Neil Moore Delivery Management


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Neil Moore Delivery Management

  1. 1. Delivery Management and IT Professionalism A workshop led by members of the Government IT Profession Delivery Management group.
  2. 2. Overview • UK challenge • IT Profession challenge • Delivery Management challenge • Future challenge • How can we help each other?
  3. 3. UK challenge Capable People Information Assurance Strategy Better Delivery through Portfolio Green IT Strategy collaborative procurement Better value through & Programme Mgmt Open Source, Data Centre Reuse Strategy, Strategy Standards Government Secure G-Cloud “as a” Shared Service System Common Public Sector Desktop Network Strategy Shared Services built once
  4. 4. Government IT Profession challenge Government IT Profession exists to increase the capability & capacity of IT Professionals and IT teams across the public sector to deliver excellence in all areas of IT 35,000 - 50,000 individuals £13.5bn annual spend in IT
  5. 5. World class skills to • Deliver technology change • Enable benefit delivery • Meet expectations of policy, citizens, business at reducing cost • Deliver more for less
  6. 6. Through … • Competencies e.g. SFIA • Development e.g. IT Academy • Networking e.g. Competency groups, other professional groups • What else?
  7. 7. Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) v4 Strategy and architecture Business change Solutions development and implementation Service management Procurement and management support Client interface
  8. 8. Government IT Profession competency groups
  9. 9. Delivery Management challenge • How do we bring the show together to stop it falling apart? • More than the sum of the parts • Delivery Manager skills • Breadth
  10. 10. DM group members Your logo here
  11. 11. Delivery Management group at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Dover. I’m responsible for ensuring that the One of my biggest systems supporting challenges is Bringing together Hiding behind the camera marine safety around all the patient changes making means you UK are always the can’t see who information in the start to meet the is responsible forI’ve a big available. making ofNHSfinancial health the so that year when challenge get your weather sure you with keeping our Councillors only decide professionals can give the forecast everyline with the systems in day. If our best treatment givesfew what they want a many computers were to stop, so French ones weeks before. challenges – as the press would civil aviation! We can’t afford errors. coverage testifies!
  12. 12. Next steps Seminars • Continue to build capability and Digital inclusion (October) capacity Emotional Intelligence (November) • Continue to engage with Socitm (and others) • IT Academy (free) seminars • IT Profession conferences – Delivery Management (Spring 2010) • IT Profession extranet (Autumn 2009) • IT Academy courses
  13. 13. What more can we do by working together?
  14. 14. Are you a delivery manager? ?
  15. 15. More information Neil Moore Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service National Competency Lead for Delivery Management Government IT Profession