Vol.4/2012Mobile Application:       Blue Ocean     for Thai Software Industry
Editorial       Due to the borderless nature of the software market, Thai software companies that are keen to succeed have...
Thinking Globally       The rapidly growing use of smart phones andtablets, not only in Thailand but also around the world...
He added that revenue for such developers was                                                           coming from transa...
Moreover, corporate software on mobile devices                                                              is also increa...
Mogamo on the move:New ventures in ‘high potential’ mobile market       Local software company, Mobile Game Motion(Mogamo)...
This year, Mogamo will launch two mobile social                                                                games. The ...
The app is designed to make buying and selling as                                                            easy as sendi...
Burgeoning smart-device marketAppsphere’s extraordinary years of success       A recently established local software compa...
“I want Appsphere Group to be the mobile com-                                                             pany that indust...
Thai exhibitors at CommunicAsia 20122 3 PerspectiveDevelopers of social media, mobile applications, online games and compl...
Forth CorporationForth Corporation was established in 1989 under the name Genius Communication Systems,with registered cap...
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Software Park Newsletter Vol. 4/2012 English Version


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Mobile Application: Blue Ocean for Thai Software Indsutry

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Software Park Newsletter Vol. 4/2012 English Version

  1. 1. Vol.4/2012Mobile Application: Blue Ocean for Thai Software Industry
  2. 2. Editorial Due to the borderless nature of the software market, Thai software companies that are keen to succeed havebeen urged to think globally and regionally rather than focusing on the local market, which is limited in size. Theglobalization of applications for mobile devices means that developers can set out to design and develop software withthe intention of serving people in many countries. And in the era of mobile and cloud computing, software developers should be changing and adjusting theiroutdated mindset. They should be changing from the development of software as a product, to developing services,or creating new business processes driven by software and applications running on mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, that are linked to the enterprise system. Besides, the implementation of 3G networks in Thailand can be expected to benefit Thai software industry andsoftware developers have to keep their eyes on business processes over the mobile-device and mobile networks. Concussion, market opportunities are opening up rapidly, so developers must keep their eyes on the manymarket trends and develop services to attract and serve this huge body of consumers. They have to change theirmindset of developing software for mobile devices as stand-alone products, and focus on the provision of business-process software, to facilitate seamless mobile services, using software that performs across all mobile and non-mobile platforms. Table of Contents 3 Cover Story : Think Globally Success cases for Thai Mobile software developers 6 - Mogamo on the move: New Venture in “high potential” mobile market 7 - Confronting global markets: Developer group’s success in mobile commerce Outstanding Mobile Solutions Provider 9 - Burgeoning smart-device market: Appsphere’s extraordinary years of success 10 Success for Thai Software following Software Park Thailand Newsletter is produced by Software Park Thailand under the National Scienceand Technology Development Agency, Address: 99/31 Software Park Building, ChaengwattanaRd., Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand. Tel. +662 583 9992 Fax: +662 583 2884 www.swpark.or.th; www.facebook.com/softwareparkthailand
  3. 3. Thinking Globally The rapidly growing use of smart phones andtablets, not only in Thailand but also around the world,has opened up huge opportunities for Thai softwaredevelopers who have unique and creative ideas as wellas the ability to turn their ideas into real applications. As a result, many Thai software companies arenow focused on developing software and applications toserve the burgeoning mobile- devices market.Thinking globally Due to the borderless nature of the softwaremarket, Thai software companies that are keen tosucceed have been urged to think globally and regionallyrather than focusing on the local market, which is limited Assoc.Prof. Thanachart Numnondain size. The globalization of applications for mobile Director of Software Park Thailanddevices means that developers can set out to design anddevelop software with the intention of serving people in According to the International Data Corporationmany countries. (IDC), Thailand’s mobile-phone market recorded growth of 5 per cent year on year in the second quarter of 2012, As well as thinking beyond the limitations of the with total shipments of 5.3 million units. The country’slocal market, developers are advised to create software smart-phone market is forecast to grow at a rate of nearlyapplications that perform across mobile operating 40 per cent this year, IDC says.systems. Android and iOS are the two key platforms thatnow dominate the world’s mobile-device markets. The market is now borderless. New technologies,However, other platforms are competing strongly and especially widespread Internet use and cloud computing,developers should also pay attention to Windows Phone have made the global market into a single entity,8 and BlackBerry. accessible by developers from any country wishing to sell their software services. Shipments in global smart-phone markets grew byan astounding 41 per cent year on year to 144.6 million The challenge for developers is how to designin the quarter ending March 2012. Samsung and Apple software as well as creating new business processes todelivered 55 per cent of the world’s smart-phone serve and fit the demands of consumers not only in theirshipments in that three-month period. own backyard, but also around the world. Worldwide tablet-market revenues, which reached Developing services rather than softwareUS$32 billion in 2011, are expected to reach $40.4 billionthis year and to exceed $181.5 billion by 2018. Tablet Software Park Thailand’s director Thanachartmarkets around the world are forecast to grow at an Numnonda believes that because this is the era ofannual rate of 29 per cent. mobile and cloud computing, software developers should be changing and adjusting their outdated mindset. They The combination of cloud computing and mobile should be changing from the development of software astechnology has allowed information to become more a product, to developing services, or creating newreadily available and more pervasive, and independent business processes driven by software and applicationsmobile-software vendors using cloud services now have running on mobile devices, both smart phones andgreater options for accessing information and processes. tablets, that are linked to the enterprise system. 3
  4. 4. He added that revenue for such developers was coming from transactions, and not from the ‘product’ business model. Software developers have to recognize this vital change. Thanachart said cloud and mobile complemented each other. Cloud computing is the infrastructure, while mobile computing represents the front-end, and developers must be aware of this relationship. Once they understand this, they will know how to develop software to serve this relationship; will know what mobile software and applications they should develop; and where the market opportunities are. “Mindset is the important thing that Thai software “Most software companies in Thailand are not yetdevelopers have to change first of all. Developing aware of this. They are still doing business as they havesoftware as a product and selling it as usual – as they done in the past – developing software as a product andhave done in the past – is no longer an efficient way of selling it. This way of doing software business will nodoing software business,” Thanachart said. longer succeed in the future. They have to be aware and prepare themselves for the challenge of doing software He urged mobile-software developers to think at business according to the new business model,” he said.all times of developing mobile applications linked andconnected to the enterprise system. This offers many Software Park Thailand’s role is to encourage andmore business opportunities than developing stand- support software development by leading localalone mobile applications. developers towards current technologies and business scenarios. The park’s direction is to promote mobile com- He singled out WongNai, OokBee and Builk.com puting and cloud-computing technology.as great examples for other Thai software developers.These firms have developed services and created new “Software Park has joined hands with Sipabusiness processes, he said. They have developed (Software Industry Promotion Agency) to promote bothmobile software as an extension of the enterprise local developers and software development in Thailand,system, rather than concentrating on stand-alone appli- with the aim of creating a lot of new software and applica-cations. tions to serve mobile and cloud computing,” Thanachart said. “They do not develop software; they developbusiness models. They develop and provide business The park is also working with the private sector toprocess as a service. This is a new business model for encourage new tech start-up companies with fresh ideassoftware developers in the era of mobile and cloud com- and new business models in mind.puting,” Thanachart said. “The park has worked with private sectors organi- zations such as AIS and RIM to create programs supporting and encouraging newcomers in the software develop- ment area,” he said Dramatic growth expected in Mobile software Mobile Technology for Thailand (MT2)’s chairman Supot Tiarawut points out that even without the availability of 3G networks, Thailand’s mobile software market was growing at 30 per cent year on year. Therefore, the imple- mentation of 3G networks can be expected to benefit Thai people, who will be able to access the Internet throughout the country. This is assured under the provi- sions of the Universal Service Obligation, which guaran- tees a baseline level of quality services to every resident of the country at affordable rates. 4
  5. 5. Moreover, corporate software on mobile devices is also increasing. E-documents and Web-to-mobile solutions such as business intelligence and enterprise resource planning are expected to be in greater demand on mobile devices. BYOD is the trend The increasing availability of high-speed wireless networks and mobile devices – both smart phones and tablets – are leading to the rise of a new trend called ‘bring your own device’ or BYOD. In this case, employees bring their own computing devices, included laptops, smart phones and tablets, to work at the office. According to IDC, about 40 per cent of employees in the Asia- Pacific region, excluding Japan, will be mobile workers by 2015 and the majority of them will be office-based. The BYOD trend is forcing organizations and managers to reflect upon workplace architecture so as to improve employee productivity and job satisfaction. An IDC conference will set out to test a number of assump- tions surrounding BYOD, including identifying organiza- tions’ real considerations regarding mobile security and next-generation workspaces. Supot Tirawut, Ph.D.Chairman of Mobile Technology for Thailand (MT2) More than ever before, software developers must understand these latest developments in mobility and “Manufacturers can communicate with their figure out mobility strategies that best suit their businesscustomers or suppliers via video-conferencing, without requirements.having to travel to meetings. This can save cost and timein doing business, while increasing productivity. These IDCs Associate Vice President for Asia/Pacifickinds of uses will open up the business opportunities in End-User and Mobility Research Tim Dillon, says thethe mobile software market because mobile computing convergence of devices, networks and applications haswill increase rapidly after the 3G-networks become “changed the expectation of any time, any device,available. Software developers have to keep their eyes anywhere from a hackneyed cliché to an excitingon business processes over the mobile-device and truism."mobile networks,” Supot said. Market opportunities are opening up rapidly, so He said growth areas would include e-commerce, developers must keep their eyes on the many marketmobile applications and machine-to-machine (M2M) trends and develop services to attract and serve thissolutions. huge body of consumers. They have to change their mindset of developing software for mobile devices as MT2’s role is to promote this scenario to its mem- stand-alone products, and focus on the provision ofbers and to the industry generally. Mobile software is business-process software, to facilitate seamless mobileentering a period of fast growth, so software developers services, using software that performs across all mobilehave to catch up with the ‘right’ solutions that are needed and non-mobile platforms.by the market. For example, software related to mobilepayments, e-books, loyalty programs, location-basedservices, e-learning and mobile games is expected toincrease in the near future, he said. “Mobile gaming is a huge market for softwaredevelopers, but not many Thai software developers canreach it. The model for mobile-game business is togenerate revenue from three sources: paid applications,in-app purchases and outsourcing development. Thetrend is going towards in-app purchasing, so developerswho want to settle down their mobile-software businesshere have to be aware and prepare for it,” Supot said. 5
  6. 6. Mogamo on the move:New ventures in ‘high potential’ mobile market Local software company, Mobile Game Motion(Mogamo), is planning to expand its business capabilitythis year from being a game dealer to become a developerand owner of its own social games for the Androidplatform. The development of its own mobile social-gameservice has been one of the company’s goals since itwas formed, eight years ago. 2012, it says, is the year Ekkanit said the rapid increase in use of smartwhen it will happen. phones was giving local software developers quicker and easier access to this market. It was with an eye to the huge opportunities in this growth market that Mogamo decided to launch its three new services in 2012. The first is a mobile payment service called “Moga Pay”. The service offers two mobile-payment models: “micro- transaction” payments involving small amounts up to Bt100 and “cash card”, with payment values of Bt100, Bt300, Bt500 and Bt1,000. “We had a soft launch for Moga Pay earlier this year and are planning an official launch in July,” Ekkanit said. Target clients include Android game apps, Internet services such as web content and multimedia services such as video-streaming services. “They can use our payment service to offer in-app purchases,” Ekkanit said. Eakkanit Chansawang CEO & Founder at Mogamo Group Mogamo’s managing director Ekkanit Chan-sawang said that the mobile social-game service wasjust one of his company’s new directions this year, to The second new service – mobile advertising – willexpand beyond its main business of being a mobile- be dedicated to app advertising and will be called ‘Mogagame dealer in the Thai market. Other ventures will Deal’. Mogamo will work with mobile-app service providersinclude providing a mobile-payment service and mobile as partners, to offer advertising that will reach the end-advertising. The moves aim to give the company more users of their applications.sources of revenue by taking advantage of the high He said Mogamo already had four or five apppotential for growth in mobile games, mobile applications partners with a total of one million end-users and bannerand mobile services. impressions around 30 million times per day. “This service is set to launch in August. We plan to recruit more local advertisers to use our mobile- advertising services. We have developed our own algo- rithm to offer advertisers a cost-per-installation model. We also plan to increase our number of partners, to reach about 20 to 30 app-service providers who use Moga Deal by the end of this year,” Ekkanit said. 6
  7. 7. This year, Mogamo will launch two mobile social games. The first, “Super Star Manager” is scheduled for launch in August, and another will follow later. “Mobile social games for feature phones represent a huge market, since most of the 80-million mobile- phone units [in Thailand] are feature phones. In the near future, when the majority of mobile phones are smart phones, we will develop a mobile social-game platform The last of Mogamo’s new services is the one that for smart phones,” Ekkanit said.has eluded the company for eight years – a mobilesocial-game platform. The company developed and He said that this year, Mogamo was expectingbegan offering a mobile-game platform for feature revenue of between Bt50 million and Bt60 million,phones earlier this year, and after six months, it has coming from four services. Its existing mobile-game40,000 members. It aims to have 100,000 members by dealership will generate about 60 per cent of the total,the end of this year. while 40 per cent will come from the three new services. By next year, the three new services are expected to be “Our passion is to have our own mobile game,” generating 70 per cent of the firm’s total revenue.Ekkanit said. “We started business with our own game,but it didn’t work, so we had to stop it and become a He said the mobile platform was the emerginggame dealer, selling games rather than developing our market for software developers. It is expected to continueown game. Now, it is time to follow our passion. We’ve growing strongly for the next five years.decided to develop and offer a new mobile social-gameplatform in August, using the freemium model.”Confronting global markets:Developer group’s success in mobile commerce A new company set up in February by a group ofThai developers is showing early signs of success. The company, called ShopSpot, is a bid by thegroup to demonstrate their ability as entrepreneurs, andalready, its first flagship product, a mobile applicationthat is also called ‘ShopSpot’, is headed for success. The software company was set up outside Thai-land with 15,000 Singapore dollars in seed funding fromJoyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI Asia). It later attractedmore funding from a Thai investor. 7
  8. 8. The app is designed to make buying and selling as easy as sending a tweet. Users download ShopSpot into their smartphones then sign in and register as members – a one-time procedure. Then they can create accounts and immediately begin selling their goods. The ShopSpot app is intended to simplify the com- plicated process of mobile commerce for the many people who are keen to sell things. It is designed to be used with a social-network plug-in, alerting users Face- book and Twitter friends whenever they post a new product for sale at ShopSpotApp.com via the application. If anyone is interested in a product, they can click a link back to the shop to initiate a purchase. The app is not yet designed to allow them to make an online purchase; it works by matching people who want to sell with those who want to buy. Sources of revenue include three potential business models: selling advertising through in-app Natsakon Kiatsuranon purchases; charging product-listing fees; and quota or CEO & Founder at ShopSpot premium-product listing. ShopSpots founder and chief executive Natsa-kon Kiatsuranon said the company was a result of hispassion to establish a Thai software firm that wassuccessful in global markets. Thai developers areintelligent and have good software-development skills,especially in mobile applications, but they faceobstacles to becoming entrepreneurs and achievingbusiness success because they do not have access tosufficient investment capital or to training in business-thinking skills, he said. The company’s first product, called ShopSpotApp, is a mobile application enabling consumer-to-consumer mobile commerce. It is designed to facilitatequick sales by individuals, through three instant stepscalled “snap-tag-post”. Natsakon said the keys to success for local developers included both internal and external factors. First, developers must have software-development know-how and the ability to generate product ideas. “Developers have to know what products the market needs, and the ability to turn ideas into good products. But even brilliant product developers need support from investors and mentors to help craft their ideas and products into commercialized, market-ready products,” he said. Late last year – before becoming ShopSpot Com- pany – the team of developers headed by Natsakon joined the AIS Startup Weekend Bangkok 2011, spon- sored by AIS, Software Park Thailand, the Mobile Tech- nology for Thailand Group and SingTel Innov8. 8
  9. 9. Burgeoning smart-device marketAppsphere’s extraordinary years of success A recently established local software company,Appsphere Group, is rapidly becoming a leadingspecialist in the development of applications andsolutions for smart phones and smart devices. “We want to have the right business balance Currently, Appsphere Group is providing develop- between development services and our own apps forment services to businesses that are interested in plan- consumers,” Choi said.ning and deploying smart-device based applications andsolutions. It has also launched proprietary applications In total, the company has already created moreand technology. than 40 apps and solutions. “In this fairly new industry, with such a short history, not many local companies have an extensive portfolio like ours, and we are very proud of it. We have been covering all types of businesses and industries, with diverse apps with different features, content and objectives in mind – from e-books that pay tribute to His Majesty the King, to a diet app that features the famous Korean girl group ‘Girl’s Generation’,” he said. Appsphere Group’s own app, called ‘JJ App’ is currently the No. 1 app in the ‘Lifestyle’ category and No. 9 overall in Thailand. JJ App contains information on shops, maps, a directory, a shopping-memo feature and a lot more. “It is basically the most popular app besides games,” Choi said. The company is also planning to launch an app platform, from which businesses can easily build their Sean Choi own apps at an affordable price, in the near future. It CEO at Appsheres Group aims to launch two or three more apps and app ‘products’ in the second half of this year and more than five apps next year. Chief executive Sean Choi said that AppsphereGroup had three main business paths: providing “Among the apps we have developed for clients,development services to businesses that are in need of PTT Tambon is the aforementioned app that is aboutmobile applications and solutions; developing its own His Majesty the King, and we feel very honored andapplications for smart phones and devices; and providing proud to be a part of it. We’ve also just launched – work-“new-media interactive platforms”, including technolo- ing with HP – a beautiful app for SCG that shows itsgies such as 3D mapping, touch-and-motion sensing products and information, as well as a motion-sensingdisplays and other types of advanced, state-of-the-art display at SCG Experience, at the Crystal Designinteractive-display formats. Center,” Choi said. “Even though Appsphere Group was establishedas recently as August 2011, many of us have beenworking together for almost two years. We were ‘reborn’as Appsphere Group just last year. We wanted to struc-ture the company to focus more on the Thai market andto serve it better,” Choi said. The majority of its business comes from providingmobile-development services to companies, includingSiam Cement Group (SCG) and PTT. However, in themid- to long-term, it plans to focus on developing its ownapplication portfolio. 9
  10. 10. “I want Appsphere Group to be the mobile com- pany that industry professionals ultimately want to work for, because of its great atmosphere, diversity of culture, rewards and the sense of achievement that comes with success,” Choi said. Because of rapid growth in the Thai smart mobile market, Appsphere Group is aiming for 100% growth in 2012, he said. Currently, Appsphere has a development team of15 people and it expects to grow to a staff of about 25 bythe end of this year. “Not all of our developers are dedicated toon-going projects,” Choi said. “We have an R&D depart-ment to pursue new technologies and ideas.” The company (or its principal officers) has alsobeen serving the Korean market for almost two years.While its main focus at present is the market in Thailand,it is not losing a keen interest in Vietnam, Singapore andother parts of Asia.Success for Thai softwarefollowing The Thailand Pavilion at CommunicAsia 2012, the It wasn’t the only exhibitor to engage new strate-four-day telecommunication trade show in Singapore in gic partners. Infotronics began many new partnershipsJune, demonstrated the potential for success of Thai with firms from Singapore and Indonesia.software businesse The event not only created business opportuni- The pavilion was hosted by Software Park Thai- ties for Thai software companies, but also built up brandland, which took 14 Thai software companies to show- value for Thai software.case their flagship products and solutions to potentialcustomers from many countries. Many visitors to the During the event, six Thai software exhibitorsevent, at Singapore’s Sands Expo and Convention made business deals with a combined face value ofCentre, spent time with the Thai exhibitors. Bt52.1 million. More than this, however, these deals were expected to generate more value over the following Among the Thai companies, Digital Research and year, which would mean they would have an eventualConsulting showed off its highlight product called value of around Bt95 million.Jammer – software for blocking mobile phone signals. Itreceived particular attention from Middle Eastern Moreover, three Thai software companies madevisitors. sales during the four-day trade show that were worth around Bt175 million. Another solution that received a lot of attentionwas the radiology network application Telediag, developed In the experience of Software Park Thailand, theby local software firm Click Connect. Another of Click beauty of joining trade shows such as ComunicAsiaConnect’s innovations – mobile augmented reality – 2012 is that showing off Thailand’s leading softwareattracted business matches, giving the developers a products builds the brand image of the entire Thairange of new business partners. software industry, and this reaches beyond the simple value of the business deals and sales made on the exhibition floor. 10
  11. 11. Thai exhibitors at CommunicAsia 20122 3 PerspectiveDevelopers of social media, mobile applications, online games and complete Web portalsunder the name “Shoppening”. This company has developed the cross-platform mobile-marketing application of the same name, with social-media application programming interface,augmented reality functionality and location-based services aimed at building brand awarenessand impressing prospective users.Anunda TechnologyAnunda Technology is a leading Thai developer and manufacturer of radio-frequency products,focusing mainly on wireless-communications products serving cellular operators and wirelessInternet-service providers in Thailand and other parts of South East Asia.Arunsawad Dot ComArunsawad Dot Com was established in 2000 to provide real-time services for a wide spectrumof applications, wherever customers may be, whenever they want them and however theirneeds may be served – under the theme “anywhere to go”.Click ConnectClick Connect is a Thai independent software vendor claiming to strive 24 hours of every dayto design, develop and drive outstanding mobile applications for smart phone users. Mobilegaming is one of Click Connect’s main areas of expertise. It specializes in the iOS, Android,Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Symbian, BREW and J2ME mobile platforms. One of its latestdevelopments is a mobile application with augmented reality called “Click AR”.ComputerlogyThis company is one of the initial members of the Facebook Preferred Marketing DeveloperProgram in Apps. It is the only such developer in Thailand and shares the position with just afew other developers in Asia. One of its latest products, called “Social Enable”, is a social-media monitoring tool.Digital Research and ConsultingThis is a telecommunication systems integrator providing total solutions and engineeringservices in wireless communication. It was founded in 2001 by a management team with morethan 25 years’ experience in the telecommunications business Thailand. 11
  12. 12. Forth CorporationForth Corporation was established in 1989 under the name Genius Communication Systems,with registered capital of Bt1 million. Originally, the company researched, developed andmanufactured Forth-brand Private Branch Exchanges (PBX), undertook printed-circuit boardassembly and manufactured other electronic equipment. With rising capital and expandedbusiness lines, such as manufacturing telecommunication systems and electronics meters, thecompany went public in 2005 under the name Forth Corporation.G SoftbizG Softbiz is a leading developer of mobile applications and solutions. It develops applicationsthat function across various mobile platforms, but with a focus on iPhones and iPads. Thecompany’s customers include Thai Airways, CUbook, ASTV Manager Group, Major Cineplex,Assumption University, BEC Tero Radio, Land and Houses and the Sansiri Group.Hua LampongHua Lampong is the local software company that developed the well known photo-sharing appfor smart phones called MoLoMe. The company is currently developing applications to assistbusinesses in their public relations and promotional activities via mobile devices, such asmobile coupons, across various mobile platforms.Index Corp (Thailand)Index Corp, formerly known as Sam Click, is a subsidiary company of Index Holding, Japan.Established in 2002 to provide content and services to mobile users in Thailand, its main productshave been mobile billing and messaging platforms. The strength of its developer team is increating mobile applications on various platforms, including iPhone, Blackberry, JAVA, Sym-bian, Windows mobile and Android.InfotronicsIt is a leading Thai software company developing open-source technology and cloudcomputing applications. Its core products, called Cloud (Vtiger CRM) and Nexenta, have beendeveloped under the concept “cloud storage software for everyone”.Netka SystemThis software company specializes in IT network-management software. It helps its customersby providing sublime network-system management solutions in the form of both hardware andsoftware.ProdigiProdigi is the developer of “TeleDiagClinic” – a sub-specialist radiology center that providesday and night reporting services and support to more than 50 public hospitals and local healthauthorities in Thailand. It has more than 100 accredited sub-specialist radiologists who focuson specific diagnostic areas including neuro, body, musculoskeletal, PET-CT, mammographyscreening and nuclear medicine. TeleDiagClinic offers guaranteed delivery of high-qualityreadings in a timely manner.PromptNowPromptNow develops mobile applications and games for leading enterprises, content publishers,handset manufacturers and mobile operators. Its core expertise is in J2ME, BREW, Symbian,Android and iPhone applications and content. It also provides content outsourcing services totelecom carriers and game publishers, including games development, testing, porting, transla-tion, content aggregation and hosting services. It also boasts an expertise with new-agedevices such as smart phones, tablets and smart TVs.Sun Systems CorporationSun Systems was established in 1993 to build open standards-based voice, data and multimediaplatforms. Its products are carrier-grade compact peripheral component interconnect, open-architecture solutions. Its CallStream platforms are designed to run on either pulse-codemodulation or voice-over- Internet protocol. CallStream Studio can also operate on anyWindows or Solaris platform. 12