanakulAddress : Level 29, The offices at Centralworld, 999/9 Rama I Rd., Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, ThailandMobile : +668 9491 2919E-mail : kasira@samyarn.comCompany/product Hi-lightHLP is a mobile application development firm, established in 2008 &based in Bangkok, Thailand. We provide the service of informationarchitecture, user interface design, and cross platform mobileapplication development. Onseeker is an mobile applicationdevelopment company that is leading the way in creating new andbetter applications for processing information using Smartphonetechnology.Our product hi-lights and references are :• MOLOME : A mobile photo sharing application, is a easy & fun way to share your journey of life.Grab your phone, shoot a photo, choose our amazing Filter effects andshare it with your friends and family. It is free and it will always be freefor everyone to use.• Popcorn: Movie Showtime in your hand!, Cover 65 cinemas countrywide!• Bangkok Transit: The location based mobile application to help you find your way around Bangkok.• Mecca: Ultimate tool for worldwide prayer times and accurate Qibla direction. 14
  17. 17. Index Corp (Thailand) Ltd.Contact Person : Mr.Kittinan AnuphanAddress : 496-502 Amarin Towwer 18th Floor, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, ThailandTel : +662 627 1999Mobile : +668 7822 0990E-mail : : Hi-lightMobiTown : Meet new friends & Play fun games LIVE!MobiTown Key Features :Mobitown is the first Social and Gaming Network Service using avatarconcept in Thailand. Users enjoy meeting new friends, stay connected,and play fun games on their PC or Mobile while they are on the move.Social Network Features: • Meet new friends: Over 120,000 members on MobiTown today waiting to be friend with you • Live Chat: Talk to friends live in Mobitown Chat Zone • Diary: Share your feeling with friends on your diary and here what they think • Blog: Share your interest with group of people who interest in the same topic as you are • Create your own avatar to represent yourself in MobiTown’s worldSocial Game Features: • Fun games to play with friends live • Chat while you play is even more fun • Meet new friends through gamesMobiTown is accessible via PC or Mobile. For mobile, MobiTown supportany browsers on feature phones and offer application version for thosesmart phones: iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. Registration is simple,quick and it’s FREE! 15
  18. 18. Infotronics Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Thammathat SripenAddress : 39/52 Cheangwattana 24 , Cheangwattana Rd. Bangtalad , Pakkred Nonthaburi 11120 , ThailandTel : +668 1938 8500E-mail : thammathat.s@gmail.comWebsite : Hi-lightInfotronics. is a Information Technology Services Company based in theAsia Pacific, Thailand.We have about 120 professional employee in 7 Branches in Thailand.good in English and Japanese languageInfotronics provides - Vtiger CRM SalesCloud Platform and Vtiger CRM Related Professional Services- Info-Track CCTV/GPS Tracking on Narrow band communication- Nexenta Cloud Storage Software for Everyone- Info-DCCS Disaster Call Center System and Cargo Contact Center System- Software Development Service in PHP, .NET, Java, Phython, Ruby , C , C++ technology and related.- Linux Professional Services- Trade / Agent / Reseller/ Consortium Services in IT Hardware, Software, Services, Project in Thailand, Lao , Cambodia, Myanmar and AECCredential Reference- Thai Airways (Public)- Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Ministry of Interior, Government of Thailand- Ministry of Industry- IRPC (Public)- PTT Aromatic- CAT Telecom (Public) 16
  19. 19. Netka System Co.,LtdContact Person : Mr.Thomas Choo, Mr.Charnchai J.Pattanakul Ms. Nipas J.PattanakulAddress : 221/2 Moo 12 Soi Ramkhamhang 166, Ramkamhang Rd. Kwang Minburi, Khet Minburi, Bangkok Thailand 10510Tel : +662 978 6805, +662 517 4993-4Fax : +662 978 6909Mobile : +6681 907 8504E-mail :,, sales@netkasystem.comWebsite : www.netkasystem.comCompany/product Hi-lightNetka System, a state-of-the-art software company specializing in ITNetwork Infrastructure Software. With our experienced , we provideinnovative IT network management software to increase yournetwork quality with high performance network management tools. With our splendid products and services, we are always trusted byvarious governmental and private organizations as well as severalservice providers in the country in utilizing our products and servicesThe company’s products with ‘Netka’ as the company trademarkcomprise: Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2011 (APIC TA Awards 2011) 17
  20. 20. Prodigi Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Yudthaphon VichaininAddress : 22 Soi Samakkee 49 Samakkee Rd. Tha-Sai, Muang Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand.Tel : +662 589 6316Mobile : +668 5161-5549E-mail : telediagclinic@gmail.comWebsite : Hi-lightProdigi is specialized in IT and System Integration on bothTele-radiology for remote interpretation, integrating a Picture Archive &Comm. System (PACS).We offer Off-the-Shelf solutions for ourcustomers through our broad spectrum of products such as computersoftware and hardware, network devices, and office supplies. We alsoprovide consultation services about Digital Imaging in Radiology by thecountrys leading 18
  21. 21. PromptNow Co., Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Natjira HondaAddress : 333 Lao Peng Nguan Tower 16th Fl., Soi Choeipuang, Vibhavadi Rangsit Rd., Chompol Bangkok 10900 Thailand.Tel : +66 2278 9276Fax : +66 2618 8590Mobile : +668 1919 1089E-mail : honda@promptnow.comWebsite : www.promptnow.comCompany/product Hi-lightPromptNow delivers innovative mobility solutions and excels in thedevelopment of mobile applications and games for leading enterprises,content publishers, handset manufacturers and mobile operators. Coreexpertise is in J2ME, BREW, Symbian, Android and iPhone applicationand content development. PromptNow also provides contentoutsourcing services to telecom carriers and game publishers includinggames development, testing, porting, translation, content aggregationand hosting services. 19
  22. 22. Sun Systems Corporation Ltd.Contact Person : Mr. Nattapong LaksomyaTel : +668 1584 5544E-mail : nutapong@sun-system.comContact Person : Mr. Pawis PeempapobpaphaweTel : +668 9459 1098E-mail : pawis@sun-system.comContact Person : Mr. Opas KhongkhanannakTel : +668 9020 7443E-mail : opas@sun-system.comAddress : 181 Soi Ladphrao 1, Ladphrao Rd.,Chomphon, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 ThailandWebsite : www.sun-system.comCompany/product Hi-lightgenie phone an alternative voice & video calling on Mobile VoIP. Enrichthe caller experience with latest Video Ring Back Tone (VRBT). Choosingnew music video or your funny greeting to express yourself so life neverbe boring again ,Its helping you to connect friend or content like a cardealer ,cinema ,etc. Using Interactive Video Response to get fastestinformation than traditional IVR ,web ,wap. Thank to the cutting-edgeMobile Softphone with CallStream Service Delivery Platform thatsupport SIP Video Interactive technologies over 3G or IMS network.Feature:• Free Download Video Softphone for iPhone ,Android• Using mobile number to sign up• Low Data Bandwidth for Video (<11Kbit/Sec)• Freedom to upload your content for VRBT support .3gp file format• Personalized Video for each caller or by time duration• Stay connect on background• Selectable Call via VoIP or cellular network• Video Mail• PUSH Notification• API to connect to Content Provider like music video ,cinema• *Voice Dialing from your contact list• **Connect by QR Code*Nuance NR9 is required for speech recognition**Road Map Q4 2012 20
  23. 23. - Introduction : Thailand IT Market Trend Snapshot 1- Department of International Trade Promotion 2 Ministry of Commerce, Royal Thai Government- Software Park Thailand 3- Mobile Technology for Thailand 4- Exhibitor Contact Lists 5List of Participants in Communic Asia 2012 in "Thailand Pavillion:Telecommunication and Mobile Solutions" 1. 23 Perspective Co., Ltd. 6 2. Anunda Technology Co., Ltd. 7 3. Arunsawad Dot Com Co., Ltd. 8 4. Click Connect Co., Ltd. 9 5. Computerlogy Co., Ltd. 10 6. Digital Research and Consulting Co., Ltd. 11 7. Forth Corporation PCL. 12 8. G Softbiz Co., Ltd. 13 9. Hua Lampong Co., Ltd. 1410. Index Corp (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 1511. Infotronics Co., Ltd. 1612. Netka System Co., Ltd. 1713. Prodigi Co., Ltd. 1814. PromptNow Co., Ltd. 1915. Sun Systems Corporation Ltd. 20
  24. 24. Booth No. 5J3 - 07, Level 5 Gateway to Telecommunication and Mobile SolutionsDepartment of International Trade Promotion,Ministry of Commerce Software Park Thailand 99/31 Moo 4 Software Park Building, Chaengwattana Road, Thai ICT Trade Mission44/100 Nonthaburi 1 Road, Bang Kra Sor,Nonthaburi 11000, Thailand Klong Gleua, Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand. Phone : +66 2583 9992 CommunicAsia2012 in SingaporeCall Center:1169Phone : +66 2793 9394 Fax : Email : +66 2583 2884 19-22 June 2012Fax: +66 2718 8952 Website : www.swpark.or.thEmail : Facebook : staff :, ecommerce.dep@gmail.comWebsite :